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Is It Really True Our Kids Won’t Live As Long As Their Parents?

I don’t know how exciting US survival figures are for the rest of the world. But they probably contain a hidden message for us all. I’ve heard it said that we are the first generation that will live longer than our children. Well, that trend is already under weigh (correct spelling for lifting anchor, despite silly “English” Professor Paul Brians at Washington State University) and other developed countries are likely to follow suit.

However many Westernized countries are getting better, while the USA is getting worse.

“The gap between the U.S. and the 10 countries in the world that have the best life expectancies — places like Australia, Canada, Sweden and Japan — is widening,” said Dr. Christopher Murray, lead author of the new report, published online June 15 in Population Health Metrics. “There’s really no reason we can’t keep pace with those other countries. We spend more on health care. We have the best health research in the world. That was a real shock.”

There’s his first mistake and a BIG one. The USA does not have the world’s best health research. It has dishonest, self-serving crap as supposed science. It’s killing its citizens; yet he calls it the best? Try and get across health advice here which goes against the profits of Monsanto, the Agribusiness or the pharmaceutical industry and see where it gets you! It won’t be ignored—you’ll be ATTACKED on television as a baby eater and communist, all bought and paid for by business interests.

Hardly an honest, helpful paper into health and longevity ever gets published here. All we see is mindless paper mill rubbish trotted out by universities and hospitals, which are under the thumb of Big Pharma. It’s not science at all—it’s just slick marketing disguised as “studies”.

Hidden Surprises

The trouble with mortality tables is that they are, by definition, just averages. The actual overall figures are that life expectancy for American women, at 80.8 years, ranked 33rd in the world. The life expectancy for American men, at 75.6 years, ranked 36th (these are the latest, 2007 figures). Not too shabby you might think.

But hidden in that is the shocking fact that in some parts of the US, the life expectancy is more than 50 years less than that of other developed nations. Also surprisingly, some areas have life spans of 15 to 16 years longer than the best of other nations. This is official.

Blacks don’t do so well; Asian women do better than Caucasian women.

Women in five counties in Mississippi had the lowest average life span, below 74.5 years — lower than women in Honduras or El Salvador! “A life expectancy of 65.9 for males in one county in the U.S. places that population’s longevity prospects in the context of parts of sub-Saharan Africa,” Olshansky said.

Five Mississippi counties also ranked poorly for men. With a life expectancy of less than 67 years, men there had the lowest life expectancy in the United States and fell behind Brazil and the Philippines.

On the positive side, women living in one Florida county live an average of 86 years; that’s longer than in France, Switzerland or Spain.

The highest men’s expectancy is in Virginia’s Fairfax County; at 81.1 years, that’s higher than in Japan or Australia.

Reducing tobacco use, especially among women, along with lowering obesity and blood pressure rates, would go a long way toward solving the problem, said the report’s authors.

In fact, if these three factors plus blood sugar levels were better controlled, they said, life expectancy would increase about five years for women and four years for men.

Just remember what I keep telling you: that you can live decades longer than average, if you know and follow the right health “secrets”. Now there is even more incentive to take care of yourself properly (see item #4).

[June 15, 2011, Population Health Metrics, online]

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