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Medicine Beyond Seminar Was Wildly Beyond Successful

It’s one of those told you so moments. You shoulda been there! Oh Boy.


The continental launch in Las Vegas last weekend was an event to remember. I held the stage for two full days (I slept for 11 hours after day one and had virtually lost my voice by the end of day 2)! Fortunately, I had Norman Shealy to help out with one lecture: that was fascinating learning about the “Ring of Fire” and ways to stimulate it.

Jon Whale, on skype from England, told us about the amazing properties of the Human Assemblage Point.

John and Lorraine Hache, the world’s leading micro-current therapy practitioners and teachers, took one slot and then gave us a profoundly exciting workshop on the Saturday evening.

All in all, we covered the heights and depths of advanced scientific thinking, from non-material substances affecting biological systems, to out-of-body; microcurrent therapy to food allergies and beyond; an operatic plant which sang beautifully for us (via an electronic transducer), to galvanic skin response meters and “arousal theory”; DNA from outer space to awesome chocolate organic shakes! It was a tsunami of wows and whoopees!

Why the singing plant? To prove you don’t need a brain and sensorium to “be there” and communicate!

medicine-beyond-seminar-singing-plantOur little Maria Callas!

The MCT Workshop

I first wrote about microcurrent therapy back in the 1990s and coined the term “Star Trek Medicine” (a phrase since stolen without attribution by that well-known hack Marc Sircus). I pointed out then, and repeat now, that this is the future. In fact I have christened this trend “Medicine’s Greatest Revolution”.

John and Lorraine Hache demonstrated amply for all that exactly what I said is true: life is electrical in nature.

medicine-beyond-seminar-group-picJohn and Lorraine Hache with Vivien and me!

Almost all the day attendees stayed behind for what turned out to be pure, healing magic.

Instead of attempting to lecture, John and Lorraine decided to treat as many people as possible in 2 hours. One woman had been crippled and in pain for years: she was treated for 20 minutes and immediately could walk freely. She wept openly and it was a very moving moment. Her pain was down by 75% and next day she told me it had dropped by 90%. Sorry, but that’s a miracle.

Other amazing recoveries were seen. One man—who likes to, shall we say “pick a few holes” in my work—had bad knees. After just a few minutes of the Avazzia device, he felt much improved. That same night he was up and restless, out of bed, with a remarkable “healing storm” going on. His knees were literally transformed.

Some men are poor at acknowledging betterment but his wife kindly informed us next day that he was a “changed man”.

Another friend, Nicholas, decided to have his frozen shoulder taken care of and got an immediate response. That was the first MCT type recovery I ever saw, back in the 1990s (with a Russian SCENAR) and was one of the things that prompted me to write the first book Virtual Medicine, now supplanted by Medicine Beyond.

One other example: a man with a really bad keloid (hardened scar) had a short treatment and it was possible to almost watch it flattening out.

It all brought together the threads of science that I had been talking about all through the day. This IS the way medicine is going to go. Why fool around with dangerous, toxic and poorly understood substances flooding the entire body, for nothing more than suppression of symptoms, when it’s possible with accurately targeted application of very tiny electrical currents to achieve a lasting cure?

You can watch a recorded webinar with me interviewing John and Lorraine Hache here: Medicine’s Greatest Revolution

Multi-Modal Sensory Stimulation

One of the outstanding presentations was the subject of MMSS, a unique combination of binaural beats, photic driving (flickering lights), slow beautiful music and my voice, inviting the listener on a journey of the mind. People were transported.

It’s a wonderful way to beat stress, calm the brain, restore healthful functions, such as sleep and it’s very transforming. More people went home with one of these devices than anything else that was demonstrated.

You can learn more about MMSS on this page here.

medicine-beyond-seminar-patrick-demoPatrick and Cynthia Porter, representing the BrainTap.

Don’t Forget The Chocolate Shake

Finally, we all got to try my new organic super-healthy chocolate shake: no grains, no lactose, no casein, no soy, no sugar, zero glycemic index… Yum!

It’s coming out under my own brand: Dr. Keith’s Own. It was delicious and refreshing. We all got to taste it for the first time in a rush consignment from the manufacturers. Everyone who wanted to got to try a sample and it was, dare I say, a big hit?

medicine-beyond-seminar-p4lCharles van Kessler, showing us his “Passion4Life” liquid vitamins (the only ones I take!)

All in all the attendees had a wonderful time. There was lots of bonding (oxytocin, as Normal Shealy reminds us) and overall the event was vividly empowering and moving spiritually.

We are already planning an East Coast version, for early October. I may get one organized for my trip to Namibia and South Africa in July. After that: the world!

Make sure you get to one! If you can’t, buy the DVDs, they will be offered soon!

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