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I’m Changing the World with Punk Psychology®

I have a special message for you (for everyone!), which is that things can change! Life as it has been up till now does NOT have to be the way it is FROM now!

In fact I can go further than that and say if you DON’T change something, you’ll find yourself just growing old… The mental hills will get steeper and your footsteps will get slower and slower.

But my Supernoetics® mental hygiene can change all that, starting with a specially developed project I called Punk Psychology®! It’s a knowledge earthquake! A huge social experiment. It will change your life if you let it. There are secrets to share that you just won’t find anywhere else.


Anyone one of my subscribers know I often, if not nearly always, get there first! Sometimes, even now, I use a jokey topic header called “I told ‘em!” I made my name as someone who was scientific, a truth teller but more than anything as someone who could see what was coming down the turnpike. In the old days that person was called a prophet or seer.

These days we would say a skilled futurist… I KNOW WHAT’S COMING. I nearly always do! Seriously. Those accolades were the result of a 2012 survey of my subscribers by an independent team of interviewers.

We can transform Humankind. It’s not even difficult, once you learn the core secret, which is how the mind and memory influence our thought and behaviors in the now, but using memories and thoughts which don’t belong in the now!

You can learn to do this! It doesn’t take psychologists, counselors, licensed therapists or any other money-grabbing “helpers” with addled ideas. It just takes people of a good heart and average intelligence, coupled with the amazing Punk Psychology® techniques that I have laid out to share.

“That was then but this is now” sums up things very nicely. But we just don’t live like that, do we? No matter how much we tell ourselves we shouldn’t, it’s a fight to keep unpleasant thoughts and experiences from the past from invading our current mind space!

There is a reason why this is forced into our thoughts, emotions and behaviors, and you will learn the secret as you go. There just isn’t room to put it down here. But you will know it as soon as you hear it from me.

Once you know this secret, you can change people dramatically. You can do it for yourself. But this is really about helping others too! Mankind can be transformed. I have had a life-long saying: you can open ANY door, if only you can find the key that fits!


Can you imagine the effect on our world if people just STOPPED being crazy, destructive, vicious, and hysterical?

It would be like a dream… no more wars, no more murders, in fact no crime at all! That would mean no more armed police and no more armies needed to fight and kill supposed enemies! People would start to behave decently towards each other.

Divorce rates would plummet; delinquency would become a thing of the past; mental hospitals would empty out (and a good lot of patients in regular hospitals could go home too, because stress is behind most sickness); drugs such as antidepressants and tranquillizers could be consigned to the history books.

UPLOADING 1 / 1 – punk-psychology-not-going-crazy.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS punk-psychology-not-going-crazy

It all starts with the human mind. So the solutions must also start with the human mind.

Can we understand ourselves fully and correct what’s not working properly?

I passionately believe so and have plenty of cases and experience to back up what I say. There are answers. Real answers.

I know you like this idea. What’s not to like? A world we’d be proud to leave to our children and grandchildren. I may not be here to see it in full; you may not be. But every good thing that ever came to the aid of Mankind started somewhere. It started small.

For the first time in history, simple transformation of feelings, thoughts and behaviors are within the grasp of the ordinary man and woman.

None of us are too old to learn better ways of doing things. As for getting rid of stress, it’s vital we learn to do this. Science is constantly proving the connection between stress and dementia, or between stress and aging. Stress is a killer.

A study presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference of 2017 reported each major stressful lifetime event was linked to a detrimental effect on executive function similar to between 1 and 4 years of ageing. That’s really bad.

Keith Fargo, director of scientific programs at the Alzheimer’s Association, said the study highlights the lifelong component of risk for Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. “…We’re seeing now more and more that factors earlier in life have an impact on cognitive health later in life.”

“We know that blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity in midlife make a difference, and now were seeing that risk factors may go all the way back to childhood.” Well, I’ve been saying that for decades!

Punk Psychology® is the best there is for retro-engineering our stressful past and bringing it into harmony. We don’t do that by wishful thinking or affirmations or denial or tapping. We do it by draining off the stressful emotional charge.

And I’m proud to announce you can find out how to do exactly that by clicking here.

Reference: Stressful Lifetime Events Linked to Later Cognitive Decline, Medscape, Jul 17, 2017.

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