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How To Better Your Life

Who is living the perfect life? Nobody, for sure. I’m not. But I’m working all the time on improving my life a lot and I think that’s something we should all be doing. It’s NEVER too late to learn how to better your life!

I read a marvelous story of a guy who graduated Oxford University at the age of 91! Bertie Gladwin left school aged 14 with no interest in academia. He’d been put in the duffers class by teachers and promptly lost interest in schooling (what does that tell you about teachers, eh?)

Today he has a total of three degrees and is even considering doing a PhD (what does that tell you about Bertie Gladwin?) I would argue he actually had far more ability than any of his teachers!1

If you didn’t know it already, here are some remarkable people who were abject school failures: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Sir Winston Churchill. None of them graduated college and yet each left a considerable mark on the world.

What that tells me is that a typical school education—teachers—actually destroy ability, instead of nurturing it.

But I’m really talking about living to the max, rather than worldly success. We don’t need to be Prime Minister or a billionaire or run our own airlines to be fulfilled. Most of us, if shown a path to critical acclaim or power, would choose something closer to our hearts anyway. It’s simply that, with those individuals in particular, what they were really passionate about was computers, records (Virgin Records) and the British Empire.

Human Life

It’s a quirk of nature that humans get to even think about such things, never mind worry about them!

All the way up the evolutionary tree, creatures are concentrating on pure survival. Staying alive is a 24/7 job. Very few animals get to relax, not even elephants and the big cats. Whales and dolphins remain a bit mysterious in that respect.

All of a sudden, a creature at the top of the evolutionary tree learns language, gets to talk and write, and can study and learn from the past experience of others. It’s quite a remarkable shift, if you think about it. Once in place, it only took a cumulative few thousand years to outstrip all the rest of creation.


We can now think ahead and P-L-A-N what we want to do. We can make D-E-C-I-S-I-O-N-S that shape our lives, instead of reacting to threats in the environment.


Fear Of Change

All we have to do to succeed better in life is to change things in an upward direction. Learning how to better your life is easy! Or should be…

Yet people resist change like it was a terminal disease. Those of us who like to embrace change and ride its bow wave are few and far between. Most people I encounter continue on the same path, even though it is manifestly not the optimum one.

Has it ever struck you as strange that people more easily give up on their life dreams than make the necessary changes to attain them? It’s the weirdest thing—but you see what I am saying?

People will embrace the pain of failure, rather than embrace the pain of change.

Even more strange when you recognize that change is inevitable anyway… It comes at you, whether you resist it or not. It’s an old old joke that the only thing that is constant is change!

Heraclitus spelled it out a different way: you cannot step into the same river twice. Yes, the riverbed is there still but the water you were wetted by the first time is long gone downstream; this is new water around your ankles now.


What Is Your Dream?

Do you even know what your life’s dream is? I actually use the term purpose in my writings: What is your main purpose in being you? Most people don’t know. It’s arguable that everyone is supposed to have a purpose. I don’t believe that but many teachers do (or say they do).

But there is no harm in attaching yourself to a worthwhile and fulfilling purpose of someone else. I think it’s a false premise that everyone is supposed to dream up their own unique idea.

As someone who has never lacked a purpose, I don’t quite get why some people don’t have one. I’ve always wanted to change the world. I made a start in the 1960s, as most of us Boomers did. It’s true to say that our planet was more altered by what happened in the 1960s than any other 10-year period in history.

After that I wanted to change the face of medicine and did! By the start of the new millennium almost all the ideas I cherished in healing had become adopted, at least by forward thinking doctors. And those of you who have been with me a while know I often joke about “I told ‘em!” when some new “breakthrough” points in the direction I’ve been travelling for 20 – 30 – 40 years,

Now I am launching my ultimate mission, in my 7th decade, and lovin’ it! My aim is nothing less than the purposeful re-invention of Mankind. My vehicle is a self-designed super-powered rocket that I call Supernoetics™. This week it all takes off.

What Can It Do For You?

Don’t be shy. Come take a look! I made a promise to Higher Power that I would give everything away free. You can have all the knowledge you like, for the generous sum of absolutely no money whatsoever!

I will be charging for books and courses, if you want them. But you don’t have to pay! Just work through my blogs, wisdom bites, articles, videos and audios and see if you can see what I see… people behaving better. People living richer lives.

There is a career, as a professional coach, for those of you who like that sort of idea. Just let me know.

Meantime, I have a feast of knowledge at three different sites:

I’m still here, pouring out health advice. But if you’d like to give a push towards re-inventing a smarter, less hostile and destructive version of Mankind, your help would be very welcome!

Come on in, the river water is fine!


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