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Science Is Over The Cliff (It’s Dead!)

As my regulars know, I sometimes publish a roundup of really STUPID science; things that would make you laugh, if it were not so absurd and wasteful of resources. You may remember classics like: “a new study shows that pro football fans and dedicated sports reporters often overestimate their team’s chances of going all the way.”

Football fans aren’t just overly optimistic about their own team’s prospects; they’re also extra pessimistic about a rival team’s chances, the study showed. 


The world is bleeding from its wounds, people dying everywhere, heart disease and cancer still not really solved, Ebola is on the loose, whole economies are shut down, related suicides are rampant and parasites still kill more people than all the wars in history… and these dumb-asses are wasting research funds looking into whether football fans are realistic in their beliefs?

[SOURCE: University College London, news release, September 9, 2015 and believe it or not this junk was published in the journal of the Public Library of Science (PLOS ONE), a fast track peer review publication]

“I can’t decide whether to laugh or puke!” was my response in this newsletter [25 Sep 2015]. One thing is for sure: you could not, seriously, call it science!

Well, that was then. Now all of science is becoming a joke, according to some observations. There used to be some semblance of research. Now all of that is overridden with the lies and propaganda of big business cartels, corrupt politicians and self-interested shills at the top of the medical hierarchy.

Now officialdom is not just weak on science, they are trying to suppress its investigative function altogether. Science has to say what we want it to say, or it’s banned.

We have lockdowns when the official (correct, honest) science says it not only doesn’t work—it makes things WORSE. According to Stanford professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Ph.D., this lockdown strategy is easily the “biggest public health mistake we’ve ever made.”

Increasingly, research is confirming that lockdowns, in fact, are worthless in terms of reducing deaths from COVID-19 while at the same time are guilty of causing “catastrophic” harm to the public.

[Newsweek March 8, 2021] 

We have the mask-wearing policy, which is proven not to work and in fact proven to be dangerous and unhealthy. What is the official position of the WHO? Despite the proof of worthlessness, the WHO wants everyone to wear masks. No science—just: we want you to wear masks.

Then we have the man who is now the US supremo on infectious diseases (the number one liar, incidentally) Anthony Fauci, stating that people should double mask. NO SCIENCE, just Lord Fauci says so: “if you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective,” [NBC News’ “TODAY”, Jan 25, 2021]

What does he mean. “It just makes sense,” or “Likely would be more effective”? WHERE ARE THE DATA FAUCI? The facts. Your remarks are just opinion, shorn of real facts.

Bad Enough But It’s Getting Worse

Much worse. Joe Mercola has revealed that CSPI (Center For Science In The Public Interest) have been gunning to have his website ( taken down, on the grounds he is spreading FALSE INFORMATION: according to Mercola—and every other knowledgeable physician—vitamin D can boost your immune system, which would naturally help against viruses. 

For that he’s labelled a deceptive liar. Do these jerks know ANY science at all, one wonders? There are THOUSANDS of papers connecting vitamin D status and immune function! []

If I tell you that Bill Gates is a massive funder of CSPI, you’ll get it right away. Science “in the public interest” means no such thing. It means science “in the interests of Big Pharma” and damn the public individuals. Let ’em die.

The odious Mr. Gates, failed software engineer and now prime physician to Planet Earth (over my dead body!)

The Center for Science in the Public Interest claims to be a non-profit watchdog and consumer advocacy group that advocates for safer and healthier foods. 


What it really means is that CSPI (under the leadership of Peter Lurie, an ex-FDA commissioner), is working for the pharmaceutical and food industry, NOT for safer and healthier foods.

Over the years, CSPI has promoted trans-fats as healthy; “a great boon to Americans’ arteries.” [The Atlantic” November 8, 2013]

They actively opposed the shift to get GMOs labelled as such. And they fought to prevent fake meat being labelled as such. 

They fought any suggestion that sucralose (Splenda) was harmful and categorized it as “safe”. Then, in 2013, when the flood of science showing how deadly it was became impossible to ignore, they changed that to “caution” and only finally in 2016 did they admit it was something to “avoid”.

Despite that, CSPI continues to promote diet soda as a safer alternative to regular soda, saying it “does not promote diabetes, weight gain or heart disease in the way that full-calorie sodas do.” [ Sugary Drinks]. That is an absolute LIE. As I reported in my mega-compilation book on weight loss science: diet sodas actually cause weight GAIN 


How and in what sense does that fit with the CSPI mission statement: that they were advocates for safe and healthy foods?

Get yourself a copy of my Ultimate Science of Weight Loss book here.

Ultimate Science of Weight Loss

What’s The Real Point?

My real message here is that your much-loved medicos, teachers and advisors are likely to be taken down, one by one.

Useful, PROVEN and inexpensive holistic treatments will vanish, one by one. I understand that vitamin C is now on the danger list, meaning no-one is allowed to say it does anything, except prevent scurvy. Oh yes, and since scurvy is a disease, people like me can go to jail, even for making “claims” that vitamin C cures scurvy!

You see how dangerous this is? They have the whole field stitched up and only their fake science gets published, while the work of decent, caring, conscientious doctors and scientists is denigrated as “fake science” and “capitalizing” on people’s fears (ironic, isn’t it, since that’s fear created by THEM, in order to peddle their Satanic solutions!)

Get a stockpile of vitamin C NOW, from here, because any day now it could go underground or even disappear.

There is more to this worldwide calamity than a supposed Pandemic. It’s some kind of undercut of our basic human freedoms and we will likely never go back to “normal”.

We pundits may be a lost species: those who are passionate about the real truth may go the way of the dinosaurs. There may be a time when you cannot access ANY information leading to real health.

It is obvious that some people, like Gates, are aiming for that very thing.

Try to stay positive. Find and swallow every milligram of Love you can find! And don’t forget to give it out in spades.


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