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Grow New Brain Cells – A New Alzheimer’s Treatment?

First, here’s a photo from Athens. This is the view Vivien and I enjoyed from our hotel suite, overlooking the floodlit Acropolis. We left the blinds open and went to sleep with this inspiring sight!


Yes, You Can Grow New Brain Cells

We all remember the daft times when “science” (that word sticks in my throat these days) told us that we could not regrow brain cells. We had just so many and when those were gone… bang! Senility!

No studies, no research, just B*S* opinion, that we couldn’t replace lost brain cells. Then, just a few years ago, a team in La Jolla in California caught some brain cells in the act of dividing! Neurons were replacing themselves!

All of a sudden, science did an about face. If you read my book Virtual Medicine, or it’s massive update Medicine Beyond, you will know that I joke about the fact that science completely contradicts itself about every 25 years or so. What is absolutely-unequivocally-true-don’t-dare-argue now, later becomes: that’s-absolutely-unequivocally-NOT-true, don’t argue, years later.

Yet they still talk about “scientific fact” and “real science”. We even have the “March For Science” to show the world how important, true and unarguable science is! Ha! We would all better accept science if we could trust it. But how can we accept such a concept as “scientifically proven”, in the face of shifting opinions and even outright fraud?

We have degenerated to the point where, when a scientist expresses an off-the-wall opinion, that is being “scientific” because he’s a scientist—Like professor Richard Dawkins pronouncing, “Science says there is no God”. How would he know? He doesn’t have any God-detector equipment!

What nonsense!

My point is—and always has been—that the scientific method is probably Man’s greatest achievement. But the modern accumulated body of knowledge and the working of science principles is abuse and not to be trusted at face value!

Anyway, I’m not writing today about science politics. I’m writing today about the important subject of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and brain health…

My Alzheimer’s Association Talk

When I was living in Colombo, Sri Lanka, working at the university (2003), I was asked to talk to the local Alzheimer’s Association, which was run by friends of ours, Tami and Lorraine. Great people.


A couple of days before the talk, it was forcibly cancelled by the Alzheimer’s Association. They had got wind of the fact that I was going to talk about diet and lifestyle, as a means of helping recovery. They didn’t want knowledge and recovery!

The Alzheimer’s Association is not an “Alzheimer’s Charity”, it’s nothing more than a front group for Pfizer, who produce Aricept, the worthless drug that’s supposed to help Alzheimer’s. They are so obsessed with profits that they literally obstructed an internationally-known professor from talking about helpful diet and lifestyle suggestions.

Think how evil that really is: to deliberately block alternatives, in the pursuit of profits.

Don’t be deceived by the supposed “charity” status. It’s to make them look good, so the pronouncement “You need Aricept, it’s scientifically-proven,” will fool people into believing it.


Now The Real Cure!

Maybe cure is too strong a word. But suppose there was a treatment to help Alzheimer’s? Patients could grow new brain cells? They could find themselves again? Is that too much of an idea?

Listen, heart transplants were considered a ridiculous and unattainable treatment, once upon a time. Nobody could have dreamed up kidney dialysis. Now we have pacemakers, brain-controlled limb prostheses and a capsule that we swallow and it takes photos inside the body!

The truth is we have a novel way of forcing the regrowth of brain cells. If you have read Medicine Beyond, you’ll know I make the point very strongly that biology is really an electrical/electromagnetic phenomenon. Medicine from today should really be an electromagnetic procedure, not a biochemical invasion. Electronic wizardry and gizmos is really the West’s dazzling contribution to energy medicine!

Enter the Vielight NEURO Alpha device. It’s a brilliant new development by my friend Lew Lim, who is a medical electronics genius! He developed the VieLight blood thinner and energizer device I have already shared with you. Now he has gone on to create the Neuro, an electronic machine that delivers 810 nanometers infrared light trans-cranially (that means direct into the brain).

So what? So 810 meters light has been found to be the #1 trigger to brain cell reproduction.

The science is unarguable, on 2 counts:

  • UCSF (San Francisco) have managed to film neurons replicating themselves and forming into neural networks, under the influence of 810 nm. light. No kidding, I’ll connect you to that video in just a moment.
  • Patients are actually recovering, waking up from Alzheimer’s, according to top scientists at Boston University and Harvard, using this technology. You can listen to a doctor explain that by following this link.

You’ll learn that it’s good for other conditions than Alzheimer’s, including Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, physical brain injury and more. If you just want to hang on to your faculties as long as possible and keep your memory from suffering, you need this new technology!

I’ve got one and I use it!

Finally, you can discover how to purchase one of these devices. Considering it will last a decade or more, the price is really affordable.


If you are really concerned about someone in your life, such as a parent or spouse, and want to see even more reassuring stories before you commit, here is a longer YouTube video (37 minutes) presented by Lew Lim himself. Keep this page open and click on the link above to purchase, because Lew isn’t selling these direct via YouTube. There is a standardized purchase price and anyone underselling on Amazon is breaking their agreements and not to be trusted.

Lew Lim’s video is here.

You can get a properly warrantied and supported Neuro device from me, after first reviewing this page, and watching my video on it here.

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