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New Medicine & Sizing Up Scientific Baloney

The storm of lies and controversy surrounding the movie called Vaxxed continues to howl in the night! It makes no bones about damage done to certain children by vaccines, especially MMR. The dots are joined into a loud and clear chart showing BIG trouble.

But the vaccine “industry” doesn’t like that. It wants its profits and will not tolerate troublemakers, suggesting or implying that kids’ health comes before dollars. The evil Scampire is fighting. So much so that, as I reported to you last week, Big Pharma has closed down two showings at film festivals; one in New York (Tribeca Film Festival) and Worldfest Houston International Film Festival.

Various magazines and journals have run for cover, being threatened with catastrophic loss of advertising revenue, if they did not retract or immediately distance themselves from the content of Vaxxed. Like dutiful puppies, they all did exactly as Big Daddy told them.

I was dismayed to discover that Robert De Niro had made the decision to stop the showing of the movie at his Tribeca Film Festival.

Well, there’s an update. I never read the press or watch TV news, but I learned from Jon Rappoport that De Niro has in fact stitched his balls back on and come out fighting! He refuses to back down and knuckle under and has started talking sense. I’m pleased for him, as well as the Mom’s and kids.

[I think he might have been worried that he was about to lose millions of fans too!]

Watch the interview here.

You could say this is too little too late, because the actor already canceled Vaxxed at Tribeca, his film festival, but it isn’t too late. Vaxxed is playing in New York at the Angelika Theater (through April 21). It’s going to travel. The demand for it is great.

It’s just another stage in the science of nonsense, that isn’t science, BUT IS MASQUERADING AS SCIENCE.

The Gravity Story

Recently it was announced that gravity waves have been discovered, at last. Many people wrote to me, knowing that in Medicine Beyond I had suggested gravity was a hoax or, at the very least, we don’t need gravity to explain how the universe works. Electromagnetism explains things much better.

They wanted my comment. Well, it’s this: gravity waves have NOT been discovered. What has happened is that a certain signal was picked up on a detector that was explained as caused by gravity waves. It’s only an interpretation. That is NOT the same as a fact. The first step is to wait and see if anyone else can detect the same signal. That’s what proper science does. But not this modern media-based bleating and trumpeting “facts” that passes for scientific method.

new-medicine-nietzsche“There are no facts, only interpretations.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

Of course scientists went along with the gravity waves idea—because they haven’t had much luck so far with their crazy theories!

The Big Bang pantomime limps on, as ever, still without any successful predictions. String theory has all but collapsed. Quantum mechanics is actually very exciting but makes a joke out of all other existing scientific notions, such as space and time, mass and energy. They needed a “hit” and are clinging to this one desperately.

Science is actually becoming weirder by the week. They have now invented something they are calling “post-empirical proof”. It means we are beyond the days when we need to test anything to prove it (empirical means “by action, by test, by real experience: “based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic”).1

It’s a solution to the fact they can’t test most of their crazier theories. String theory, for instance, is totally untestable. So they have invented “non-empirical theory confirmation,” What’s that?

Read this next bit really carefully, and try not to laugh: it means we “prove” a theory is correct, without testing it at all.

It relies on two awkward crutches: the theory connects with something that is already proved and/or (are you sitting down?) the fact that There Is No Alternative (TINA)! Something must be true because we can’t think of any other explanation? Well, surely that means God DID create the world in a week, the Earth really IS flat, depression really is caused by an excess of black bile and the Sun moves around the earth!

Bingo! All of a sudden we don’t have to work hard at testable concrete facts. You can invent any theory you like, as stupid as you want. You don’t have to prove anything. We can create as many professorships as we want, without knowing ANYTHING for real! Ha ha.

Of course not all scientists go for this. It’s been christened the battle for the soul of physics (George Ellis, cosmologist at the University of Cape Town, South Africa). Carlo Rovelli, a theorist at the University of Aix-Marseilles argues the last thing we need is a system that legitimises failed theories: “A theory is interesting when it teaches us something new about the real world,” he says. “But not when it becomes a house of cards that delivers nothing but university positions.”1

It’s true, of course, that most modern theories cannot be subject to any earth-side testing. There’s the big joke called dark matter. But nobody can see it, touch it or measure it (but it’s there, they say!) Gravity has NEVER been tested or proven. Newton worked out some terrific laws of attraction between objects on a massive scale. But Newton never knew anything about electromagnetism; it was before his time. Magnetic forces are 1,000 billion billion billion billion times (1039) stronger than gravity and it’s everywhere in the universe, space is flooded with it, testable verifiable… it can be picked up easily on radio telescopes (which don’t just pick up radio waves but all kinds of electromagnetic radiation).2

Gravity? Try to touch some, pick it up, or photograph it! It’s been post-empirical, non-testable since Newton thought it up as an explanation for why an apple fell to the ground. It’s accurate enough to get a man to the Moon and back but fails when it comes to deep space objects and, of course, quantum mechanics—which is all about electromagnetic phenomena, remember (a quantum is a tiny package of light energy).

Why Am I Bothering With This?

You might think that physics is a waste of time for a doctor; I should concentrate only medical issues. But physics is the study of the whole nature of our reality. How can you be a good scientist, much less a good doctor, if you don’t under stand how things work?

The reason modern pseudoscientific medicine kills so many of its victims is that it’s wrong. Almost TOTALLY wrong. It believes in matter phenomena, to the exclusion of all else. In fact this is an information universe. People are not just “stuff”. We are conscious entities, built around information (thought) and served by energy.

If you take energy alone, then 99.99% of the universe is energy (plasmas). Cosmologists ignore this, even though it has been demonstrated in earth laboratories for the best part of 100 years.

It seems that astrophysics is too important to be left in the hands of theoretical astrophysicists who have gotten their education from the listed textbooks. —Hannes Alfven, Nobel Laureate for physics 1970 (shared)

The newer model of the universe, called the Electric Universe (EU), is now banned by that wicked, twisted propaganda tool Wikipedia, which has become a controlled threat to intellectual freedom, far worse than the Inquisition was, centuries ago (affects more people and blights more truth).

This is so grotesque that writings about alternative science and cosmological theories are now banned on Wikipedia; yes, BANNED. An evil core want to “prove” they are right, but shutting down all opposition. That’s what the Nazis tried.

Read Cambridge don Rupert Sheldrake’s page on this.

I have one answer for you; one path to better and more balanced truth, which is my own book Medicine Beyond. It’s a complete re-think of the nature of reality, as it applies to living organisms and health. For example, I reveal that the very definition of life is electricity. No cell membrane voltage potential? You’ve got a corpse!

Medicine Beyond is one of the most startling health books ever written. It is backed up by copious science references (like quotes from Rupert Sheldrake and Johannes Alfven). It will stretch your mind to the limits.

But you will see quickly this is a book that has to be read by everyone who wants the truth.

The New Medicine is healing and saves lives; it is blessed; it is natural (it’s also very economical). It isn’t popular with the money grabbers and the materialists. But it IS The New Medicine.

Click here now to discover Medicine Beyond for yourself.

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