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Homeopathy The Gentle Option

I thought I would share some of my deeper views on homeopathy. I’m entitled to contrarian (to mainstream) views: I’ve been a homeopathic advisor for decades.

It constantly surprises me how little people who claim to espouse holistic views—even practitioners, such as chiros, DOs, NDs and radical MDs—know or care about homeopathy. Most of them even buy into the propaganda and they too dismiss it as a fraud. “It’s just water. There’s nothing else there. It can’t work…” and all the odious B*S* that gets circulated by mainstream propaganda.

Even when a Nobel Laureate, such as Luc Montagnier, does experiments to PROVE it works, objectively in a lab, they still quibble: not-valid, not reproducible, fraudulent technique etc. (as if Big Pharma never used fraudulent technique!)

And as for the charge of “not reproducible”, they just ignore repeat experiments that reproduce the exact same findings. They did that with the infamous “memory of water” fiasco, where they accused top scientist Jacques Benveniste or faking his results. They said the result were not reproducible… and they weren’t, when done by hired shills, of course. But when decent scientists from several different countries tried the same experiment (very large dilutions) they were indeed able to reproduce his work…

The late Jacques Benveniste. A friend of the Truth.

According to Citizendium Wiki (more trustworthy than the totally discredited Wikipedia): Benveniste’s results were replicated by labs in Italy, Canada, Israel and France, and the article was accompanied by an editorial titled “When to believe the unbelievable.” []

Here are some references I collected:

  • Activity and chronopharmacology of very low doses of physiological immune inducers, Immunology Today (6:234-235) 1985, M. Bastide, M. Doucet Jaboeuf, V. Daurat.
  • Effects of embryonic bursectomy and in ovo administration of highly diluted bursin on a adrenocorticotropic and immune response to chickens. International Journal of Immunotherapy (IX:169-180) 1993,  B.J. Youbicier-Simo, F. Boudard, M. Mekaouche, M. Bastide, J.D. Baylé.
  • The effect of highly diluted agitated thyroxine of the climbing activity of frogs. Veterinary and Human Toxicology (36:56-59) 1994, P.C. Endler, W. Pongratz, G. Kastberger, F.A.C. Wiegant, J. Schulte.

So What Is Homeopathy, Really, And Why All The Dispute?

Well, you see, it can’t work, so it must be a fraud! That’s the best science can do to discredit it. But remember: the earth was once supposed to be the center of the solar system; heavier than air planes could not possibly fly; you could not possibly anesthetize a person so they feel no pain… and so it goes on. Opinion (incorrect opinion) posing as science.

The issue with homeopathy is that there are often no molecules of the original substance present, therefore it could not possible work. But that’s the reductionist/Big Pharma model. Homeopaths have NEVER disputed that substance molecules finally disappear, after progressive dilution. Diluting past the so-called Avogadro number means—by definition—that all physical molecules have vanished.

But that does not mean that all biological effect has disappeared. That’s Big Pharma crazy dumb thinking. There are many other effects at the biological level: notable energy and information. That’s why I wrote about this at length in my book Medicine Beyond.

As a homeopath who has used it medicinally for decades, I can assure you it truly works! (though there are issues these days with EMFs and pollution damaging remedies)

The Best You Can Expect from Science: According to a Lancet article (1997) “The results of our meta-analysis are not compatible with the hypothesis that the clinical effects of homeopathy are completely due to placebo”.

(interpretation: “It’s not placebo. It does have a real effect”) But they can’t come straight out and say it!

“However, we found insufficient evidence from these studies that homeopathy is clearly efficacious for any single clinical condition.” That’s Not Surprising: homeopathy does not treat “conditions”, it treats the patient as a whole.

[Lancet. 1997;350:834–43]

Homeopathy In 4 Bullet Points

I use this a lot when lecturing (example: Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer)

Point #1 and the most important: we use like to treat like. This is called a SIMILIMUM. We do not use the opposite, as modern pharmacology does. Sore throat? We do not use pain killers, or antibiotics. We use a remedy that causes sore throats! (example: belladonna)

Point #2. We dilute the remedy which, surprisingly, gets more powerful as we do. We call the process potentization. Diluted 100 times, 30 times over (10030) we call a 30C (C for 100) and that’s pretty potent. It’s the diluting-makes-it-stronger that bigoted scientists can’t handle. It drives them NUTS!

Point #3. Between each dilution, we shake or bang the solution vigorously. This is called succussion and it turns out to be vital. Simply diluting substances just… well, dilutes them. Without the succussion, homeopathic remedies would not work. Something in the whack transfers energy signals to the new dilution.

Point #4. We administer the treatment  usually only once. It’s a message, not a “dose”, so when the message is delivered, we just wait for the body to respond. Of course we can revize the treatment and administer something different, as the body’s response or condition changes.

Some Examples.

One of the most outstanding, common and useful remedies you can get is Traumeel (HEEL is a German homeopathic firm and most of their remedies end in -EEL). It is brilliant for any tissue trauma, hence the name. It’s the ONLY THING I know that heals the miserable agonizing condition of oro-pharyngeal infection after a bone marrow transplant. It’s more or less just water, which is comforting for a patient who can hardly speak or swallow. But it packs a powerful punch and heals the mouth much faster.

US readers will be surprised to know it was on sale at Wholefoods and similar health food stores, till just a few years ago, when it was BANNED by the FDA.

Rescue Remedy. This is one of the famous Bach so-called “flower remedies”. It contains low potentizations of cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose and star-of-bethlehem. It’s great for shock (but don’t take it unless you are shocked). I’ve seen it work on animals, dead and diseased plants and even revive a struggling colony of bees!

Arnica. Brilliant for wounds and bruises. Can be used as a cream or tablets.

Calendula. The cream is good for burns and scalds.

Rhus Tox. (Yes, poison ivy)! Famous for stiffness, aches and pains, especially after vigorous exercize.

These are all obviously first-aid remedies. If you want a deeper or chronic condition healed, you need to work with a qualified homeopath, because the history taking and prescribing is complicated.


Germany. HEEL, Baden-Baden

Italy. Guna.

UK. Waleda, Ilkeston.

UK. Nelson’s Homeopathic Suppliers (London) But you can get these here in the US!

US. Deseret Biologicals.

Canada. HerbaSanté.

Most manufacturers products are available in the US and elsewhere in the world. But some may need a prescription. Homeopathic remedies are dirt cheap: pennies on the dollar.

I hope this alters your view a little. Some of you, I know, are already all over this!

Seasonal greetings,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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