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Is Red Meat and Cancer Linked?

Anyone who reads my work knows I have been saying for nearly 40 years that RED MEAT DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER. It’s pseudo-science nonsense.

I have repeatedly stated that I have never seen a single study linking real red meat and cancer. I have only EVER seen studies showing red meat plus processed filth like chemical-flavored (“wood-smoked”) ham, pink slime, mechanically-recovered meat and sausage meat can cause cancer. Since sausages and the like are food abominations, it comes as no surprise that they should be carcinogenic.

It is utterly wrong to lump animal flesh with this garbage and label it all as “red meat”. The manufactured stuff hardly counts as meat at all! It’s also utterly wrong, incidentally, to slide “red” meat sideways and imply poultry might be a safe option. Commercial chicken is loaded with arsenic and estrogenic hormones, both of which are also known carcinogens.

Putting good paleo food with mechanically-produced, commercially vitiated and toxic trash foods and then trying to argue the good stuff causes health issues makes no sense. It’s like putting rubber bands round the handle of a gun, shooting someone in the head and then saying rubber bands cause brain damage!

Now, at last, the World Health Organization has decided to agree with me.

In a historic step, the WHO decided to back a report from the International Agency of Cancer Research (IACR), issued last week, which indicated that reducing consumption of manufactured/processed meat products can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Unfortunately, in the furor which erupted, the WHO obviously lost some of its funding—and probably the IARC too—because they suddenly started back peddling. Although these weird meat derivatives are now labeled by the WHO as human carcinogens—in the same category as tobacco and asbestos—the IACR did not actually ask people to stop eating processed meats, says the WHO.


Known carcinogens—in the same category as tobacco and asbestos—but you can still eat them? Just cutting down is OK?

We know smoking causes cancer and heart disease. Do we say, “It’s OK to go on smoking, just cut down”? Is the occasional whiff of blue asbestos quite OK? Of course not. That’s neither science nor medicine. It’s B*S* But you can smell the intervention of industry money here, as always corrupting the truth.

Their press releases and manipulation of government policies is as filthy and disgusting as the food products they foist on us.

The WHO published online a question-and-answer document and tweeted large parts of this in an attempt to present the facts — but it was a little “after the event”, coming as it did 4 days after the IACR report had been published, after headlines worldwide had demonized bacon and sausages, and after the Twitter hashtag #JeSuisBacon had been trending.

A major point made in the WHO Q&A document (found here) is that although processed meats have now been classified as carcinogenic to humans (IACR Group 1), and although this category also includes tobacco and asbestos and other substances, the WHO pointed out that the substances in this classification are not “all equally dangerous.”


So we can have little cancers, not to worry about much?

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Confused Risk Ranking System

The get out is that the IARC cancer-risk ratings were based on the strength of the scientific evidence…rather than assessing the level of cancer risk. Unfortunately that wasn’t made clear. By most accounts, it even confuses other scientists.

As a result, the agency has created a hodgepodge of probable and possible carcinogens that border on the ridiculous: pickled vegetables, coffee, cellphones, frying, working as a barber (hair dye) and now red meat. As for bacon? The agency listed it alongside cigarettes, alcohol, asbestos, plutonium and salted fish. Of the more than 900 potential carcinogens the W.H.O. has evaluated since 1971, it has determined that only one — a nylon-manufacturing chemical found in drinking-water supplies — is “probably not” carcinogenic.

The whole topic has degenerated into double talk and clearly bears the stamp of government and industry interference with the progress of knowledge (Did you know that staffers of the Governor of Florida are not even allowed to speak the words “climate change”?

Actually, it’s laughable.

Meanwhile the dismally-inept Global Burden of Disease Project, an independent “academic” research organization, goes on mis-estimating that 34,000 cancer deaths per year worldwide are attributable to diets high in processed meat (could be); red meat could be responsible for 50,000 cancer deaths per year worldwide (no proof of any kind).

In contrast, about 1 million cancer deaths per year globally are due to tobacco smoking, 600,000 per year are due to alcohol consumption (a farcical statistic, since it includes deaths due to drunk driving!), and more than 200,000 per year are due to air pollution, the WHO points out.

America is famous for daft statistics; I remember reading somewhere when I was a kid that every erotic kiss will shorten your life by 7 minutes (really, I remember it as clear as day, over 50 years later, though God knows if it’s true or not).

So, here we go: the WHO has repeated the estimates presented by the IACR in its report, saying that every 50-g portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk for colorectal cancer by about 18%, and that 100 g of red meat could increase the risk for colorectal cancer by 18%.

It did not, however, emphasize that these are relative risks. That was left to others.

My Comment: Who the hell eats steak every single day? It’s meaningless nonsense disguised as fact.

Cancer Research UK (CRUK), in a science blog, used UK population data to give some absolute numbers to the killer bacon phenomenon:

In the United Kingdom, colorectal cancer affects about 61 of every 1000 people. Those who eat the lowest amount of processed meat are likely to have a lower lifetime risk than the rest of the population (about 56 cases per 1000 people who eat little or no meat). Those who eat the most processed meat would have an increased risk (about 66 cases per 1000 people).

Notice they didn’t even have figures to compare for people who never ate processed meats; yet again, meaningless nonsense disguised as a fact.


So Is Red Meat Safe?

As safe as the air that you breathe. And that means NOTHING—nobody has suggested you cut down on breathing because of all the poisons in the air!

I repeat: I have NEVER seen a study of the health consequences of red meat. I’ve seen plenty of very sick vegetarians though. Trying to contradict nature just doesn’t work. Where vegetarians score is they are usually careful eaters, lifestyle fanatics and organic by persuasion.

The problem with those tasty steaks, especially with the USDA certificate, is they are loaded with filth. It’s not the red meat; it’s the toxins we should worry about.

The vast majority of the meat we consume comes from factory farms, where animals are fattened with hormones, antibiotics, and routinely subjected to inhumane conditions that breed disease. These are all compelling reasons to cut back on meat consumption — or go to the trouble of getting yourself organic, grass-fed alternatives.

It really is worth the extra effort. And, there’s a bonus: grass-fed beef is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids!

Please note you can get traditionally or pasture raised chicken, rabbit, ostrich and kangaroo, to name just a few.

The problem is with your sources, not what Mother Nature does!

Trust me!

Why We Are All Battling Cancer Whether We Know It or Not…

“Cancer Armageddon”, is a common saying of mine because we are ALL battling cancer, it effects everyone…chances are you or your loved one very close to you will develop this disease.

Current figures show that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get cancer at some time in their lifetime. That’s 50/50 odds. That’s why we are ALL battling cancer: either you or a loved one close to you will probably get the disease.

But here’s the thing they don’t tell you…it’s not necessarily a death sentence but it is a wakeup call.  It says you need to act fast to restore your health.  You need to know your REAL risk factors instead of silly nonsense and bogus statistics dressed up as fact.

How you survive depends on what you do and just leaving it to oncologists is the dumbest possible choice! He or she gets paid the same money, whether you live or die; so they have no real interest in the outcome, whatever they pretend.

You can win the war against cancer. But you want the odds in your favor.

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