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Microbiome and Cancer Startling News

I got a tip off about this article from a good friend in Brooklyn. He pointed out that the mainstream scientists are gradually catching up with me!

Hey, I’ll have to move on fast, to stay ahead.

Actually, I’m doing that already, with the development of my new and revolutionary science of Being and consciousness I call Supernoetics™. Keep an eye out: 1 in 5 or so articles will be about some aspect of that in my upcoming newsletters.

Anyway, this is what he meant: being able to influence the control of cancer by nurturing the immune system via the microbiome. Remember my book Fire In The Belly? This is it…

Microbiome and Cancer!

From Bloomberg’s Business News website, no less:

Top scientists at Roche AstraZeneca are looking at surprise allies in the fight against cancer: the trillions of bacteria that live in the human body.1 (Only they are surprised; I’m not)

Daniel Chen, head of cancer immunotherapy research at Roche’s Genentech division, is apparently shocked. He said in a phone interview with Bloomberg, “Five years ago, if you had asked me about bacteria in your gut playing an important role in your systemic immune response, I probably would have laughed it off,” and yet “Most of us immunologists now believe that there really is an important interaction there.”

Two studies published in the journal Science have pushed alert scientists (not the Big Pharma shills) in the direction of seeing that the body’s microbiome (gut flora) population control almost every aspect of our health, including even how the immune system functions. Poop is the key to beating back cancer, apparently.

[Of course what would follow is that antibiotics, which tend to wreck the microbiome, are a causative risk factor in developing cancer. Shhh! Nobody wants to hear that!]

In November 2015, University of Chicago researchers wrote that giving mice Bifidobacterium, which normally resides in the gastrointestinal tract, was as effective as an immunotherapy in controlling the growth of melanoma. Combining the two practically eliminated tumor growth. The paper specifically stated that the gains were comparable to treatment with anti-cancer drugs known as checkpoint inhibitors. 2

This you can tie in to my newsletter 2 weeks ago about checkpoint inhibitors: Cancer’s Penicillin Moment. Scientists are at last waking up to my call (since the 1980s), that the answer to cancer lies in harnessing nature’s powers, not in slaughtering every living thing in the vain and stupid hope you can eliminate cancer down to the last cell!

In the second study, in the same month, scientists in France found that some bacterial species activated a response to immunotherapy. Fecal microbial transplantation (poop transfer) from humans to mice confirmed that treatment of melanoma patients favored the outgrowth of Bacteroides fragilis with anticancer properties.3

All immune system responses work better if your body is in peak condition. Peak here means all aspects of normalcy in full swing. How is that even possible when you are pouring toxic chemicals or toxic radiation into the body!

And yes, in this context, “healthy” means the right poop. Let’s not be coy!

Human Gut Microbiome and Cancer

As I wrote in Fire In The Belly, the human gut microbiome is a universe of roughly 100 trillion good and bad bacteria, fungi, viruses and oddballs that live on and inside the body. We don’t just live in a comfortable truce with these organisms: we need them like we need oxygen, vitamins and hormones. They are not inside of us so much as PART OF US.

So it only makes sense that we survive well with our microbiome singing the same song. Antibiotics, of course, wreck this harmony and it is possible—as I have hinted—that abuse and overuse of antibiotics is one of the crucial causes of the rise in cancer in modern man. That will take years to establish, since no one is yet even asking the question, except your current scribe!

In any event, restoring our correct and healthy microbiome automatically becomes one of the leading strategies in beating cancer. It’s a new “Pillar” of cancer healing, along with diet and nutrition, chemicals cleansing, emotional clean up and oxygen.

Actually, it would be wrong to separate microbiome restoration from good diet. The quickest way to re-grow a healthy microbiome is to eat well, avoiding foods that don’t suit your particular metabolism. In other words, following my advice in the book Diet Wise.

In fact, this could be the main reason that native peoples eating their native diet, never get cancer. Their microbiome is intact. We wreck ours with antibiotics from childhood onwards. Plus they eat a hunter-gatherer diet, we eat farmed and processed garbage.

Really, the powerful influence of healthy nutrition and lifestyle should be no surprise. The BIG surprise is that pharmaceutical companies are taking an interest, at last. Not that they want to save humanity, of course. They are just looking for new avenues for profit. I absolutely guarantee you that in years to come, doctors will be prescribing patented microbiome organisms and the natural microbes will be denigrated. You’ll likely be told they are “not safe”.


The Real Surprise

The real surprise for me is that Big Pharma is taking this on board. Natural healing methods are so alien to their approach that you have to wonder about this sea change.

Roche is already undertaking basic research in the field, with an eye to the microbiome’s potential for cancer treatment. Of course they are only interested in testing this in a controlled setting… Meaning they can keep control of the profits too.

In the sinister words in the Bloomberg article…

“Efforts are under way to turn bacteria into regulated pharmaceutical products to treat illnesses of the gut, where the microbes reside.”

Nestle is in on the act too and last January invested $65 million in a Cambridge (MA)-based company, Seres Therapeutics Inc. Their aim is to develop a treatment for Clostridium difficile, which affects the digestive system. That follows early efforts to harness the microbiome’s benefits, which spawned probiotic foods and supplements as well as transplants of healthy bacteria.

And a startup, 4D Pharma Plc, said last in November it had discovered a bacterium that produces a response comparable to that of an immunotherapy in animal tests for breast and lung cancers. The London-listed company plans to start trials in patients by the end of this year.

Some experienced investors are skeptical and see the possibility of an approved product for cancer to be at least five years away.

“To therapeutically influence the microbiome long-term in humans is a big hurdle,” said Sander van Deventer, managing partner at venture-capital firm Forbion Capital Partners. “The microbiome is very stubborn. Everything we’ve done so far has only had a temporary effect.”

That’s because you CANNOT change the microbiome without changing your diet. They just don’t get it. They think living microbes are just another kind of drug that wriggles under the microscope!

Look After Your Microbiome

So how do you get to healthy with your microbiome? The first thing you need to grasp is that swallowing probiotics is not the best way to go. You can spend a fortune and end up back where you started. Introduced organisms will not “take” if the environment isn’t good.

Pre-biotics help; you know, the fibrous support: Jerusalem artichokes, chicory, onions, leek, shallots, asparagus, beetroot, fennel, peas, cabbage, nuts and seeds and so on…

And guess what? Breast milk is an amazing source of natural prebiotic substances. Yes, the human breast makes these prebiotics, unlike any other living tissue anywhere. It does so simply to provide the very best nourishment for the bacteria that are entering the baby’s intestines at the time of birth. Baby picks up bacteria from the mom’s vaginal canal and then gets prebiotics nourishment for the bacteria from breast milk.


First yummy pre- and probiotics!

Dietary fiber has been credited with a host of health benefits, including the potential to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and certain gastrointestinal disorders. Adequate intakes of dietary fiber may also improve blood lipid profiles, reduce blood pressure, improve glycemic control, improve laxation, promote weight loss and improve immune function. And now, it’s probable, help against cancer!

But eating the right foods for your own metabolism is crucial. I go over that in my crucial books:

You might also want to sign on at the Diet Wise Academy, an amazing series of instructional videos, telling you how to go about discovering your personal long-life foods. They are unique to you and no set standard diet will work for everyone, no matter how many testimonials are trotted out.

You are unique! Celebrate it in foods, as well as your playlists and the clothes you wear!


2. Commensal Bifidobacterium promotes antitumor immunity and facilitates anti–PD-L1 efficacy. Science, November 2015 DOI: 10.1126/science.aac4255
3. Science. 2015 Nov 27;350(6264):1079-84. doi: 10.1126/science.aad1329. Epub 2015 Nov 5

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