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Medicine Out Of This World

I stayed with a good friend this last weekend. He surprised (shocked) me, by saying he liked my writings but that I addressed mainly intelligent and intellectual people.

Well, of course my readers are highly intelligent (are you not?) But I have always prided myself in being able to write for the layman and make difficult subjects understandable and make complex subjects interesting. It’s a goal I still strive towards.

I would hate to dumb everything down. Of course my friend is, himself, highly intelligent. We had a great time together, drank lots of champagne and chardonnay and talked our talk, till sleep won us over.

He was fascinated to see a Medicine Beyond electronic device at work (in fact he bought one, then and there). In the first afternoon, we saw something that amazed us both. A highly intelligent woman, a published author with 2 books to her name, asked to see me, while I was in the area. She had declined dramatically in cognitive function and yet was no age to be talking of dementia.

I was most reluctant to get involved (please note, I hate to take on any case when I have no real connection and no ongoing continuity). But I agreed to review her situation and make some suggestions.

You don’t want to know all the stuff about food allergies affecting brain function, EMFs and dirty electricity, or mold in her home (she lives right on the waterfront, literally). I suggested a detective program, to bring clarity on these and other topics.

I have to say that I view intelligent detective work as w-a-y superior to lab work. For example what happens on an exclusion diet is always superior to blood tests for food allergies. What happens when you move out of the home and stay with friends for a week is much more revealing than a mold workup. Even if toxic mold is found, it doesn’t prove that it is the cause of the patient’s problem.

Anyway, I digress.

I was intending to say that I used the amazing Avazzia device with her, a micro-current therapy (MCT) instrument. While we talked, I set the device on her abdomen and chose a setting that works very well for fibromyalgia and other causes of cognitive decline.


Avazzia Pro-Sport MCT device

It’s true to say that we were ALL surprised, when she went from a tired, mumbling speech mode—resting for several seconds after the effort of each sentence—to almost normal speech, in just 15 minutes! She was more animated and definitely more connected with the conversation.

This raises several very crucial healing principles, not the least of which is this: if she can be normal at any time, she can be normal all the time. It means she does NOT have dementia, etc. no tumor, no stealth pathogen, no bits missing or dead, nothing degenerative…

Energy Healing Techniques

Which brings me to address the electrical model of health and being. I’ve seen some astonishing recoveries over the last 30 years, using electrical energy healing techniques. Microcurrent therapy, MCT, is important because it addresses body and brain function at the biological level, meaning the currents and energies are similar to those the body uses (millivolts and milliamps, even microamps).

Yet the changes can be dramatic indeed.

It’s all about the fact that life is mainly electrical in nature. We are NOT just a bag full of chemicals, thinking and acting! Life is energy, not stuff! What changes is information and energy, not biochemical reactions.

The crazy view that life and consciousness is about a couple of sodium or potassium atoms getting together and saying, “Let’s think about lunch,” is totally ludicrous. Atoms cannot initiate thinking or function. Particles don’t think. We are not a brain.

We are an energy machine that translates information into function. That’s the true nature of the universe. As readers of my amazing Medicine Beyond will know, I have quoted Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia as saying, “Only one billionth of the universe is matter; the rest is energy and information.”

That means medicine which uses chemical “stuff” is only going to be effective one billionth of the time! That just about sums up Western drug-based medicine. Nothing is cured; only symptoms suppressed. It’s as wise and useful as dropping a bomb on a town and then saying, “No more complaints from down there!”


Western Energy Medicine

It has been my saying for several decades that energy medicine in the West will be different. We all know and respect Eastern energy healing techniques, like Chinese Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda (a little rigid and dogmatized sometimes… but OK really).

I think Western energy medicine will ride upon technological brilliance. We can do the Microsoft and iPhones of healing energy! It makes sense, since the body is so decidedly an electronic model device. The real definition of life is an electrical one. Once electricity departs the body, it’s a corpse. Same amount of biochemical substances still there, note, but no life. So “stuff” in our bodies, even DNA, is not the definition of life. Electrical energy defines us.

So you will my Medicine Beyond model isn’t at all loopy or woowoo. It’s right at the cutting edge. Sure, it’s beyond the ken of the average, dyed-in-the-wool orthodox doctor. But it isn’t beyond common sense, reason or solid scientific parameters.

Even the radionics effect (the Abrams reflex) is based on cyclotron resonance—or more exactly, nuclear magnetic resonance, a phenomenon of quantum physics, where non-locality reigns.

As my friend Cyril Smith, a physicist from Salford, England, likes to say, “Advanced physics doesn’t just say these strange healing effects could take place, it says they MUST take place.” The trouble is, my medical colleagues don’t know much physics at all, never mind the advanced stuff (come to that, they don’t seem to know much medicine either!)


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