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Life Will Always Find A Way

I say this again and again: it could be my motto! The phrase comes from a moment in the movie Jurassic Park, in which Jeff Goldblum’s character Dr. Ian Malcolm derides the idea that life can be controlled just by breeding lysine-dependent animals.

(Later when they find the dinosaur eggs hatched in the wild, he’s proved right)

The awful truth is that Life (with a capital L) will always find a way round Man’s attempts to thwart and control it. That’s very Nature of life. It’s what it means to be alive.

That alone should tell these dumb scientists that cold, chemical molecules are NOT the source of life. Neo-Darwinism is dead, not vitalism.

Life is just very clever and cunning. Scientists suffer a surfeit of arrogance and stupidity when they begin to believe they understand ANYTHING.

The latest proof, if proof were needed, is again to do with antibiotic resistance. At least seven antibiotic-resistant genes have recently passed between soil bacteria and bacteria that cause human disease, according to a new study. But this sharing of genes is just the tip of a vast reservoir of shared resistance.

I wrote in a previous Serendipity about what could be called “bacterial social networking”. They intercommunicate; they don’t give a hoot about stupid human “species” classification. They are all in it together and swap around good stories, including tips on how to beat Mankind’s antibiotics!!

This shows just what an impossible task we are up against and why what I called The Golden Age of Antibiotics is doomed to end soon (if it hasn’t already ended).

It’s a game we cannot possible win. Interfering with the metabolism of microbes just challenges them to do something else (penicillin, for example, prevents bacteria building a cell wall, so they can’t reproduce). They meet the challenge with an adaptation that sends Man back to the drawing board, with a sharp slap!

Even antibiotic alternatives, such as I write about, are just a safer way of meeting the problem head on. But the idea that MMS, peroxide, herbal and fungal “natural” antibiotics, homeopathics or whatever could be the final answer to science’s failure is just as addled thinking.

The reason I desperately want you to learn about antibiotic alternatives is that you can save somebody’s life who would otherwise die of bacterial resistance.

But you still have to solve the problem of building natural immunity. It’s your best defence.

Meantime, learn about safe and effective alternatives to antibiotics, from my book

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