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Immune System Fights Flu! (apparently)

Yes, I was being sarcastic with the title…

It’s amazing they had to “study” this and didn’t know the answer! We all knew, didn’t we?

There is a lot of weird logic here: those who were vaccinated and had a good immune system got over flu with minimal symptoms; those who were vaccinated and had a poor immune system got flu and suffered longer…

Their conclusion? Need better vaccines—ones that match the immune system better.

Our conclusion: forget the vaccines and go for boosting the immune system, right?

It’s just plain logic.

But conventional medicine is still obsessed with the flu vaccine that never works. It’s next to impossible, because the flu virus mutates every few months. By the time a product has come to the market, it’s worthless.

You won’t read this but, FOR SURE, the people in the UK epidemic who got bad H1N1 this year had already been vaccinated last season. Most cases of flu are people who have been vaccinated but massaging the figures has been going on, provably, for over 150 years.

People may turn up with the disease and a certificate to prove they had the vaccination. But they got the disease anyway. So the official response is to class them as “unknown” status, DESPITE THE CERTIFICATE! The other trick is to say the vaccination “didn’t take”. They are so obsessed with their own phoney propaganda, they cannot bring themselves to admit that people who have been vaccinated get the disease anyway.

Moreover, the rate of outbreak of disease is often far higher in people who have been vaccinated than those left alone.

The study was published in the Jan. 10 issue of the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

To check the early history of this official disinformation, read Walter Hadwen’s book, which you can download from the site (it’s a whole book!)

Copy and paste the whole lot into Word or similar and save. It’s an address given by Hadwen, a JP as well as a doctor, to a British audience in 1896. You can tell he hates Edward Jenner with a passion and considered him a faker and a fraud (which he was, though history tries to idolize him).

Obesity and Flu H1N1

This is a good place to add a note about H1N1 and obesity. A study, published online Jan. 5, 2011, and in the Feb. 1 print issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases, reported that extremely obese people had a significantly greater chance of dying of H1N1. In fact they ran a three-fold risk of dying.

Extreme obesity is defined as having a body-mass index (BMI) of 40 or greater. BMI is a statistical measure of whether a person is normal, overweight or obese based on whether weight and height are in proportion.

Obvious conclusion: obesity and troughing out (ie. pig trough) is very bad for the immune system. But we didn’t need a study to tell us that either, did we?

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