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Stop Your Kidneys Killing You

Another reason to stop your kidneys from killing you

I’ve just been reading an interesting study published in the British medical journal The Lancet (June 2012).

It has emerged that people with chronic kidney disease may have the same level of risk for coronary heart disease as people who have previously had a heart attack and is similar to or higher than the rate of death among people with diabetes—which is pretty bad!

Put another way, your kidneys can bury you in more ways than one: not just kidney failure (which is horrible) but by a large increase in the possibility of a fatal heart attack.

My thoughts quickly came around to my own writings on kidney health. I wish the information I have about preserving your kidneys from damage was more widely known. There are very good reasons why you MUST avoid a transplant.

I wrote a killer report called, “The Waters Of Life”, laying it all out for you.

What’s more I coupled it with another great advisory about liver health, “Love Your Liver”.

See, these two vital organs are our detox filters. Just as, if you don’t want your car engine ruined, you have to have a filter to protect the air intake, so with us we have to constantly filter toxins from our blood.

The liver transforms and detoxes chemicals and the kidneys vigorously filter the fluids circulating in our bodies.

Well, I need hardly tell you that both are under siege today. There is SO MUCH toxicity in the environment, we need to take extra case of these two vital organs.

Yet most people, I find, know next to nothing about kidney and liver health. They have heard about sugars, trans fats, important supplements, inflammatory foods even, but remain dangerously ignorant about two of our most vital organs.

You can’t afford to be that ignorant. You need help! You’ll get it, starting from this link (2 short videos to see).

Get serious. You could pick up 5 – 10 years of extra health years by what you learn here today…

Just follow the link!

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