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Mental and Emotional Health for a Wiser Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone says; joys of the season…

It’s a nice wish for everyone. But what are the real values we should be seeking? “Happy” and drunk and overfed isn’t really much to measure the holidays by, is it?

Maybe you think so. But let’s add some even better stuff for your mental and emotional health…


For example, I don’t recall anyone typically saying “Extra-amazing love at this time.” Do you? Families get together and it’s supposed to be love; but by the second or third day, many family members are at each other’s throats!

Arguments break out; the murder rate actually rises measurably, would you believe?

I have pointed this out often over the years and remarked that I am convinced it’s mental reactions to excess dietary intake over the holidays. Food (and drink) allergies can have profound effects on our mood. More eating only means more bad moods and upsets! Too much upset leads to violence.

So don’t over indulge this Christmas. Enjoy some extra warmth and affection, rather than an extra piece of ham, cake or plum pudding!


What could be nicer than wishing someone a healthy Christmas? We don’t do that, either, do we? Less slobbing out on the sofa, more exercise, less alcohol and less calories would be a great idea; it works better than doing so much over-the-top of everything that we slump around groaning, hardly able to move.

You’ve been there, and may have even put on the pounds. Then we have to face the guilt in the New Year and make a resolution to look after ourselves better.

So how about doing that post-prandial walk instead of a big meal, rather than after it? (post-prandial means “after eating”).

Better to feel good, really good, rather than feel stuffed… no, really!


How about freedom? What does that mean anyway? There are not many truly free people on Earth at this time. Americans and Europeans are the slaves of complex and stupid rules just about as restricting as those in Myanmar, China or Iran.

The trouble is, on Earth today, there are so many control busybodies that want their way of doing things to be the only show in town. Call them control freaks or elevate them to One World Globalists: it’s makes no difference. Freedom on Earth is in very short supply.

But freedom starts in the heart. No-one can truly enslave you, if you are your own person and can tap into your own version of truth and spirituality.

And beware the trap of formalized religions: they don’t want you free! They want you as psychologically dependent slaves, just as surely as governments do. They use words like “The truth will set you free, but the catch is they only think in terms of their “truth”. Anything else could get you killed.


Perhaps it all comes under the label of wisdom? The smarter we are, the smarter we work, the better our outcomes and interactions are with other people.

That’s something I’ve always believed. Intuition and “feel” stuff has its place, certainly. But being intelligent has a great deal to be said for it. And let’s face it—there is always a better way. If your day isn’t wall-to-wall energy, exhilaration, love and productivity, there are probably things you can improve.

I have followed this line for many years now and tried to teach my fellow men and women that the fullest and therefore the healthiest life in every sense, includes integrity, competence, wisdom, compassion and inter-personal skills.

Good communications are healthiest; so are considerate behaviors, which take everyone’s outcomes into the calculation. Sometimes, it takes smarts to see what is best for all concerned. But you can usually count on the fact that selfishly looking after your needs and desires, without even thinking of the others involved, will amount to something less than satisfactory.


The Higher Principle

There is a higher wisdom here, which is that what’s called “enlightened self-interest”. It includes benefits for all others. Grabbing it for yourself produces limited rewards; but making it wonderful for everyone around you brings far greater satisfaction than you can imagine. And it doesn’t have to be self-sacrifice.

For example starting a business in which you make a lot of money but your employees also do well is a great way to make an impact on the world.

It’s crippling and stupid socialist nonsense to claim that anyone who is wealthy has somehow climbed on the back of their employees. Ray Croc did that with Macdonald’s workers, it’s true. His actions were nothing short of criminal (yet he’s admired as a business icon in the US). Sam Walton is another bandit, in all but name.

But what about Henry Ford? He paid his workers the best rates in town and they queued to join. Or Milton S. Hershey? Or the British Quaker chocolate families: Rowntree’s, Cadbury and Fry’s? Joseph Rowntree, for example, was anxious to improve the quality of life of his employees and provided them with a library, free education, a works magazine, a social welfare officer, a doctor, a dentist and a pension fund.

None of these folks died poor! These chocolate confectioners were among the world’s earliest billionaires. Philanthropy works.

My Own Efforts

As I hinted earlier, I have made a study of trying to introduce better living practices, as a mainly health issue: psychological, spiritual, mental and emotional health, that is.

After much deliberation, I chose the name Supernoetics™ for what I do; it means (or implies) greatness of mind and spirit (noetics, Greek, the science of mind, spirit and Being). I’m not trying to tread on anyone’s toes, just plough a clean furrow. But it seems to me that what the world needs most right now is effective knowledge; knowledge which heals and improves things.

And what it needs least is existing corporate, religious and political dogmas. I just don’t believe you can change the world by forcing “solutions” on people, especially when these supposed solutions are dreamed up by narrow-minded idiots, and which become, in turn, a new problem!

The fact is that in the entire history of the world, nobody has come up with an answer to the destructive troubles which assail us (please do not write and tell me about the Bible solution, which has killed more people than probably any other “solution” out there).

Psychology, psychiatry, “self growth” and the New Age have similarly failed.

I stand firm with my assertion that the answers we need have just not been discovered yet. Existing attempts have been miserable in the extreme. Look around you, for heaven’s sake! I believe there will come a time when the human race will look back at our era and be horrified by the primitive, violent and destructive barbarism that we call civilization. It’s a laughable label for what we do to each other.

Until that happy time of discovery and release comes, it is up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for all or part of what we encounter and mount a healing campaign. To do that, we need some knowledge…

Now I can help with that. I have some great new material for you, under my Supernoetics™ banner. The one that seems most appropriate to the tenor of this letter is my “12 Channels Of Being”. They are really 12 Acts of Being also. You could call them “zones of responsibility”.

These define sanity and morals; define good and bad; this model even gives an expanded new definition of intelligence and we could all use a little more of that right now.

This one instrument alone could heal much of the world’s ills, if only all men and women would use it to create reason and harmony. It’s not religious, though spirituality and what I call “the highest spiritual abstraction” (God) is in there—it has to be.

But like any musical instrument, you can use it to play your own tune. Like any musical instrument, bad notes and disharmony stand out. But the right music, played with the right harmony and cadences, sounds as sweet as any tune you can name or sing!

Make melodies, not war!

Don’t forget, go here to download a FREE copy of my 38 page report: The 12 Channels of Being.

Very Happy Christmas to one and all, including our Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto, Atheist and other friends: how does that saying go? Oh yeah… peace on Earth, goodwill, and mental and emotional health to ALL men and women…

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