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Nogier’s Ear Acupuncture

Paul Nogier Acupuncture System

Auriculo-acupuncture: Surely one of the best kept secrets in alternative health

In my groundbreaking book “Virtual Medicine” (1999), I introduced readers to a healing sensation. It was a body-mapping energy medicine system that allows anyone to practice simple acupuncture healing. What’s more it can be done on self, at home!

With it, you can “unlock” the body’s own “pharmacy” to relieve pain, reduce high blood pressure, quit smoking permanently, revive low sex drive and effectively treat hundreds of other health problems and diseases, from lumbago to depression, from alcoholism to pancreatitis.

There is simply nothing like this therapy, discovered by a French genius doctor.

And you’ll be surprised when you find out which leading medical-related organizations recognize and/or approve the treatment, even here in the U.S.

Click on this shortened link to learn more. You’ll be fascinated.

The technique is safe, simple and very easy to learn. YOU CAN DO IT!

This self-treatment triggers the brain to release powerful bio-chemicals to eliminate pain and restore balance in the body!

It’s the body’s own “prescription” for healing itself (the best kind of healing, right?)

Imagine how your life could change for the better if you could melt away pain …high blood pressure … excess weight … alcohol or drug addiction … diabetes … insomnia … and 350 disease doing nothing more than touching your ear!

Please click on this link for the whole remarkable story.

If you are unable to click the link above, copy the website address and paste it in your browser’s address bar (at the top).

This could be the answer you’ve been looking for to help you reclaim your life from chronic ailments!

I thoroughly endorse this therapy: I used it for nearly 20 years in my international chain of medical clinics. It truly is a sensation!

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