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Gut Wrenching Statistics on Prescription Drug Use

I like reading Jon Rappaport of “No More Fake News” fame. He’s spiritual and artistic, as well as a really good investigative reporter and… a terrific compelling writer.

Just today (June 9, 2014) another piece came in from him, with the subject line: “Drug cartels are amateurs: here’s the real thing.”

Mexican cartels? Colombian cartels? Afghan poppy lords? Middlemen? Street dealers? Are you kidding? They’re small fry. Check out the pros.

prescription drug use

Medical News Today, June 22, 2013, reported “Most Americans on Prescriptions.” Apparently 7 out of every 10 Americans are on prescription drugs, and more than half of the country are on at least two, according to an analysis conducted by Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center researchers.”

That’s 210 million men, women, and children—hooked. Something the Sinaloa Cartel can only dream of…

Most commonly ingested medical drugs? In order:

  • antibiotics
  • antidepressants
  • opioids

Those last two indicate Americans are trying to change their state of mind and kill pain via the Man in the White Coat; the street dealer is way, way behind.

Here’s an interesting quote from the Medical News piece: “…nearly one quarter of women between 50 and 64 take antidepressants…”

Prescription Drug Use – The Street Cartels Are at a Disadvantage

The Rappaport gets really funny, in his own inimitable way…

The street drug cartels, of course, are working at a disadvantage. The White Coat dealers are backed up by government, insurance companies, medical boards, medical journals, Wall Street, banks, pharmaceutical companies, media, medical schools, hospitals, and big foundations. That’s the competition.

What are the street drug cartels going to do? Put out a hit on all these people?

Hell, I’m sure some of the Mexican and Colombian drug chiefs have their own doctors and are taking Zoloft and Paxil themselves.

And: The Medical News Today article concluded, “…the industry should be heartened by the growth of the number of prescriptions and spending.” Yes, I’m sure the drug industry was popping champagne corks.

We’re talking about prescriptions here. We’re not talking about the number of pills Americans took. We’re also not counting over-the-counter drugs.

Pharmacopoeia, a 2011 exhibition at the British Museum, estimated that “the average number of pills a person takes in his or her own lifetime in the UK is 14,000.” That’s as a result of prescriptions. Including over-the-counter drugs, the 14,000 number would swell to 40,000 pills taken in a lifetime.

What are the effects of all these drugs? Nobody knows, really. They scarcely understand the effect of a single drug, never mind combinations. And they rush this junk to market with the shortest possible safety testing times (and sometimes even less than a minimum) and so have not the faintest grasp on what the long-term effect will be.

Rappaport is not exactly using poetic license when he asserts that, through the prescription drug use haze which is debilitating and ruining and terminating lives, we are looking at a supreme Trojan Horse that is rotting out America and other industrialized countries from the inside.

Don’t even get me started on the numbers maimed and killed annually by drugs (clue: it’s about ten times the number of Americans killed during the entire 10-year war in Vietnam).

The sick part is not the patients and their diseases: the really SICK part is that 98% (or more) of these drugs are worthless, solve nothing, enslave the individual to chemical dependency and bleed national governments white, trying to keep up with staggeringly expensive proprietary brand costs, which feed only bloated, crooked and greedy cartel executives and the rotten shareholders that act like parasites on the back of sincere men and women.

In Rappa’s words: Not even the worst dictators and mass murderers in history dreamed of a day when the citizenry would line up and demand to ingest more and more life-destroying chemicals.

There are better approaches, guys. Come on, don’t let this wipe out civilization as we know it. That’s what will happen, if you do nothing…

Two things you must do:

1. Go sign up with Jon, it’s only courtesy, having hijacked one of his pieces!
2. Get yourself on my mailing list (sign up below), if you are not already, and start reading. Knowledge is the only answer.

Heck, knowledge can cure anything!

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