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Hot and hasty sex

How Long Should Sex Last?

Good question. Let’s avoid the answer “As long as possible”. Size doesn’t always matter and time doesn’t always matter.

The real criterion, surely, is “How good was it?” Many couples will attest that 3- 4 minutes of passion aflame is better than 30- 60 minutes of  “Yeah Yeah!”

In fact surveyed results suggest that people are pretty realistic and 3-7 minutes is deemed “acceptable” and 7- 13 minutes dubbed “desirable.”

This result came from a survey with 34 sex therapists in the U.S. and Canada completed the survey. They had 26 years of clinical experience, on average; 45% of them were men.

The researchers considered that the public had “unrealistic” expectations for sexual performance to last longer. I’m not sure that’s true. Also a survey of what other people think isn’t necessarily relevant to what you and your partner think.

But if you’ve picked up the idea that hours and hours of orgasmic indulgence is what you should be aiming for, then maybe you’ve bought into a myth!

I’ve been lucky enough to adventure with many women, of many ages, and I always thought they considered the violence and intensity of passion when they came was more important than protracted messing about!

I may have been right.

SOURCE: Corty, E. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, May 2008.

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