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Letter From Doctor Keith, Where We Are Today.

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For several weeks now, I have had the urge to write to people who follow me and care about what I am doing. I can’t talk to everyone individually but I thought an “open letter” would fill the gap nicely.

This is not to say anything is wrong here at home. But I am so constrained for time just now that it’s getting difficult to meet all my requirements. I’m writing a major book and that is taking my attention off all the other things I should be doing (or would otherwise be doing!)

I often liken this to Vincent van Gogh’s position: while he was painting pictures, he wasn’t selling any pictures (he only sold one in his lifetime); but if he spent time selling pictures, he wouldn’t be painting any! It was the classic bind.

Only one thing for me to do: just put my head down and finish the book. It’ll be a classic; a major undertaking. It’s about holistic psychiatry. Most people (99%) who are supposed to be depressed, stressed, bipolar, anxious, etc. are NOT mentally ill at all. They are physically sick.

Every single condition in the canon of psychiatry can be, and usually is, due to some correctable factor, like nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, environmental sensitivities, parasites, stealth pathogens, heavy metal poisoning, hormonal imbalances and so on… on and on.

There are scores of these conditions, with powerful impact on how the patient thinks and feels. But psychiatrists won’t look for them. They are criminally lazy and negligent. The patient says, “I feel depressed.” The psychiatrist prescribes an antidepressant, without any further investigation.

Yet depression is a common symptom of food allergies, vitamin B deficiency, low thyroid, estrogen dominance, hypoglycemia, sleep deprivation, Candida and dysbiosis, to name just a few causes.

The only answer for the foreseeable future is to put the knowledge in the hands of the patients and let them slug it out, either battling with the doctors, or going it alone. Empowering the common man or woman in this way has always been my passion.

So I am enjoying my writing.

But I will have to ask indulgence and forgiveness for all the other things that are not happening as fast as they should. The Punk Psychology™ project, for example, and the “Flourish and Beyond” series. Unfortunately, the people I put in place to keep these moving while I wrote have stepped out and left me somewhat helpless.

Alongside all that is happening, my dear wife lost her father in late August. It was understood I would join her in the UK for the funeral. She was bereft and so I took her on a whirlwind tour of Ireland, for some peace and space along the Atlantic shores.

The wildly eccentric Listowel and Ballybunion monorail, Viv and me on the footplate!

Just LOOK at that headlamp!

It was one of those every-night-in-a-different-hotel trips. Not exactly restful. This is only my 10th day back at home and I just had a vastly creative weekend, these last 2 days!

Mind you, all this has vastly interfered with my plan to start updating each of my books. It is happening… but not nearly fast enough!

That’s very important to me: I want you to have the very BEST and latest information, in an arena where everything is changing very fast (but not the basic principles of holistic wisdom, of course!)

And that leads me to mention the continuation of sponsored advertizing. Nobody can live on nothing or work for free. I don’t have a team of staff writing “my” articles, like Joe Mercola does. But because I can’t do everything, I allow sponsors to tell their story. They usually tell it their own way and I trust everyone to have the judgment to choose what works for them. If you don’t like what is on offer, just delete it!

Please don’t write me a snarling email (presumably those few who do want to complain would throw a shoe at the TV screen whenever an ad comes on!)

Well, that’s about it for news. Let me close by saying I am very appreciative of the continued affection and support I get from my followers. We seem to get along in the main.

Folks say they like my quirky sense of humor. Well, I’m sorry this letter is a little bit serious. But I hope the above images cause you to smile!


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