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Hidden Cell Phone Dangers, EMF Hazards, & EDTA Chelation – Part 3

Two weeks ago, I discussed part 2 of my critical detox plan. I described it as something essential to “health literacy”!

This week as promised, I will dive into part 3.  Long before the days of wi-fi and cell phones, people were starting to react to their electrical environment.

We are under pressure from environmental pollutants, microwave towers, and more science is emerging on these unseen radio waves and emissions can affect your health.  EMF radiation is not only dangerous it affects your body at the cellular level.

It might seem strange putting down EMFs for “detox” but they are just as damaging an intrusion as xenobiotic chemicals; maybe more so. You need to protect yourself and learn how to lower the “dose”, isn’t that detoxing?

Home Environment

Be aware that your home is the main source of danger. Yes, we worry about cell phones but you had better worry about where you are living! The sleeping place is critical because we spend so many hours in bed; typically, a third of our lives.

But what can the hazards be in the bedroom, you might ask? (no, not those…)!

Take the average home and you are looking at a TV, bedside radio, electric clock, tea-maker, lamps, electric blanket… It’s a blizzard of electrical fields! (see illustration below)

To make matters worse, you sleep inside a “power ring”, that is: a circular arrangement of wires, hidden in the walls, running round your bedroom to each power socket (outlet).

Inside the ring is the worst possible arrangement, meaning you get the maximum intensity field exposure. Yes, it is easily sufficient to pose a threat. Exposures at these levels have been tied to disease and cancer; children seem to be especially at risk, in respect of leukemia.

What Can You Do?

Step 1. Get yourself an exposure meter. I have the TriField meter 100XE (tri-field, 3 different measurements: electrical field, magnetic field and microwave field). I bought mine on Amazon. I see today they are about $160. You can buy cheaper but it’s not something I’d care to save money on.

Get rid of ALL electrical equipment in the bedroom, yes, even the TV, unless you can get yourself at least 20 feet from it, while lying in bed (American TV, frankly, is enough to give you nightmares anyway!)

Test for fields coming through the walls and floor. You’d be amazed at the pollution “spray” from fluorescent lighting. It reaches down to head height and can travel up through the ceiling, meaning it comes through the floor in your bedroom above.

Thank goodness, cathode ray tubes are a thing of the past. Time was when a computer in the next room—or even the next door house—spread dangerous radiation, including soft x-rays right through the wall. Not that I’m saying plasma TVs are safe; far from it. They produce dirty electricity and biologically-damaging “spikes”. In fact someone’s plasma TV further down the street can dirty YOUR electricity.

What can you do? Get filters fitted to your power outlets. A number of companies are now offering products that claim to filter or harmonize EMF energy in a home. I recommend the Graham-Stetzer filters.

These are the only ones that have been tested for the last 10 years and scientifically proven to completely remove what we consider to be the most “biologically active EMF energy (4kHz to 100kHz) that rides on a building’s electrical wiring, hence reducing a person’s exposure to this ubiquitous form of harmful electromagnetic pollution.

I’ve got to tell you all this stuff because, if you are heavily EMF polluted, your cells will struggle even to detox. There exists a state where cells are so low in energy, they can’t throw out poisons. Then there’s real trouble.

So don’t under-estimate the importance of EMF pollution, or doubt that we need to detox from it too!

Now, for the worst of all…

Mobile Phones

You may still be wondering: Is it PROVEN that radio waves from mobile phones increase the risks of cancer? The communications industry produces only shill studies, which insist it is quite safe. A large and rapidly increasing body of honest science tells a completely different story.

There is no question that EMF radiation increases the risk of tumors, especially brain tumors, but also it tends to make an established tumor grow more rapidly—a double whammy.

So, with cell phones being virtually a necessity in daily life how do you protect yourself from this type of radiation?

Well you could throw away your cell phone, but that isn’t practical now is it?  You could go live on a desert island but that is not going to stop it. EMF spread out across the whole planet. One of my little jokes is that wherever we are on Earth, we have the equivalent of the entire Tokyo stock exchange going through our bodies daily!

The Effects of Radiation On Your Blood

Microwave radiation we know is hostile to life (a steak doesn’t look very lively after 2 minutes in the microwave oven, does it?)

There are lots of things we can say about cell phone hazards; I’m just going to concentrate on blood damage. If you are exposed to a lot of radiation over time from your cell phone, this can cause blood clots.

You want your blood to be liquid and free flowing.  Just holding a mobile phone for three minutes affects your blood and blocks blood viscosity by causing red cells to string together (see second photograph).  This makes the blood sticky and liable to clot more easily.

Influence of microwave radiation of a cell phone on blood cells:

Blood Cells Before Cell Phone Usage

Blood cells after 3 minutes of using cell phone in left hand

What Can You Do?

You probably know the drill by now:

  1. Never use the cells phones unless you have to; choose a land-line (or skype) for preference.

  2. Never spend more than 2 minutes on a call. Arrange for something later.

  3. Never wear those fancy-nancy bluetooth cordless headsets. They are for posers, not sensible people.

  4. Keep the phone as far away from your body as possible. Do NOT stick it in your bra or pants pocket.

  5. Use an earpiece, always. Invest in a good air-tube headset, so that the wires stop short of your skull.

  6. If you can’t afford one, use the speaker phone function and get used to it.

Even if the phone is only 12 inches further from you than touching, that drops the exposure by 90%.

Dangers of Cell Phones

More On Heavy Metal Chelation

Metals are proportionately more toxic than pollutant chemicals. Moreover they are insidious and creep into your body without you knowing. They can directly and indirectly damage DNA and that means an increased risk of cancer (we call this genotoxicity). Sure enough, a number of metals are known to be carcinogenic.

These are:

  1. arsenic and arsenic compounds,

  2. beryllium and beryllium compounds,

  3. cadmium and cadmium compounds,

  4. nickel compounds and

  5. hexavalent chromium (remember the movie “Erin Brockovich”?).

Add to that mercury and lead, which are probably far worse. It’s a deadly problem. So we need to get rid of this killer junk. How do we do it?

The answer is chelation. Chelation comes from the Greek for “claw” and means clutching and eliminating heavy metal poisons.

It is an increasingly popular alternative therapy for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, particularly atherosclerosis, and other chronic degenerative conditions. It was controversial and orthodox doctors tried to get it banned. Fortunately the now-famous TACT trial, published in 2012, has put it beyond dispute.

The effectiveness of chelation in reducing arterial degeneration was discovered purely by accident.

EDTA was first used in the 1940s to treat heavy-metal poisoning. When elderly patients being treated for chronic lead poisoning showed dramatic improvement after EDTA chelation therapy, scientists became interested in its broader use. The use of EDTA to treat cardiovascular disease and as an anti-aging therapy has generated scientific interest since the 1950s.

By the way, I am board certified in the USA to do chelation therapy (just thought you’d like to know what!)

EDTA binds to metals and minerals, thereby helping the body get rid of these compounds. Practitioners no longer believe its beneficial effects are brought about by unclogging arteries (the so-called Roto-Rooter effect). We now know about the nitric oxide mechanism and other ways by which it might bring substantial benefits (as it does). Chelation also works as a powerful antioxidant, which we know has anti-ageing, anti-cancer and anti-heart disease effects.

Help-Yourself Chelation

No question, chelation can be a powerful intervention if you are seriously ill. But we can all tackle the issue of toxic-metal overload at home.

A number of simple and readily available substances can be used. Even humble cilantro (the world’s most widely used herb, mostly known as coriander).

Kelp can chelate; so can apple pectin, garlic; chlorella and alpha-lipoic acid. Clay baths draw out toxic metals. Properly micronized zeolite may be useful. Stay away from Waioria, it’s an MLM fraud.

You can take EDTA orally (don’t bother with the silly, over-priced rectal route). EDTA is listed as a safe food additives, just don’t take to much.

But also don’t forget metal competitive inhibition: that means the presence of “good” metals to squeeze out the bad ones. Remember all metals are toxic. But in reasonable physiological doses zinc, magnesium and selenium are important protectives. Fill up the seats with good guys and the bad guys can’t enjoy the show.

You should be taking 200 mcg. daily of selenium, 20- 50 milligrams of zinc (citrate form is shown to be best absorbed) and 350 milligrams of magnesium, as the orotate, gluconate or amino-chelate. Watch out for diarrhea from magnesium salts, otherwise you might actually suffer a loss of mineral intake.


Finally, do your best to keep heavy metals away from your body. Don’t be naïve though; toxic metals are in the very air we breathe, as experience with strontium 90 and other radio-active atoms shows. Lead has been removed from gasoline for a long time but lead dust is everywhere by the highways and in the dirt, left there from over a quarter of a century ago, when it was spewed by motor exhausts.

Get mercury out of your teeth, as I said last time.

Having an intelligent strategy to get rid of heavy metal poisons is critical to survival in the coming century and much wiser than wishing it wasn’t there or wanting to run away to some transient utopia.

I think there may even be a detox part 4! Let me think about it…

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