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Here’s a very special gift for you guys.

Some of you have been lucky (and smart) and gone ahead and bought one of the fabulous “New Reality” portable learning devices. It’s the science of Creative Visualization and Relaxation (CVR).

This is unique and patented combination of binaural beats (sometimes known as hemisync). It’s coupled with flickering lights (alpha and theta brainwaves) and delightful, serene music and the human voice as a meditation guide.

People are raving about it and getting great transformations. It’s a sleep aid, a hormone balancer, stress buster, an enhanced learning tool, blood pressure control machine and dozens more things.

It’s really saying: transform and enhance brain function and all kinds of things start to get better!

I provided some powerful tracks for this, along with other people like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Brenda Wade, Dan Millman and Bob Proctor.

Among them, I have done some great allegories, like “Tour of The Universe” and “Making contact with Higher Power”.

There are two amazing new tracks in this Mind-Journey series; this time “Voyage To Atlantis” (I tell you where Atlantis really was) and “Harmonizing with Gaia”.

You can download hundreds more tracks from the “New reality” website, when you register your machine.

I am going to make a special gesture and offer a gift to all. I am going to allow a one-time download release of my “Voyage To Atlantis” (no charge). You can download it by r-clicking  here: “Voyage To Atlantis”.

R-click and save the file (VoyagetoAtlantis.nxp) to your computer. Then load it onto the SD card that’s in your PAL device, via the USB cable. Simple really!

Remember, it’s just an allegory. Or is it? (I will tell you where Atlantis is found, I promise).

Those of you who didn’t get one of these magical devices, you had better go here and read about it. Then get yourself one:

Description of the PAL device.

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