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Neglected Cancer Cure and Treatment

I’m constantly surprised by how little knowledge of geopathic stress is passed around. It is a significant factor in the genesis of cancer, as I explained in my book “Cancer Research Secrets“. Recently, I received a note from correspondent  David Reecher, director of the Aquifers and Health Institute, which I decided to share.

Dear Dr. Scott-Mumby,

I’m Director for “Aquifers and Health Institute”; a non-profit organization created solely for the purpose of making people aware of geopathic stress and the harmful effects it causes if exposed for long-periods of time, over and over again.

As you mention on page 181 of your Cancer Research Secrets, “location can be a factor in disease”. Indeed it can. And that is what drives us each and every day towards making this knowledge public. Just knowing people are getting sick simply because they, or someone they know, positioned their bed or office chair over a location that causes stress (stressor) to the body without being aware of its existence, is our motivation.

I’ve known of you for many years, as you provided the forward to Kathe Bachler’s great book “Earth Radiation”. She was a great pioneer in this field. I visited Ms. Bachler in her home town of Abtenau, Austria a few years back. I believe she had just turned 85 around that time. I didn’t speak German nor did she speak English, but we had excellent translators that made the trip very beneficial for us both.

Thanks to the early pioneers like Kathe Bachler, we know a lot more about what causes geopathic stress today. To keep the subject as simple and scientific as possible, we are only focusing on geopathic stress created by the pressure and friction of moving groundwater inside an aquifer. Scientifically, it is already known by the EPA that under the right conditions, groundwater can and does generate electric fields.

We are currently working with several families who are involved in a large “childhood cancer cluster”. Authorities just completed several years of testing and were unable to find any cause. Of course, the conventional testing only consists of looking for contaminants in the air, water and soil. Once the authorities finished their tests, we began to educate a few of the families about a problem they were not aware of – and with the use of medical equipment for measuring stress responses in the body, we were able to show that the location these children were sleeping, caused a severe stress reaction to those people we tested in the same location (over the stressor) in only 15-30 minutes. We also work with a physicist from New York who developed measuring equipment that also picks up these stress locations.

We currently work with doctors and medical scientists from Austria, Germany & Russia, and wanted to know if we could begin collaboration with you here in the U.S.? As you know, this is a very serious problem that is really simple to correct if the person is aware of its existence. My belief is very similar to yours – give people all of the facts so that they can make their own decision.

Here is a link to our web-site

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, David Reecher

As I said, “Cancer Research Secrets” covers this topic in some detail. If you haven’t read it, get yourself a copy (print or download versions) here:

Cancer Research Secrets

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