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Rife machine attack

In my last email I hinted at skullduggery from an official level. Here’s the scoop.

On Tuesday of last week, Jim Folsom was convicted of 26 felony counts for selling Global Wellness, Energy Wellness, Biosolutions, and Astropulse machines. He faces up to 140 years of prison time.

As usual the FDA wrote its own rules and seems to have (or claim) carte blanche to attack any alternative medicine programs it doesn’t like (which is all of them, pretty much).

Meantime Big Pharma continues to poison and kill 5X more US citizens every year than were killed in the entire 10 years of the Vietnam war. Jim Folsom, to my knowledge, didn’t even give anybody so much as a headache.

Land of the free? Ple-e-e-a-se…

Anyway, I don’t want to get involved in the political ramifications of this case. Only the practical results.

Not surprisingly it has sent shock waves through the healing devices community. A lot of websites are being torn down and machines disappearing from view.

That’s why I am writing, really. If you care about things such as the brilliant Rife device, you may need to act NOW to get one; otherwise it could be years or even decades before there is true freedom and citizens rights in this direction. You may not be able to buy a genuine Rife machine for a long time to come.

My friend Josh, who I have introduced before, sells what I have described as the #1 Rife machine on sale today: the GB4000. I described it in “Virtual Medicine”.

Please note that Josh and many sources like him dare not describe their machine as a “Rife machine” in today’s climate.

Anyway, you need to check this out fast. Josh called me to warn me that he is going to HAVE TO take down his web pages and modify everything, within days, and you may never see his offers again. Really, it’s that bad.

Josh has a great free report on Rife’s history and will tell you more about the powerful GB4000 on this page:

learn Rife secrets while there is time

I hinted that Josh’s website was already under attack. Testing and investigation has proved there was indeed a deliberate “denial of service” attack. Any techie kid can mount this kind of attack – but it’s a jailing offence. Unless you are a government blockhead, running out of control, and committing legalized crime in the name of Big Pharma. In which case you can get away with it in modern America.

Please hurry. The denial of service attack has been neutralized for the moment (Josh is a clever fighter) but it could start again any time.

My special page again:

learn Rife secrets while there is time


PS. The FDA was careful to have the trial conducted in secret. It wouldn’t want the trusting American public to learn the extent of its lies, moral crimes and abuse of process. Folsom has yet to be sentenced

PPS I don’t support 95% of so called Rife machines. They ARE bogus!


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