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Launch Of A Powerful Self-Growth Movement

“Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can’t get there by bus, only by hard work, risking, and by not quite knowing what you’re doing…” ~ Alan Alda

I’m not scared of “not quite knowing what I was doing”—I live like that most of the time!

As most of you know, I was in Australia for the last three weeks. It was a great trip. I found there some friendly people who were literally bursting for new ideas and thirsting for effective knowledge. I introduced them to my Supernoetics™, a fine new self-growth movement, based on enlightened and fully-tested mechanics of existence. It’s about healing our world in the deepest possible sense, from inside out!

The origin of the 2-day seminar project was in my upcoming book Medicine Beyond; it truly will be “beyond”… beyond space, time and physics, into the world of deep psyche and our origins. Indeed, that’s the title I gave to the seminar, though I warned people this was not going to be comfortable “holistic lifestyle” ride—more like a wild toboggan run down the slopes of eternity!

There’s been nothing like this before… ever! The audience would be shocked, delighted, uplifted and educated in ways they never thought of before… I made that promise!

Well, over 50 people turned up in Brisbane, to face the challenge. That was a great turnout, considering this was put together at very short notice (less than 3 weeks warning)! Several had flown all the way from New Zealand, just to meet me and hear me, which was nice.

So What is Supernoetics™, really?

This could be my equivalent of a New Renaissance. Supernoetics™ has been likened to the second coming of Merlin, the magician…

The latter half of the twentieth century saw this mechanistic model fall apart. Most scientists haven’t accepted it yet but it’s true. Nothing works as once claimed. It’s very far from a deterministic universe and creative thought not only seems to be able to impinge on it but—given sufficient practice—can be controlled by it.

The founding fathers of quantum theory—Schroedinger, de Broglie and Wolfgang Pauli were all acutely aware that they had undermined the whole premise of a mechanistic universe. Overnight it became a participatory universe; we are not just in it, we are part of it and able to influence it by the mere act of looking at it (the so-called Copenhagen Interpretation).

Our world, the entirety of physical reality, has emerged as exactly what the Tibetan monks said it was: a product of mind, an outcome of thought-forms.

More than that: it has emerged that magic is possible.

I’m gonna get you all started…There’s a wonderful new world out there, held in trust, and all we have to do is step into it and own it… it’s ours!

The Electric Universe

One of the most popular moments was a video I showed from the Thunderbolts Project, introducing this new model of the Cosmos. The Big Bang, the clockwork universe running down, the cold, empty gravity machine model is busted. In over 50 years it has not made one accurate prediction. Yet scientists will not give it up… because it pays their mortgage.

The Electric Universe, on the other hand, has answered just about every challenge correctly. It’s a more exciting universe, because it’s alive with energy and life. Even the Sun might be conscious! (it’s got more electrical activity than our tiny brains!!)

It’s a plasma universe and, once you know what to look for, there are obvious representations of plasmas all over the world.

And in the sky!

It was generally agreed by the audience that this was a very inspiring and spiritual view of our universe and one which made ancient Earth cataclysm myths suddenly make sense.

Other Exciting New Material

I introduced the audience to my Glass Elevator model of the mind and Being. We had Infinity-Valued Logic, The Non-Material Nature Of Substances and Medicines, my own Structures Of Thought, the Finding Inner Peace process and How To Stay Sane While The World Goes Crazy.

Just for fun, I set them a set of the most difficult exam questions ever: like how can we know something is there without actually perceiving it is? (a non-subjective reality)…

   What do we actually mean by positive and negative poles and how are these different? How and why should electrons flow from one to the other? What could propel such a flow?

   If negatives poles are opposite to positive poles and pull towards each other, how could they ever have got separated in the first place?

   What do you think energy is? How do we know it’s there: we can’t touch it and hold it? How does it create its effects, do you think?

   And last, but not least: what is it that the human race needs most right now?

There were no right answers, of course. Just discussion to see how truly awesome and difficult this reality of ours really is. It also makes the point, as I have written in Medicine Beyond, that electricity and magnetism, two of the absolutely fundamental building blocks of the universe, are so little understood that, at the deepest level, science cannot explain the nature of these energetic phenomena or how they exert their effect.

Newton’s “law” of gravity has been with us so long, people have naturally assumed it was true. But it’s never been proven and, according to some scientists, gravity itself is a hoax.

Audience Appreciation

I was very humbled that several people decided to come to the seminar, who didn’t even know my name. They attended only on the positive recommendation of a friend. Several such attendees came over to introduce themselves and say how much they enjoyed the experience of being there.

There were some wonderful gifts too, which took me completely by surprise.

And here are a couple of notes from among those I received since:

I am a long time fan and follower of Dr. Keith’s work and attended the event in Brisbane. I just wanted to write to you both and say how fabulous it was and thank you so much for the opportunity for the experience.  I am a practitioner and I have probably followed him for about 12 years now.  I have often thought about coming over  to the USA to try and catch a lecture.

Meeting him was fabulous – and this is the part I wanted to comment on.

Sometimes in life, when you look up to someone and totally appreciate what they do, then get the opportunity to see, hear and/or talk to them in the flesh, they aren’t as wonderful as you imagined them to be. Not the case this time… [Dr. Keith] is every bit the wonderful being I thought he was. Full of love and kind heart.  Approachable. And – with so much to share. I would so love to spend more time hearing and learning more.

And this:

The whole experience has been a little like my very own personal intellectual tsunami, in one sense knocking me off my feet but, in another, carrying me forward to a new path much more closely aligned with who I am and what I am about. It was a truly inspiring weekend.

Incomplete…Too Little Time

The trouble was, there was just too much to share and too little time. I did my best to talk till my voice gave out both days but it’s very demanding that one person keep an entire audience engaged, 8 hours a day, for two days. I think I succeeded for most people but there were one or two who thought I should just parade their pet theories, instead of doing something new and different.

Let’s face it: the old theories don’t work; just look at the mess we are in!

But I remain committed to deliver all the new material to those brave and hearty souls who attended what was, officially, the launch of Supernoetics™.

The way I am tackling that is to create videos for later viewing. Everyone gets copies of the PowerPoints too. Plus some super-neat stuff like advanced (preview) copies of chapters 1 and 2 of Medicine Beyond!

Stay tuned America because the next event, eliminating the rush and experimental nature of the Brisbane event, will be in Las Vegas at the end of September (2014).

If you think you would like to attend and would like to be kept informed of the details as they come in, please register your interest by going to this page and simply leaving your email address in the subscriber box. You are not committing to anything, there is no sales process. I just want to be able to write to those who want to know about my fabulous new “spiritual grammar”!


I will keep you posted with up-to-date event details!

The likely date is the last week in September. Vivien is out just now, even as I write this, deciding on a good venue.

Hey, you can learn a whole new way at looking at the universe and Being… plus party in Vegas when we’re done! Sign-up now and let’s meet in Las Vegas.

How cool a reality is that?

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