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Howard Schultz Doesn’t Care About You

The slick, oozy Mr Howard Schultz (owner of Starbuck’s) doesn’t give a damn about you. In fact he doesn’t give a damn about anybody.

In the light if the latest revelation that GMO foods cause massive tumors in animals, under careful experimental conditions, you would expect that all concerned food industry suppliers would stop dealing with suppliers of corn and other GMO crops.

It’s their duty.

But they don’t see it that way. Schultz and his Starbuck’s empire is just one among many traders that have taken position: WE DON’T GIVEN A DAMN ABOUT DANGERS TO OUR CUSTOMERS, WE ONLY WANT THE MONEY.

This putting profits ahead of human safety is very typical of the greedy, dishonest, fake and manipulative food industry. Starbuck’s, of course, are not the only crooks. Add MacDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and these days even WholeFoods. The whole lot of them!

They come on with their smooth, friendly advertizements, to make you think they are practically part of your family. It’s all to do with building trust, of course. But instead of building trust by being trustworthy, they do it the American way: with attractive images of some vanilla Momma, lovely happy kids with not a speck of dirt on their clothes and a father who is intelligent and friendly (not like Homer Simpson) plus nice soothing music, all in a home with not a sight of sweaty socks or the stuff I remember at home….


By their products you shall know them. And, trust me, Schultz is a phoney along with the rest of them. Almost all US corn (and that means all manufactured foods with labels like cornstarch, maltodextrin, dextrose and HFCS) is from GMO crops: virtually everything there is to eat in Starbuck’s. These products are dangerous, PROVEN dangers and still the big chains won’t act to take a nickel less in profits, and won’t act to safeguard their customers.

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