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Psychiatrist Kidnaps And Imprisons Patients Just To Make More Money

I wrote in my blockbuster book PSYCHIATRY WITHOUT DRUGS about the very dismal ethics of many psychiatrists. Psychiatrists (and nurses) are a “profession wanting of humanity”. Patients are just cattle, not humans, lacking respect and even basic human rights.

Historically, it was common for people with mental illness to be incarcerated, whipped, tortured, even killed… AND THAT IT IS NOT MUCH BETTER TODAY, IF AT ALL.

I have reported before on the abuse of forcible admission to psychiatric care. It pretends to be for the patients’ interests. Often it is no such thing; but just for the psychiatrist’s interest.

One particular case was very worrying: a woman, HERSELF A PSYCHIATRIST, complained about the incompetent treatment of her mother. Did the psychiatrist in question respond to reasonable criticism? NO! He had the woman who complained admitted forcibly to care and it took her months to get free again.

I shudder to think of what the outcome might be if he had got her electrically shocked or even lobotomized. The man was a Mengele in disguise.


But what got me started today was the story of an Arkansas psychiatrist who is being sued by more than 25 patients for holding them against their will for days or weeks and without medical justification. That’s kidnapping and almost as serious as murder.

This monster, Brian Hyatt, MD, was until recently also the chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board. Horrible. This man was holding the freedom and livelihood of real and caring doctors in his hands? 

It all came to a head when a lawyer for one of the kidnapped patients finally got a release, which was enforced by the local sheriff. A doctor could not hold a patient for longer than 72 hours without a specific consent order from a judge. Hyatt had no such permissions.

I mean… you couldn’t make this stuff up!

As Aaron Cash, a lawyer for one of the incarcerated patients says:

“I think that they were running a scheme to hold people as long as possible, to bill their insurance as long as possible before kicking them out the door, and then filling the bed with someone else,” Cash told NBC News.

The Arkansas state attorney general’s office accused Hyatt of scamming Medicaid by claiming to treat patients he rarely saw and then billing for the highest severity code possible. Over 2.5 years, Medicaid paid $800,000 to Hyatt’s facility, the article stated.

To date, this monster has not been charged with any crime.

“I will continue to defend myself in the proper forum against the false allegations being made against me,” Hyatt wrote in a letter reported by NBC News.

Howling for his rights, no doubt. But what about the poor souls he imprisoned against their will, just to milk the insurance system for financial gain? They had rights too; a right to be cared for and nurtured but this evil beast abused their trust.

I’m not a violent man; but shouldn’t he face the death sentence and then let him try to talk his way out of that? It would focus his suffering appropriately.

The Police in The USA Today

There are few bodies of men (and women) who are so “wanting in humanity” today than the US police. I read somewhere an individual is eleven times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.

Years ago, Vivien and I watched with horror as a cornered criminal came out of hiding with a child held in front of himself for a shield. The police simply shot him through the child, which died instantly!

Here’s an image of a man in a wheelchair, shot in the face by the police “heroes” protecting our gullible public, even though he was pleading with them not to use violence! He’s a sick man in a wheelchair for f***s sake! Who are these animals that are supposed to be guarding us? From what?

Fact is, the US police are WILDLY out of control and more dangerous than terrorists. They are cowards, pure and simple, and would rather kill a person than risk their own skin.

One case that particularly sickened me was that of a naked man running in the streets in Arizona. A policewoman (is that relevant?) simply shot him dead. I’m deeply disturbed by several points:

1.Could this psycho cop have ever tried to pretend the suspect/perp might have been carrying a concealed weapon (he was stark naked, remember)?

2.Could there be a sexual repression/vigilante element to this ritual killing?

3.The US police “method” seems to be shoot-to-kill. There is no attempt to disarm or incapacitate a person. Ergo there is no trial or establishment of guilt. Just arbitrary execution of unlucky suspects.

4.The policewoman in question was not disciplined in any way. The encounter she described as “very intense.” Is that a reason to shoot a naked unarmed man who was clearly mentally disturbed?

Thing is, a woefully dysfunctional mental care system (true of most Western countries) has led to an increasing number of police responding to psychiatric crisis calls. 

People with untreated mental illnesses are 16 times more likely to be killed during a police encounter when compared to civilians who are not mentally ill. Approximately 25% and perhaps up to 50% of all fatal police shootings involve people with untreated severe mental illnesses. And this is despite the fact that they are less likely to have a projectile weapon or to have attacked police officers.

Despite the usual calls for police reform, data suggest that the number of people with mental illnesses being shot has not decreased. As noted by researchers, there is a paucity of information regarding the circumstances of these fatal shootings, meaning the police are very secretive and cannot easily be held to account.

Hey, I’m a doctor and believe in the sanctity of God-given life. I will fight for it while ever I have breath and will NEVER accept it being diminished and trashed by these less-than-human animals.

Those sad people who are suffering hurt in mind need our love more than perhaps any other group. The human mind is an awesome thing and when it has begun to disintegrate, the whole Cosmos is involved.

Measure up, I beg you all!

To Your Good Health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

  1. To get the best of my views on mental health, get PSYCHIATRY WITHOUT DRUGS. It’s a very moving and provocative book! Plus it is wall-to-wall alternative, successful therapies, which do not include whipping and torture!


If you can stomach more, get a look at this story of plain criminal abuse and evil, in the guise of medical care:

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