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Missed food allergy. How insane does it get?

A 25-year-old woman with a food allergy is given a pacemaker, instead of being told to avoid the food.

This has to be about the craziest medical story ever. A woman reacts badly to certain foods (her heart goes irregular), so they gave her a pacemaker, instead of telling her to avoid the foods! What??

The doctors — who included cardiologist C.J. Boos, MRCP, of University Hospital Birmingham — looked into her medical history and found it to be “unremarkable,” just like her checkup.

The symptom and diagnosis is a clear as daylight, except to doctors who don’t believe in food intolerance. The woman reported that her episodes tended to occur when she ate certain kinds of food, especially sandwiches, or drank fizzy drinks. On one occasion it became dangerous and she had collapsed while driving and eating a sandwich.

The woman said she avoided eating because of the problem. She weighed only 102 pounds and wasn’t quite heavy enough to have a normal BMI.

After ruling out anorexia nervosa, the doctors gave her a sandwich to see what happened. She didn’t faint, but she said she felt lightheaded, and her EKG flattened out for a few seconds before she bounced back.

The doctors claim is wasn’t food allergy, because they are not capable of diagnosing 95% of food allergies (only the small % which has an antibody response).

So the unlucky patient is hacked and permanently damaged. She’s now never going to be a fully healthy woman but a bionic cripple. Doctors simply don’t know that Nature heals and she could recover, with the right program.

Any allergy or intolerance can be switched off.

No report on whether the woman still has OTHER symptoms after eating wheat and sugar (I bet a million dollars nobody has even asked her). If the woman has a temporary respite, it makes no difference. Symptoms with wheat allergy or whatever she is reacting to will still destroy her health long term.

It’s an absolutely classic case of blanking out the oil warning light on the car dash and saying “Problem fixed”.

“Go to Jail” Dr Boos, do not pass “go” and do not collect $200.

[REFERENCE: Boos, C. The Lancet, Dec. 20/27, 2008; vol 372: p2164.

more about food and other allergies here

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