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Stomach Inflammation Discovery Rocks The Whole Foundation Of Science and Medicine

Recent scientific discoveries reveal and prove beyond a doubt that the problem behind 99% of medical conditions lies in your intestines.

It’s this stomach inflammation or “fire in the belly” that affects the health of ALL our other organs and tissues.

If your gut is “on fire,” it damages your whole body – exactly like a wildfire.

stomach_inflammationFire in the belly creates a dizzying array of diseases, including allergies… autoimmune disease… heart attacks… stroke…diabetes… Alzheimer’s… Parkinson’s mental illness… behavior disorder… and a host of other conditions that medical science thought it understood (but was wrong!).

It may even surprise you to discover that deadly cancers often begin with inflammatory conditions.

In plain English… what’s happening in your gut is crucial to your health.

How To Avoid Stomach Inflammation

The question is… what should you eat to avoid getting your gut inflamed and your entire body compromised?

First, forget standardized diets like Atkins, or even the blood-types diets. None of these are necessarily right for you. Yes, they work sometimes but not consistently.

You see, even the healthiest diets can make you sick.

The thing is, I’m not even talking about junk-food here. Inflammatory foods are usually plain whole foods; the sort of thing you would never suspect of causing potentially serious damage.

To prevent your health from being wrecked requires more than a fad diet.

Instead, you need the power of life-saving information. To transform your health you need to know…

    1. How to eliminate “fire foods”
    2. How to prevent inflammation using proven nutrients and why the intestines are the prime area for these inflammatory outbreaks
    3. The diverse and amazing effects of brain inflammation
    4. How to rebuild a colony of friendly helpful bacteria, even after you’ve damaged it with antibiotics and unwise eating habits
    5. The ultimate probiotic… (it will SURPRISE you!)
    6. The one so-called common health habit to avoid that’s killing people in the developed world.
    7. Top signs of intestinal fire and how to quench it
    8. How to care for your “forgotten organ”
    9. Why the symptoms are so different and confusing that most doctors miss the diagnosis

stomach_inflammationI have studied the phenomenon of Fire in the Belly in great depth and breaking the vicious cycle of intestinal fire by yourself is next to impossible.

Frankly, if you don’t do it the correct way… you’ll make everything much worse.

I regularly charge patients several hundred dollars to help them reverse their stomach inflammation and diseases, but the good news is that I also have a complete (online or hard copy) guide that teaches you just that.

If you suspect you may have internal inflammation, this book will be a life-saver:

Fight the Fire In Your Belly (and get rid of food allergies)

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