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“Skeptics” Attack Molecular Hydrogen

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

Molecular Hydrogen

I’ve previously written about the amazing benefits of molecular hydrogen, perhaps one of the most important discoveries to benefit human health of my lifetime. Research backing molecular hydrogen includes 100 clinical trials, close to 2000 scientific articles, and millions of people reporting benefits anecdotally. What’s better, is molecular hydrogen cannot be patented, and the research has been done almost exclusively by public researchers, and not paid interests. You may be asking yourself, who in their right mind would criticize such an important field backed by research not compromised by big corporations? The “skeptical medical practitioners” at the bidding of Big Pharma, of course. 

A pair of articles have been writing trashing molecular hydrogen, and those in the industry, by an author from a group calling themselves “Science Based Medicine”. These writers will slander anything that dares to undermine the interests of Big Pharma and will do so without bothering to educate themselves on the subject. For these writers, some of them being Medical Doctors, getting the facts right and looking out for the best interest of people in need always take a back seat to ensuring status quo. For them, there is no need to improve your health through diet or non-invasive remedies that work, just go and get another prescription for yet another drug that comes with harsh side effects. In fact, by their definition of “evidence” interventions like exercise are not evidence based! They have structured their entire argument to fit within a very small definition, in which only FDA approved drugs manufactured by Big Pharma can qualify as “evidence based”. 

These crooks at Science Based Medicine are surely backed by Big Pharma. As many of you may know, Google waged war against alternative medicine and health news starting in June of 2019. They delisted many trusted websites and sources, and catapulted Big Pharma backed pages to the top. Science Based Medicine is an opinion blog that is poorly researched and inadequately cited, yet they remain at the top of the rankings. Big Pharma needs their fake health advice pages, and they need their attack dogs slandering everything that threatens them. Make no mistake, this is a war on information and a war on your health. Now, they are attacking molecular hydrogen, an almost miraculous molecule with no side effects, that is widely available and effective for many much needed uses. 

The offending writer, who goes by the name of “Skepdoc”, is simply a retired family physician. She has no original research to her name, no scientific credentials, and no knowledge on what she writes about. One of the prominent figures in the hydrogen water industry took his time to write a long rebuttal to this “Skepdoc”, pointing out all of her lies, contradictions, and intellectual crimes. Google may end up silencing his rebuttal, so it is important that as many people know what is truly going on, and what these Big Pharma shills are trying to do. I encourage you to read the rebuttal against the slander written by Harriet Hall.

Stay vigilant and stay healthy. 

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