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Olives Cure Dogs

Should we start a pets corner?

After the latest SCENAR teleclass with the Haches, one of my long-time subscribers, Karla Kay, wrote to me with a fascinating story which I am dying to share with you all.

Dear Dr. Keith,

We have a situation here that needs medical observation, consideration, and analyses by a great brain such as yours!

I have a friend, Alaina, who is an “animal person”. She’s lived in Alaska, raised and drove sled dogs, has been involved with horses, dogs, cats, and all animals all of her life. She KNOWS when an animal is sick and/or dying.

She was visiting a friend this AM, whose dog was down. Hadn’t risen for two days, cried/screamed when his back around the kidney area was touched, couldn’t urinate, eyes becoming glazed, not moving. She thought that his problem was kidney stones, and prescribed green olives. Yes, green olives, either with OR without the pimentos. Cheapest kind will do. (This dog is a 100 lbs. Malamute)

They gave the dog 6 green olives as a trial dosage, as he lay there, kept him company for a couple of hours, saw that his eyes had begun to clear, his ears were twitching and swiveling, and he was becoming more alert in general. Six more olives, and they were able to move him, supported by a towel, out to the yard, so that he could urinate.

He was left laying in the sun, and the friends called her to tell her that he had moved to follow the sun himself. He had gotten up and MOVED.

He was brought in the house as it became cooler, and after awhile they invited him out to the yard again, where he again was able to urinate.

Six more olives, and another dose tonight, and it looks as if they will be able to take him to the vet for some other problems.

This isn’t the first time this has worked. The first time was when a cat, who had been diagnosed by a vet as having crystals in his urine and calcification, demanded some of the green olives that his owner was eating while looking at TV (gave him 3-5 slices this time, and worked for subsequent attacks). It still works, and 3 more cats, one small dog, and one very large dog seemingly owe their lives to this cure. We really, in our minds, have enough anecdotal information to want to “spread the word” !

The dosage is probably one olive per 10 pounds, twice a day. Perhaps more often, at first. The animals have no inclination to drink the juice it comes in – and don’t object too strenuously to having the olives, sliced or whole, put down their throats.

My question to you is – (being one of the few doctors in our world I feel comfortable talking to about this-): What could be in green olives that is seemingly making this an effective remedy for kidney stones/problems?

Awaiting your answer –


P.S. Alaina is going to try it on herself. She is prone to developing “gravel” here in Kingman – high mineral content in our water – Should I let you know if it works on her?

PPS. The olives are in the jars/cans one purchases at any store. In the case of the Malamute, they fed him cocktail olives – expensive ones – that they had around the house for their martinis. I asked about the pimentos – she said it didn’t seem to make any difference. It still worked. The lady with the cat was eating from small cans of sliced olives from the store. Cheapest ones will do!

Alaina hasn’t tried black olives – don’t know if they would be effective.

So, readers: I know that olives contain oleopurines, which are good anti-inflammatory compounds. But that hardly seems enough in the present case. Do any of you have any ideas what else might be at work here?

Of course it would help to have a proper diagnosis but let’s assume it was kidney stones for now.

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