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Healing A Lifetime Of Love At My Home In Las Vegas

Not healing “the love of a lifetime”, note. That expression means something slightly different, doesn’t it? No, I’m talking about fixing our lifelong track record of messed up loves.

Can it be done? Isn’t it too late for most cases? Surprisingly not. Read on…

Nobody does love really well. One or two individuals seem to find connection and get it right. The rest of us, we fake it. We PRETEND we’re connected and happy but deep down inside, we know we are running on empty.

Trouble is, nobody is TEACHING this stuff properly. There’s a lot of talk (Biblical, media, schools and home) but no-one teaches it like a science. That’s a shame. Because love isn’t all about feelings. It devolves down, in the end, to how you act, what you show to others about yourself, what you say and what’s in your heart.

The vast majority of humans long for love—they want to love and be loved—yet give out all the wrong signals. Without the right signals and valid encouragement, most people quit on love. They are scared to make a mistake and so don’t honestly “show up”. Oh yes, they talk the talk—but they don’t walk the walk.

That’s not to say people are phoney or dishonest. Simply non-congruent. They want love s-o-o-o much but don’t know how to ask for it! They don’t give it, because they don’t get it. And there’s one of the disastrous mistakes almost everyone makes. You can’t ration out love like a bank account: “You get so much and I want so much in return.” Or, “I’m not loving you with more units than you show to me.”

It’s wrong, catastrophically wrong, because love doesn’t work like that. You MUST GIVE before you can get. Giving love abundantly is the only way to get love. But also, it really is not an accounting exercize. There is no rationing system and no lack, so you need never worry about how much love to GIVE and how much you want in return.

Because the true accountancy of love actually means the more you give away, the more you get! Instead of thinking in terms of draining your tank by giving out love, understand that the more you share freely, give away abundant and generous love, the more it flows to you.

You couldn’t empty your love coffers by spending if you tried!

But try to work it the other way round; to conserve and be miserly with love, in the hope of having more, you’ll end up with NONE. Love is a qualitative thing, not quantitative. There’s abundant love all around. Love is all around and “in the air”, as the Wet Wet Wet pop song went. If you tell people they’ve got to be nice to you, before you’ll be affectionate to them, you lose!

Unfortunately, this simple but profound truth is not taught and it should be. It should become our scriptural duty, to love and love in earnest. But we say the words and don’t act as if we believe it.

“Love Is All Around” was the hit song from the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

Love Hurts

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and mars… (The Everly Brothers lyric)

It’s true that nothing can slash your soul and make it bleed like love can. But look: we can heal almost anything, if only we go about it the right way.

I have some fabulous well-tested techniques that are nothing like what everyone else is teaching. I want to share them with you, in a live workshop.

More than all the times there was hurt and heartache caused by saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things, hurting someone we loved, breaking the connection… are all the times when we DIDN’T say something we should have, something kind and healing, something we needed to say that honored love.

The times we did some things badly are gone, dead and buried, nixed. You can’t UN-do them.

But the times we didn’t do something are still open to healing and putting things right. We can do them now!

You know what? It’s never too late!

Astonishingly, the techniques I have to share don’t even need the person to be present—he or she might even be dead! It doesn’t matter. You’ll still get the healing.

Now here’s where we go woo-woo (not really: this is morphic resonance field, non-material mind reality) THE OTHER PERSON GETS HEALED TOO. Even the long-dead are responsive. We do survive death. Quantum physics tells us we MUST persist, as an energy and information field, long after the body has disintegrated. You can help heal or transform that field.

How will you know? You’ll get feedback, trust me. You need to experience this in a live class. Then you’ll know. The experience I’m talking about does not come from a book. It comes from real, live Being.

People you haven’t heard from for decades will suddenly get in touch. I’ve had an ex-wife people phone a student while he is still working on her, live, in class!

It’s sort of magic. But it isn’t really magic, once you have a model that explains and predicts how it will work. It’s only the dopes that think we are just a brain—without any proof, by the way—who will have trouble with these delightful spiritual phenomena.

These are the same loony people that say dogs can’t feel, cats don’t think and plants can’t know anything! Ha ha!

Are You Love Starved?

There are certain strong signs that you are loved-out! For some individuals, it comes on very early—in childhood even. But we all make mistakes in later life and seem to punish ourselves by shutting down.

Put another way, it’s like getting your fingers badly burned, so you stop touching metal objects, in case one of them is too hot!

Do you sometimes feel empty, alone, or unfulfilled deep down? As if there is this barrier, like a plexi-glass screen, between you and everyone else and you are always on the outside looking in?

If your self-image is poor, you feel unworthiness, shame, guilt or regret, you may be love starved.

If you have a long list of people you loved and then part from, you are almost certainly running on empty. But I want you to understand: love doesn’t go away! Ever! If it does it wasn’t love anyway.

Feeling starved for affection is gut-wrenchingly painful, and is often a leading reason as to why people cheat, act out, or otherwise behave strangely in relationships. Speaking as someone who’s been there, I can honestly say that it’s shocking how many people don’t realize when their partners are feeling this way.


Anyway, what I’m leading up to is that I want to launch my 2018 experimental workshop, with you, my friends. We’ll blaze the trail together. It will be held here at my lovely home in Las Vegas. I am going to limit attendance to just 10 like-minded people.

The only slot, short of doing it in the run up to Christmas, is the last 2 weeks of October. That’s almost on us. So make a quick decision here: do you want to enjoy this fabulous, moving experience and pave the way for others to be healed of love?

There will be no fee, on the strict understanding that it is a pioneer workshop. You’ll be asked for $75 or so, towards breakfast, snacks, lunch and drinks. Your only cost is to get yourself here to Vegas!

This will only happen once. After that, we launch in full.

Take action NOW. It means you must reply to this email expressing your interest or desire. You are not committing or signing up. No invoice will be sent at this stage. But if you don’t tell us right away, you may find yourself excluded from the final 10. We need to determine the numbers as quickly as possible.

I’m calling it Healing a Lifetime Of Love. Provisionally I’m setting it for October 19th/20th/21st. But if the demand is there, we may be able to move it to 26th/27th/28th.

Send your response to to reserve your spot!

Please reply as soon as possible.

I look forwards to meeting you in person.

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