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Removing Toxic People Improves Your Quality of Life

Removing toxic people – those I refer to as the “sly ones” – is excellent for your mental and emotional health.  It is critical to your total body wellness because psychological stressors eventually lead to a breakdown in your physical wellbeing!

Let’s focus on people you may meet or who are already in your life that are very toxic: these individuals are among the biggest health hazard I know.  They threaten all of society, not just you or me.

How Do You Spot the “Sly Ones?”

On my Emotional Ladder (described in my book “Healing Your Life”), you’ll find these types of people between hostility and fear. That’s the key to their personalities.  They want to attack but are too frightened to be open about it. Hence, they are sneaky or sly…

The sly ones are a real hazard to naïve, innocent, or trusting people. Their real motivations – if you could peer inside them – would stress you greatly.

Toxic individuals like this assume roles as terrorists, warlords, or dictators.  They make up the ranks of organized criminals, murderers, rapists, muggers, identity thieves, con artists, gang members, bullies, and corporate fraudsters (to name a few).

These sly ones infiltrate all walks of life: government, councils, politics, corporations, banking, insurance, legal profession, educational institutions.  They’re also common in religion – both cults and traditional faiths – which historically gain power and wealth while dictating the lives of their followers.

Initially, they’re hard to spot.

Outwardly, a sly one will appear calm, pleasant, and reasonable.  They might always wear a smile and seem sympathetic.  Invariably, these kinds start by politely asking personal questions about you, your work, family, relationships, sex life, health, politics, or religion.

They are gathering ammunition.

Being cruel cowards, they are nevertheless jealous and can be extremely dangerous. They are afraid of anger and avoid direct confrontation but will go behind your back to work their mischief. They believe themselves to be specialists in manipulation – direct lyor indirectly – via third parties.

They engage in gossip readily. They will hide the good about a person but will expand or misrepresent the bad that we all occasionally fall into. They manipulate situations for their own advantage, without regard to others’ prosperity, health, or happiness.

Delay in removing toxic people will take its toll on your health.

Sly ones will engage in their games whenever, wherever, and with whomever the opportunity arises. Yet, when confronted, they become indignant and self-righteous or change the subject to move away from the point of confrontation.

They will do or say anything to avoid exposure and never stop short of outrageous lies to remove the focus from themselves. They are always rewriting history or changing the truth about past events, to suit their current position. In public, they present themselves as nice, charming, and helpful. Privately, they are degraded and slothful.

Removing Toxic People Who Perform “The Drama Triangle”

For those of you who know a little of Transactional Analysis (TA), individuals of this ilk employ the “drama triangle” of victim, persecutor, and rescuer. But they are in fact themselves, covert persecutors.

For the objectives that they are too lazy or too fearful to undertake themselves, they covertly manipulate individuals lower on the Emotional Ladder, to assist them with their hidden, hostile activities. They do this by acting the role of the righteous or wounded victim, enrolling their minions to do their bidding.

In TA terms, they appeal to the sympathetic rescuer script to save them from a person or group they cleverly portray as persecutor.

Their targets are any individuals, families, groups, companies, or nations they perceive as more prosperous or more successful than themselves. They want everything both ways, coveting, adopting, stealing, or destroying what others have earned or created, while portraying their target victim as someone vile.

They attempt to bring their marks down to chronic appeasement, chronic sadness, and chronic apathy, so they may be more easily controlled and manipulated. They would like everyone on the planet down at this level, so they can feel important and powerful.

Frequently they will open with a compliment, designed to disarm the listener, and then proceed to push that person downwards by criticizing him or her, making snide comments, implying guilt, inadequacy, worthlessness, or ruin.

If you are the type to fight back, beware!  They will ramp up their terrible games.

Their ambition is to covertly cause ruin, discredit achievements, or break up thriving relationships. Property repossessions, recession, depression, divorce, poverty, and bankruptcy can result.

At this they can be very successful.

Then, when their victims drop into ruin, it allows them to play the role of caring rescuer, so others can see them as the helpful hero, when in fact they manufactured the problem.

At this level, they are subconsciously fearful of their own limitations. They need to feel powerful and secure.  Individuals like this, if they occupy influential or powerful positions, can instigate acts of terrorism and war.

You cannot trust anyone at this level with your health, money, reputation, safety, significant other, children, business, country, or this planet.

They are dangerous.

People at this level are widespread, common and have infiltrated all walks of life. Removing toxic people like this is detrimental to your safety, happiness, and quality of life.

Detox Your Life!

The best answer, as always, is detox! Get rid of them, as you would mercury or GMO foods! Where it’s too difficult or even impossible (such as parents or family), you must minimize your contact with them as much as possible.

It takes extreme control to deal with such individuals – watching what you say and what access you give them to all areas of your life.  Once you identify a toxic person, you must proceed with caution.  Click here to get the full story on how you can deal with these people and the situations they provoke in my book “Healing Your Life.”

Guard your health by removing toxic people like this right now!

The “sly ones” won’t seem unhealthy at first…but you can guarantee that eventually, they’ll say or do something that shows them for who they are.

Stay alert for the “sly ones” in your life!

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