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Hyperventilation Symptoms

Hyperventilation Symptoms

This post should be read and used after my other post on hyperventilation.

For each category score 1 point for each symptom even if only one symptom within the category applies to you. Do not increase your score if you suffer from more than one of the symptoms in a category.


Mental States from Hyperventilation

Sensation of floating (feeling ‘spaced out’, ‘unreal’ or ‘distant’)

Difficulty with memory

Difficulty concentrating

Mental confusion (‘racing thoughts’)



Panic attacks

Fear of crowds, shops, queues, stuffy places, artificial lights, lifts, trains, underground trains, etc. Feel physically ill, tight-chested, prone to collapse when faced by the above situation

Temporary delusion

Seeing things that are not there (hallucination)

Quick temper

Quick/easy tears

Coma, stupor or convulsions-if hyperventilation is severe



Vivid/frightening dreams

Waking in morning feeling ‘drugged’/headachy/fatigued/lethargic/with aching muscles

Waking in the night choking/breathless/panicky

Waking repeatedly soon after going to sleep



Blurred or double vision

Distortion of perspective (‘the room tilts away’)

Sensitivity to bright lights



Vertigo (dizziness)

Tinnitus (ringing/buzzing in ears) which varies from hour to hour

Sounds seem distant or unusually loud

Sensitivity to loud noises


Nervous System

Lack of co-ordination/bumping into things/clumsiness ‘Tension headache/thick head/hangover-like state for large part of many days

Headache during ‘attacks’/caused by exercise

Migraine attacks

Numbness/’deadness’/tingling in extremities, limbs, lips, face, tongue

Feeling ‘electric’ – but not the electric shock one can get by making contact   with an object

Unpleasant sensations in skin/just below surface of the skin

Cold/burning/aching/ ‘creeping’ feeling, commonly in the thighs/buttocks/ feet but maybe other parts of body


Autonomic Nervous System

Emotional sweating/sweaty palms/armpits

Easily blushing or going very pale

Cold hands/feet (when rest of body is warm)

Raynaud’s disease


Respiratory System

Unreasonable breathlessness/air hunger/feeling of restricted chest

‘I do exercises to improve my breathing’

‘I do not breather enough/breathe deeply enough’

‘Sometimes I stop breathing/have to remember to breath’

Frequent sighs/yawns

Cigarette smoke provokes other symptoms listed on this chart

Singing voice becomes off-key/tuneless/husky

Speaking/singing loudly provokes symptoms listed on this chart

Speaking voice goes husky/feels strained

Throat dry/’rough’/sore

Asthma attacks now/in the past



Rapid, slow or irregular heartbeat

Blood-pressure changes easily

Dull pain/ache in center of chest

Angina/ coronary pain, but medical investigations prove negative

Profound/ frequent fainting spells




Exercise has to stop due to sudden unreasonable exhaustion

Sudden loss of strength

Hard exercise improves symptoms

Muscles feel stiff or ‘in spasm’

Muscles ache (feeling ‘beaten up’ or as if ‘been in a fight’)

Tense jaw muscles (may cause headache)

Muscle tremors

Muscle twitching

Tightness around eyes/mouth



Globus (sensation of pressure or lump in throat or at root of neck)

Sensation of restricted throat

Difficulty swallowing


Gastrointestinal System

Excessive belching, swallowing air

Discomfort/tension/sinking feeling/distress just below tip of breast-bone

Distended stomach

During attacks of other symptoms: urgent/uncontrolled bowel movement


Urinary Tract

Frequent need to pass urine

Discomfort at neck of bladder

Severe urge to pass urine/incontinence, when accompanied by any of the other symptoms in this table


Reproductive System

Orgasm during cult activities (‘unusual’ sexual practices)

Premature ejaculation

Sex provoking prolonged exhaustion

Sex improving all symptoms for a few hours


Interpretation of Hyperventilation Symptoms list

Less than 15: Unlikely to be due to overbreathing

15-20: Symptoms may be caused by hyperventilation

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