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Something Horrible and Evil Coming Down The Turnpike

No, it’s not a virus (or a vaccine)! It’s not an official takeover. But it is in the realm of totalitarianism. Just not what you’d think…

Google and others are conspiring to put people like me out of business. It’s yet another MASSIVE blow to freedom and independence.

For years I’ve been cheerily sharing what I think and what I know, about health, healing, doctors and lifestyle. But my platform has gone down by 75%, whereas in the past it has always been growing.

What’s happening? I’m being labeled a spammer! Me, at my age! Nasty little geeks who relentlessly mess up our lives with techno-fascism, bullying, “updates”, glitches and other ways of making other people’s lives more difficult are calling ME out as an internet crook!

There are new rules saying: if I email a person who hasn’t opened an email from me in 12 weeks, then I’m a spammer. I am labeled and then all my emails get dumped in the spam folder.

That’s bad. But if I tell you that Gmail, Microsoft, Hotmail (really bad) and other email providers are hiding emails from many of their subscribers, SO THEY DON’T GET TO SEE THEM AT ALL, SO THEY CAN’T CLICK ON THEM.

Their nosey parkering systems don’t know if you have quarreled with me, or whatever, or just that you didn’t open the emails because you didn’t even see them and therefore you are not interested. THEREFORE I AM A SPAMMER.

The future looks very bleak, frankly. It’s part of their campaign, that only THEY make money online. Everyone else is just a nuisance to be gotten rid of. That includes other people you love, not just me! I get lots of emails from old friends saying, “Why don’t you email me anymore?”

I have no knowledge of how many tens of thousands of old friends have been forced into not getting my emails. All I know is that it is a LOT. At least 70,000 have disappeared in the last 12 months.

And then, of course, there is the added element that they are conspiring with Big Pharma to put all holistic doctors, dealers and writers out of business. You probably heard what happened to Joe Mercola, he’s the sort-of 800 lb gorilla in this field. He has been de-platformed and is even classed as a “national security threat”: why? Because he says you should think carefully before entering any vaccination program.

They don’t want people to think! You can’t herd cattle if they stop to think and realize they are on the way to be slaughtered!

The irony of course is that anyone who follows me or Joe Mercola is a fiercely independent thinker and will do whatever they want to do. Government go hang. What the powers that be seem to be afraid of is that a sheep will accidentally stumble across some truth written by me or others that will make them rebellious. That would be terrible!

It is so reminiscent of Germany under the Nazis. People who were found organizing protests or handing out leaflets were summarily executed, some as young as teenagers. No trial, no nothing; one girl was strung up on the spot (hanged) on a nearby lamppost, for handing out leaflets. They left her body hanging as a warning to others.

The most famous activist was Sophie Scholl, a key member of the Weiße Rose (White Rose)—a resistance group run by students at the University of Munich who distributed leaflets and used graffiti to decry Nazi crimes and the fascist political system, while calling for resistance to the Nazi state and the war. She was beheaded by guillotine for “high treason” at the age of just 21.1

Here’s a (translated) quote by this brave girl:

Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don’t dare express themselves as we did.

OK, I’m not calling you out to be a terrorist activist. But please realize some of us are being squeezed and it’s getting worse. It’s not just the digital fascists… Google, FB, Microsoft and the like. Common people, ignorant and with no medical training, are shouting for those who argue against the COVID narrative to be denied food, travel and medical aid.

It’s only a matter of time before mobs go on the rampage. It only takes skills at propaganda and we’ve learned a lot, it seems, from Goebbels and the Nazi war machine. He mobilized mobs against the Jews, even as mainstream media are doing now against anti-vaxxers. Have you heard of “Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass”, a night of terror and window smashing, carried out by the Nazi Party’s paramilitary forces along with civilians throughout Nazi Germany on the night of 9–10 November 1938.2

The aftermath of Kristallnacht

Mob hatred is coming! However optimistic you feel about the possible outcome of the COVID cult strike against democracy, bad times are coming, before it gets better.

How You Can Help

Stay connected. If you are not getting my emails suddenly, ask to be returned to a new and specially set up list where you get put back to zero (but do remember to keep opening emails at least every couple weeks, otherwise, it’s all for nothing). Because we won’t get your request or you won’t get our reply through existing channels, please email to

Hunt every few days in your SPAM folder. If you find anything from me, Mercola, or anyone else you want to hear from, drag the emails out of spam. Gmail let’s you click a button marked NOT SPAM. But keep checking because Google is willfully corrupt and will override your wishes without a second thought.

Please sign up for our SMS (text) messaging system which we are setting up, as soon as it’s announced. That bypasses the increasing interference with who can and who cannot receive emails.

Be a bit liberal and forgiving. Even mighty Apple has joined the attack on email marketing. They have blocked any means of tracking clicks and actions, so we won’t know who did what. That means you might get the same offer more than once. Apple are going to try and take over from Facebook and will soon get their teeth into the worldwide web and start munching on us small fry.

People like me and you, with our little dreams and desires, will just become cannon fodder to the fighting of the giants. Ha me…

Stay away from the internet as much as you can. Get back to nature. A walk outdoors will restore your spirits far better than gaming or streaming movies.3

Sorry it’s bad news all the way this week. But wisdom is pro-active!

To your good health,






Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor




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