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Is MRSA the new Black death? – part 2

In part 1, I talked about the spectre of CA-MRSA as a pandemic, spreading like the Medieval “Black Death”. There are strong parallels, but let us pray it never happens because the consequences would be unspeakable.

The question remains IF IT DOES: what would you do? Please note that my answers amount to good health advice for the present, when and while you remain fit and well. This is not just “disaster talk”. Any good health measure is a good protection measure in the event of an epidemic or pandemic. Those who survive will do so because they have strong physiology and a vibrant immune system.

Firstly, you can forget the idea that the doctor will come along and help you. Even if the medical profession knew how to deal with such a problem, which is doesn’t, there would simply not be enough doctors to go around. You will be on your own.

As I said, you can forget all the shallow advice about washing your hands and using Chlorox everywhere; the truly dangerous form of this disease is inhaled. Even so, contact does not mean inevitably going down with the disease. Millions did not die in the Plague years. Those who worked the carts to carry off the dead bodies generally survived: it was NOT a suicide job!

[You may not be aware but doctors very RARELY catch the diseases they treat. This is sometimes called the “Mother Teresa Effect” because she didn’t go down with all the diseases rampant in the streets of Calcutta].


Eat well. By that I mean a natural diet of natural foods with enough calories. Infectious diseases prosper where there is malnutrition. Almost all endemic diseases (diseases which run permanently in society, not just in epidemic fashion), such as measles, TB and cholera, all declined significantly in the decades BEFORE antibiotics. The cause was better nutrition.

Remember being overweight does not mean you have “extra” nutrition: it means you have mal- or dis-nutrition. You are eating badly, eating the wrong things and ruining your body defences.

Avoid sugar at all costs. It makes the immune system sluggish for up to 6 hours afterwards and the last thing you would want is tardy white blood cells that show up late for the action!

You need to know about the effectiveness of several key nutrients. These are great to take anyway but could save your life in a pandemic. I predict these will be the new face of medicine, once antibiotics have failed completely.


You will hear talk from some people who do not do their research properly that vitamin D is the “antibiotic vitamin”. It is not. Vitamin A is the clear winner. For my subscribers to the Wholesome Living Letter I cited important clinical trials in the years before antibiotics that vitamin A in very large doses (50- 100,000 IU) killed virulent bacteria as well as antibiotics. Mortality rates moved from 100% fatal to 100% survival. That’s BETTER than antibiotics!


Intravenous high doses of vitamin C (100- 400 grams) have saved many people from potentially fatal septicemia, including brucellosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, encephalitis, hepatitis and more. Thomas Levy’s book, based on the work of Frederick R Klenner MD, is a good source on this. If you get MRSA, epidemic or not, make sure you call this to the attention of a competent practitioner who does this procedure.


Without doubt the most powerful immune booster vitamin we know. It is highly effective at reducing mortality from all causes (current 2007 studies). It lowers the cancer risk by over 60%. You want to be taking adequate amounts as of now. Don’t wait for an emergency.

Take a minimum of 1000 IU a day, double that in an epidemic. Ignore official advice that you don’t need more than 200 IU a day. It will kill you.


According to the WHO, 2.2 billion people worldwide are at risk for Iodine Deficiency Disease. Iodine deficiency impairs immune function. The myth that it only affects people in areas remote from the sea is made nonsense by these figures. Deficiency is everywhere. According to Dr David Brownstein iodine intake in the USA has fallen by 50% during the last 30 years.

We had iodized table salt but any intelligent doctor can see the clear evidence that iodine is not absorbed from salt. It was io dine in bread that actually helped the problem. But 30 years ago manufacturers ceased adding iodine to bread and instead used bromine, which counteracts iodine! Any wonder then.

Take 5 mgms a day minimum, start now, don’t wait for infections to strike.


What? That’s right. Only 1:1,000 strength! It’s more barefoot doctoring from the days before fancy antibiotics. Burr Ferguson M.D. of Birmingham AL first wrote about it around 1925. Dr. Ferguson had been a battle surgeon during World War 1 and he had seen the wounded die by the hundreds from infections. He quickly found that when 10 mls of 1:1,000 hydrochloric acid is given IV, there is a rapid and significant increase in the white cell count. Infections melted away and fever subsided.

I’ve administered it to myself on two occasions. It worked and was entirely without side effects. Again, if you come out of hospital with MRSA (5% of people do!) then get s ome holistic practitioner to do this for you.

With major problems like anti-biotic resistant bacteria looming ever larger, it would be wise for decent MDs to re-learn these older techniques which certainly worked. Moreover they were cheap and safe (that was partly the problem, of course: no major drug company would ever promote such profit-less remedies). 

Keep close to the cutting edge and be safe, subscribe to my Wholesome Living Letter:

Cheers, Prof.

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