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One of the Greatest Probiotics – Bb12 Is Coming!

Penicillin was big; it has saved billions of lives. It stops infections. There have been some problems; we know… overuse, misuse and so on.

But that’s not a problem with penicillin, it’s with doctors. The fact remains penicillin is a towering drug remedy with a miracle history that is awesome to contemplate.

But this is bigger… and you don’t need to have an infection to benefit from it. Everyone gets a result!

The truth is, I can’t yet tell you all the details, but I have been shown a confidential document that will turn medicine on its head when it’s published. In fact I warned one the developers of this cure to take real care; Big Pharma will surely want him dead and has the power and motivation to hire an assassin. It’s happened before…

So when I tell you it’s at the starting gate, act fast. Get your supply NOW.

Let me tell you how powerful this is:

A lady with pancreatic cancer (the worst), a 3 inch tumor, was told it’s over; she would die. But she tried this remedy and within weeks, the tumor was down to half the size. WITHIN 6 MONTHS IT WAS GONE.

Another woman with inoperable breast cancer took this remedy and her tumor too just vanished. The oncologists at The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center were flabbergasted as they called her in to tell her the cancer was totally gone.

So What Is It?

There are two key ingredients in this revolutionary discovery; each has effects that seem to focus on both the innate and adaptive immune system, including antigen presentation, cytokine production, and immunoglobulin secretion.Bb12 Probiotics Benefits

Each has already been proven to work. But it’s when you put them together, you get one of those explosive synergistic things… each one multiplies the other, over and over. It’s like 1 + 1 = 2 transformed into 1 + 1 = 88 or 137, or whatever!

I’m looking at the confidential document as I write; I see that one of the ingredients is a fungus derivative, the other is a probiotic (haven’t I been telling you for years about the power of shutting down the fire in your belly?)

Probiotics are BIG; and this one is even bigger than lcr35, the famous probiotic from Aurillac in France (Lactobacillus rhamnosus 35).

The fungus is a mushroom derivative, already known to science: AHCC. Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) is an alpha-glucan rich nutritional supplement produced from the mycelia of shiitake (Lentinula edodes) of the basidiomycete family of mushrooms.1

AHCC was originally designed to lower high-blood pressure. However, researchers at Tokyo University found that AHCC increased natural killer (NK) cell activity in cancer patients, and also enhanced the effects of killer T-cells, and cytokines (interferon, IL-12, TNF-alpha).

When AHCC and BB12 are paired together, that’s when this amazing combination emerges. Nobody has seen the like of it before. That’s what this confidential document is about.

Soon it will be made public and the whole world will want this combo.

Anti-Cancer Effect

There have been reports of tumor reduction and even cures of cancer using Reishi mushrooms and Chinese herbs. It has been observed that these traditional remedies may work by up-regulation of the immune system.2

A study published in the Journal of Hepatology compared the outcomes of 113 post-operative liver cancer patients taking AHCC with 156 patients in the control group. The results showed the rate of recurrence of malignant tumors was significantly lower (34% versus 66%). That’s down by half!

Patient survival was significantly higher in the AHCC group (80% vs. 52%). That’s up by 153%!

It’s almost impossible for the naysayers to argue, because actual survival figures were recorded and the patients had all been carefully observed internally at the time of surgery with photographs of tumors and lesions.3

Of course the don’t-want-it-to-work faction still try to trash the findings.

In Japan, AHCC is the 2nd most popular complementary and alternative medicine used by cancer patients. Agaricus blazei supplements are the most popular (but it’s quite liver toxic).

AHCC is widely used in Japan and China. It is used to protect the immune system of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation in over 700 clinics and hospitals in Japan alone. Even the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center website admits, “In cisplatin-treated mice, AHCC increased its anti-tumor effects while reducing side effects.”

AHCC is available to the general public in Japan, Asia, the USA and the EU without a prescription and many people use it for general health maintenance and treatment of acute infections. Its legal status is that of a “functional food.”

The Anti-Aging Potential

I’m also excited about the anti-aging potential of this remedy. It’s been a saying of mine for decades that you live just about as long as your immune system lets you; and not a day longer.

The proof of that remark? Look at what happens to AIDS cases. The shrivel, age and die, once full blown AIDS sets in, and it’s very rapid indeed; often just weeks.

We sure need our immune system.

It also has antioxidant anti-aging effects. According to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering, one animal study suggested that AHCC has antioxidant effects and may protect against disorders induced by oxidative stress.4

Also In healthy adults aged 50 years or more, AHCC enhanced certain T cell immune responses. In patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and cirrhosis, AHCC has shown beneficial effects on liver function possibly by regulating nitric oxide (NO) production.

All of this is great for anti-aging benefits!5

A Remarkable Probiotic: BB12 (Bifidobacterium lactis 12)

BB12 (Bifidobacterium lactis 12) is a remarkable strain of probiotic. Bif makes sense, rather than lactobacillus, because about 90% of our natural flora is Bif.

Certain cancers (eg. Colon cancer) can be favored by the introduction of BB12. 6

In one study, consumption of BB12 for 3 weeks resulted in doubling of the number of circulating phagocytes showing phagocytic activity.7

Where Do I Get It?

For the time being, Cosway’s in England have this product. It’s known as Enhanced AHCC®. To get past regulations and appear as a functional food, they call it mushrooms plus yoghurt. Having read this far, you know better than that!

Each sachet of Enhanced AHCC® contains 600mg high-potency AHCC® from shiitake mushrooms (equivalent to 1,000mg regular strength AHCC®) with BB-12®, a powerful, clinically-proven friendly bacteria from Chr. Hansen, Denmark.

Go here to learn more.

This is not an affiliate link. I don’t make a dime. Just get healthy, OK?

P.S. It could be dangerous to pick one intriguing cure and omit the absolutely vital life-saving steps that everyone must do, in order to survive cancer. But the most deadly thing that is wrong with orthodox medicine is not what it DOES but what it does not do.

Conventional colleagues never seem interested in getting to the bottom of WHY a person gets cancer and fixing that (they don’t really know why, for one thing).

There are three major secrets that you must know, to beat cancer and remain in good health. Click here now to discover these cancer research secrets backed by scientific research.


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