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Insomnia Nutritional Formula

Here’s a great sleep “draught”; in other words an insomnia formula.

If you don’t need one, share it with others. It’s always good to sleep and it is absolutely works!


  • 3 mgm melatonin
  • 4,000 units of vitamin D
  • 400 mg of magnesium

You can be a bit flexible. Some people can’t take much melatonin, without feeling depressed next day. Magnesium can depend on what tablets you find: 300- 600 mgm are typical. Experiment and adjust your dose.


You can also consider serotonin levels, if you have a sleep problem. Serotonin calms, soothes and cheers! A very simple, natural way to enhance sleep therefore is to increase your serotonin levels.

We don’t take actual serotonin in an insomnia nutritional formula but a natural amino acid called 5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan). 5-HTP is the “precursor” to serotonin. So by taking 5-HTP, you can shorten the process of serotonin production and get more of it.

Several double-blind studies show 5-HTP decreases the time needed to fall asleep and reduces the number of nighttime awakenings.


If you are a very “revved” kind of person, for example: do you sometimes feel anxious or have panic attacks? Do you ever feel over-stressed or burned-out?

Then you might have a GABA deficiency. GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is your body’s “inhibitory” neurotransmitter. It has a powerful calming influence. Without enough GABA, it’s hard to wind down after a hectic day. GABA relaxes, sedates, and reduces overstimulation.

You can take GABA as a supplement. But I prefer using the amino acid Taurine. Taurine helps increase GABA without any adverse side effects. Taurine is also an excellent stress buster in its own right and helps block adrenalin, the “revved up” hormone.

Take about 500 mgm. You can try 1,000 mgm if you must. Note that Taurine is found in eggs, dairy products, meat and fish proteins. So vegetarians may go short. Conversely, meat eaters may need to take rather less to get the same enhancement effect.

The Doctor’s Chocolate!

Finally: my chocolate! The “designer” chocolate I produced, called “The Doctor’s Chocolate” has turned out to be a wonder. Apart from tasting great it has two wonderful effects: it suppresses appetite, so people are losing weight rapidly by eating chocolate! It also calms and relaxes, thanks to an ingredient I chose called “L-Theanine”, an amino acid very much associated with alpha brain waves. A couple of pieces last thing at night are sending people to sweet sleep! Try some if you have a problem (or want to lose weight). It’s the tastiest insomnia nutritional formula ever:

More info: “The Doctor’s Chocolate”

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