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Measles Outbreak 2014… Are Vaccinations Worthless?

Measles Weasels – The Measles Outbreak 2014

The number of people infected linked to the measles outbreak 2014 at Disney amusement parks in southern California currently stands at 99, according to the news today. As one writer joked, Mickey Mouse seems to be calling the shots!

According to the Associated Press, the majority of kids who contracted measles have not had the MMR vaccine. Reading between the lines, that means a number of children DID have the MMR vaccine—and yet still caught the measles. They don’t say how many, of course. It’s the same every epidemic and has been since the dawn of vaccinations. Some kids get the disease anyway.

That’s not to write off vaccination as always worthless… I’m just writing off the official position as worthless! They lie and fake statistics in any way they think they can get away with it.

I have mentioned before the deplorable habit of “reclassifying” cases who catch the disease after vaccination as unvaccinated. Moving the posts around like this means they can always win!

Their argument is that the vaccination “didn’t take” and therefore the child is technically unvaccinated.

I need to constantly repeat my own position because I am not one of the conspiracist crowd that think “all-vaccines-are-all-bad-all-the-time”.

I say: Some vaccines are useful and do seem to work (smallpox). But some are totally ineffective (flu) and some are dangerous (measles and Gardasil).

I am not moved by the pathetic argument that fewer people are killed by the vaccines than are killed by the disease. That’s a marketing argument in favor of voluntary vaccination; it is NOT a valid scientific argument in favor of forced vaccination. Medicine is getting beyond itself when it assumes the right to choose who dies and who doesn’t.

Read that last paragraph again: it’s important.

Notice that the current outbreak is occurring 15 years after measles was declared eliminated in the United States. This illustrates how quickly a resurgence of the disease can occur. Of course officials here blame foreigners, as usual. It must have been a resident of a country where measles is widespread or a Californian who traveled abroad and brought the virus back to the United States, the AP reported.1

There is no evidence for such a claim.

In fact, there is just as much chance of a vaccinated individual triggering a measles epidemic as someone unvaccinated. But the official line says not… without a shred of evidence to support their position. “Well, it couldn’t happen, could it?” seems to be the scientific basis for this absurd claim. In fact, a report from the Institutes of Medicine made it clear that measles can be caused by measles vaccine.

Yet health experts explain the California measles outbreak 2014 with the usual sly attacks on parents who refuse to swallow the official propaganda. measles-outbreak-2014

“This outbreak is occurring because a critical number of people are choosing not to vaccinate their children,” said Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center and an attending physician at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Division of Infectious Diseases.

Paul Offit, in case you don’t remember, is the weasel who condemned all vitamin, mineral and supplement therapy as worthless in his book Do You Believe In Magic? “There’s no such thing as alternative medicine. There’s only medicine that works and medicine that doesn’t,” Offit says. In other words, he’s a paid-up, card-carrying member of the Pharma mafia.

The Myth Of Herd Immunity

Then you get the usual herd immunity crap like this, from Dr. Yvonne Maldonado, vice chair of the academy’s Committee on Infectious Diseases: “Delaying vaccination leaves children vulnerable to measles when it is most dangerous to their development, and it also affects the entire community. We see measles spreading most rapidly in communities with higher rates of delayed or missed vaccinations.”

Another weasel Dan Derksen, MD, professor of public health policy and management at the University of Arizona in Tucson weighs in with the same, tired old argument: “Decisions not to vaccinate inflict collateral damage on others.” There is no evidence for this relentless claim, just the same old, same old rhetoric.

In fact, high-level vaccination does NOT prevent measles breakouts and therefore does NOT protect the herd at all:

In 1984, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMRW) of the CDC reported a late 1983 early 1984 Illinois high school/junior high measles outbreak. The total student population was around 400, and ALL of them (100%) had complied with Illinois State Law requiring the complete MMR schedule. Yet the outbreak occurred anyway.2

In 1987, Pub Med Central reported another public school measles outbreak among a 98% MMR vaccinated population. This happened in another high school, this one in Massachusetts early in 1984. Another population with over 90% vaccinated again.3

University of Helsinki Department of Public Health reported an “explosive outbreak” of measles in a rural community during 1989. Most of the infected had been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. Those vaccinated who became infected anyway also managed to spread the measles to their siblings.4

There are plenty of stories like this, which expose the myth of herd immunity.

In a different twist on the tale, Alan Sager, PhD, professor of health policy and management and director of the health reform program at the Boston University School of Public Health, accuses politicians who step off the party line of being “opportunist”: His email to MedPage Today said “It isn’t surprising that some politicians — motivated by principle or opportunism — hope to gain by aligning themselves with those who hate or mistrust or fear.”

It would surely be better to work on the sources that are untrustworthy, rather than slandering caring parents? It seems to me it’s people like Sager who are spreading hatred.

MMR Damage Is Real

This cannot just be a debate about health statistics. It’s really a debate about who takes care of our children. It’s become naïve and passé to believe it should be the parents’ responsibility! Yet the parents have to live with the mess forever afterwards, if a vaccination goes wrong and produces serious damage to the child.

And when I talk about mess, I’m talking incapacitating neurological damage by vaccines, which can be severe and permanent.

Ironically, all of the debate about this (tiny) outbreak in California comes in the same week that, according to The Daily Caller (the only journal carrying this story so far), whistleblower William S. Thompson has been given immunity from prosecution, by the federal government, to testify before Congress about vaccine fraud at the CDC.

Last year Thompson, until then a senior scientist at the CDC, publicly revealed that the key study on which safety claims for MMR are based was in fact an outright forgery.5 Thompson was one of the authors of that paper and he now admits that essential data was deliberately omitted, to avoid revelations that MMR was potentially unsafe.

Arch-weasel Dr. Julie Gerberding was head of the CDC at the time this paper was published in 2004. Thompson wrote to her of his concerns, so she cannot claim ignorance as a defence. Gerberding left the CDC in 2009 and took up the position of president of Merck Vaccines, at an estimated tenfold rise in salary! Merck manufactures the MMR vaccine. So you see this is not about science… it’s not about politics. It’s about criminal fraud.

But no-one has yet been indicted for this crime. And with politicians and presidential hopefuls hootin’ and a hollerin’ that parents must be FORCED to subject their children to this dangerous, stupid, fraudulent treatment, which doesn’t even work, you can be sure nobody is really listening to the voice of reason.

It’s very sad.

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