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Heavy Lifting Psychology of Cancer

I’ve just completed a moderate-sized but very needed book on the Psychology Of Cancer (How We Get It; How We Fight It; and What It Can Teach Us). You’ll be able to read it soon. Meantime, here is a tasty sample of what it has to offer…

It’s all about the impact of negative psychological events on our psyche and how that can lead to a breakdown in health. Bad things lead to bad things, like a wound leading to a scar.

We are, in a certain sense, defined by our most traumatic experiences. We can, at times, soar to the heights and feel great; a truly joyful dimension of Being. But these wonderful enhanced spiritual moments don’t seem to last. They are very wonderful but ephemeral and impact our lives very little, compared to the effect of dark, negative experiences.

That’s not meant to say we are not enriched by the good times. But we are much more defined by our lowest moments.

That’s a problem.

But there is good in this too. It means we can inch ourselves upwards, degree by degree, by taking and eradicating the blackness of the bad times. It can be done. In fact, there have been numerous methods over the years. I merely submit to you that the latest incarnation of such techniques—my Supernoetics® “piloting”—is far advanced as a technique.

I’m now going to step over certain therapies which are popular but are clearly not working at a deep enough level; methods like EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), EFT (emotional freedom technique) and Lester Levenson’s Releasing Technique®, later reworked by Hale Dwoskin as The Sedona Method.

That’s not to say these approaches have no value. But I can’t count the number of people I have encountered who claim to have used one of these techniques and yet are still sad and clearly in pain when their key topic is addressed.

What is obvious to me and my colleagues is that these cheery, simple approaches merely persuade a person to take their minds away from the pain. It’s like dealing with an unexploded bomb by walling it off. There’s still an unexploded bomb behind the barrier. It’s not truly “dealt with” till the fuse is taken out and the bomb is no longer able to explode.


So it is, that many a time I have had a case say, “I dealt with the issue of my father abusing me,” and yet within minutes she was bawling freely when asked the details. In other words, it was not dealt with and had never gone away. She had just successfully walled it off; put it behind a wall of justifications, politically-correct explanations, and wrong thinking.

Without getting too technical in so short a text, the issue is one of truth, or what, in my super-therapy called Supernoetics®, we call the Deep-IS (an other-worldly realm of knowing and what-IS that lies far below the surface). The real truth, if you like.

When that is contacted things change… a lot. We call it shift. It means seeing life anew, from a completely fresh perspective.

So, for example, the abuse case often plays out something like the following:

A woman has been seeing a “therapist” for years, dealing with childhood abuse. She has talked and talked and talked about it. All the time it gets more solid, instead of slowly evaporating. Having been fed garbage notions from the therapist, she now has all sorts of reasons why her life is screwed up. The unexploded bomb is now coated with layer upon layer of chocolate, marzipan, toffee and marshmallows!

She comes to see me and, after sending her back in time with a basic Supernoetics® technique she discharges some grief. With a little gentle probing—or guidance-style technique that we call “piloting”—we find surprising thoughts stuck to the original memories.

She is still “back then”, which is critical to catharsis. With very little help she finds a thought she had never dared think before: mother did not help me. Mother should have intervened and saved her. But, Mother did not. Therefore mother betrayed her. Now she’s seeing this from the inner child’s point of view, remember. Usually by now (I’ve had many of these cases), she is shocked to find herself angry with mother.

But she now has a new dimension to her woes, previously unsuspected; one that is healing and releases her pent up misery.

She has undergone a major shift. Suddenly the scenario is not just horrible father but uncaring, enabling mother who didn’t put a stop to it (co-dependence, so-called). Once in a while mother even emerges as a provocateur, driving father to violent acts. Those mothers have a lot to answer for.

Well, of course it plays out eventually. The patient realizes that the healing that never took place was to forgive her mother for failing her in a time need. Yapping on about father, as therapists are wont to do, achieved nothing. It missed an important deeper truth, the Deep-IS. Big bullying father did not heal anything, it just recycled the pain; silly, incompetent mother did heal it, all gone!

Sometimes, indeed, there are gales of laughter, as the patient realizes how much she has been suppressing herself by holding these painful memories of years gone by right in front of her own face! It is rather like using the traumatic past as a pair of goggles, through which to view the world. It distorts everything.

So you can multiply this approach a thousand-fold and imagine cases of accidents, trauma, near-death experiences, diseases, murder, loss, wartime experiences, and the whole panoply of human ills. We seem to hypnotize ourselves with painful, buried memories. Only the truth (the Deep-IS truth) can set a person free.


The rule I have evolved is this: if the person has a psychological problem, with a satisfactory “explanation” of how is arose, that is entirely incorrect! The true origin of a problem will see it vanish in a trice. Poof! No more psychological problem or pain—like in the illustrative case I just gave you, where relations with mother and father are fully healed.

Sometimes it is just a matter of skill, finding something that everyone else had missed. I remember a case of a woman with a malignant brain tumor. Her memory of childhood was a complete blank, up to the age of around seven years. She was outstandingly cold and unemotional. Her loving husband often found it difficult to break through this and get to intimate physical acts.

With the Supernoetics™ approach, she uncovered dreadful memories that had remained deeply buried. As a child of about four years old, she began to recall being led by her grandfather to a cabin in the woods. There she was stripped, tied down, and raped repeatedly by a group of men (including the grandfather).

Afterwards she was sworn to secrecy and told to forget all about it; if she ever told a soul what had happened in the cabin in the woods, they would murder her.

So, she dutifully blanked out her childhood memories. She could remember nothing at all before the age of seven years. Of course, the whole ghastly event was still imprinted deep in her psyche; the fuse was not removed from the unexploded bomb.

So eventually, it went off! Bang! She got a brain tumor.

The remainder of this story is a happy one. Her tumor markers rapidly regressed. Eventually all signs of the growth disappeared on the MRI scan. She made a remarkable recovery. Incidentally, she also warmed in her emotions and became far more feminine and responsive to the advances of her delighted husband!

This lady, by this time in her forties, was outstandingly confident that she had uncovered the real “cause” of her cancer. I shuddered to hear that she would not change her diet or even take nutritional supplements! The bomb was totally defused, as far as she was concerned. But I’m still nervous around explosives…

If you want to explore what Supernoetics® piloting can do to heal your life, get in touch. Start by emailing Vivien at

We’ll keep you all posted, the moment the new book is ready!

Meanwhile there is an earlier book on Supernoetics® for Life, which some people have found really helpful, called the Life and Living TOOLBOOK. It’s not about piloting but it’s filled with helpful insights and life hacks!


Go here to check it out!

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