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Sorry, Obama has totally LOST it!

Whatever cred President Obama may have had as a people’s champion vanished with a sell out when he appointed Monsanto’s ex- chief lobbyist, Michael Taylor, to fight for food safety! Ha! It’s like getting Al Capone to run the IRS or Hitler to run a Jewish children’s charity!

Michael R. Taylor, J.D., described by the FDA website as “a nationally recognized food safety expert and research professor at George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services”, is returning to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to serve as senior advisor.

Taylor is expected to work closely and collaboratively with the management of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Center for Veterinary Medicine, the Office of Regulatory Affairs, Congress, and with members of the Obama Administration.

How very cosy. However, it leaves thinking people dazed and shivering with cold. This guy was head honcho for blazing the perverted course of science for one of the most evil empires on Earth. Monsanto is a MONSTER and will destroy us all if their agribusiness takeover succeeds (why wouldn’t it, now with Taylor neatly in place?)

Look, I don’t care how much money Monsanto makes. But they have consistently LIED to the people, to Congress and to the scientific community about what they are doing, safety issues, fake science and cover ups and now their international business campaign to tie up every farmer on the planet to be beholden to their ridiculous and dangerous products and methods.

I have said over and over that their blind policy of spreading only their own seeds, creating a monoclonal species harvest stock, puts us at risk of worldwide famine and decimation (see my “End Of World” scenario in Letter From Serendipity, issue 13)

One last word: Taylor is a JD, not an MD. How can he POSSIBLY be an expert in food safety?

Sorry Mr. O, you’re goosed.

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