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Mercury Removal and Cancer Is It Dangerous?

Mercury Metal Poisoning and Cancer

A subscriber asked for some advice about dental mercury removal and taking Iscador (she has a thyroid cancer and is facing thyroid removal).

Mercury, as I have said elsewhere (including my book “Virtual Medicine“) is probably the most toxic of all man-made poisons. Well, it isn’t man made, of course–but we dig it up and spread it around!

I have seen so many people made really sick by careless removal of mercury, I am almost inclined to say don’t do it, at least not until the cancer thing is out of the way. It’s too risky to go putting her immune system down, just at a time when she needs maximum support from it.

That’s what happens. In countless cases, I identified dental mercury amalgam as the main reason for a virtual shut down of the immune system (white cell counts plunging to 1,000 or less). Patients have come to me on a stretcher for help!

Maybe her request is a good prompter to put down a few key thoughts about the dangers of mercury removal in dentistry. It’s one of the most critical health hazards you face in your life: you need to get rid of it but it can do immense damage in the process.

Once you are through this process, your health will be far fuller and less vulnerable to change. Just take great care, OK?

To help your dental practitioner do it right, you can get information on the safest way to carry out mercury removal. It’s a very strict but necessary procedure, to protect you and the dentist (did you know dentists are bound by safety codes to fit air extractors, to avoid inhaling mercury vapor, yet they can legally fill your mouth and nose with 1,000 times the allowed safety levels of mercury vapor, while drilling it out!)

DAMS (dental amalgam mercury solutions) is ready to send you a list of knowledgeable dentists (and, perhaps, intersted physicians) in your state who are able to replace amalgams safely.  This Guide and list are worth their weight in gold. They are not currently available by e-mail, so please provide your name and mailing address and we will send it right out. DAMS also publishes a periodic newsletter, Dental Truth, and you may request a sample of that.

To request the above Information Packet, please call DAMS directly at 1- 651-644-4572 or e-mail DAMS at and provide your mailing address (sorry, they cannot e-mail you this packet). So for international subscribers, you will have to ask them about postage costs to your territory.

DAMS has one of the most comprehensive web sites regarding the hazards of mercury and dental amalgam mercury fillings. It summarizes the scientific case against amalgam fillings, and is a good reference for researchers and for students who are researching term papers or debates. That information site is at:

Some of you may remember, I interviewed Leo Cashman, founder of the journal “Dental Truth”. It’s a cutting edge interview with an expert, well, two experts, actually! Me and him!

You can grab it free here: Leo Cashman Dental Truth interview.

Also, see my page on heavy metal toxicity

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