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How Long Should Sex Last?

I came across a survey which purported to set the record straight about how long heterosexual intercourse should last.

You listen to some guys boast and you’d think it was an all-nighter. Whereas the woman often asks “Have you started yet?” when if fact it’s all over!

The verdict from men and women sex therapists surveyed was that 3-7 minutes was deemed “acceptable” and 7 to 13 minutes dubbed “desirable.”

Thirty-four sex therapists in the U.S. and Canada completed the survey. They had 26 years of clinical experience, on average; 45% of them were men.

According to the researchers, “Many sex therapists consider coitus that lasts as little as 3 minutes to be of adequate length.”

The survey was hoped to correct the public’s “unrealistic” expectations for sexual performance to last longer and was published in the May 2008 edition of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Well, I’m not sure if I’m “unrealistic” but isn’t it about how GOOD it is, rather than how long it lasts?

If the stars come out and the blaze of light carries you and the loved one up to the heaven’s, where you lose all track of time, isn’t that better than hours of grinding, like you were getting out sausage or salami from a meat machine?

SOURCES: Corty, E. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, May 2008.

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