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Stress Relief Using Binaural Beats

I talk about many ways to lower your stress but this time, I want to discuss cutting-edge science to enhance brain function and lower stress – the interesting topic of binaural beats.

Stress is an epidemic in our modern world.  

People are flooded with inflammation-causing stress on a daily basis.  This is proven by the worldwide epidemic of inflammation-based illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.  Add in poor lifestyle habits and it’s a combination that gradually leaves your body ravaged and unable to fight the simplest cold.  

What are Binaural Beats

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove was a physicist in the mid-1800s who studied the effects of different sound frequencies on the brain.  He discovered that when your brain receives two different frequencies simultaneously – one in each ear – that your brain will analyze and attempt to synchronize them.  

The result is a third frequency known as a binaural beat that is created from the gap between the first two.  For instance, if your left ear receives a frequency of 105 hertz and your right ear receives a 100 hertz frequency, your brain creates a third frequency of 5 hertz.

Over time, the brain will adapt and begin to resonate with the third frequency and can induce brain activity.  This effect is known as the Frequency Following Response and has been the basis for many research studies in the past four decades.  

If the binaural beat is equal to 10 hertz, it is considered within the Alpha range.  This is the range that your brain enters during traditional guided meditation.  Putting your brain in Alpha will enable you to guide your mind into another state with very little effort.

Relieve Stress with Binaural Beats

Stimulating your brain with auditory therapy improves overall brain function, helps you to achieve intense focus, and increases your ability to relax and lower stress.

Precisely layered harmonies at different frequencies open your mind to incredible potential.  Similar to traditional meditation, training your brain via binaural beats holds your focus more effectively and gives you the full range of benefits.  

A media player, a decent pair of stereo quality headphones, and tracks of binaural beats are all you need to achieve the ultimate in audible meditation for spiritual growth, personal growth, improving creative flow, enabling visualization techniques, or simple relaxation.  

Anyone is capable of using this method to improve how your brain works and how you process information from the world around you.  It is both easy and effective.

Naturally, you shouldn’t be driving or working when you utilize this method of meditation – just as you wouldn’t use other forms during high-thinking or reaction-based tasks.

How Does Auditory Stimulation Work?

A place and time that would enable you to practice other types of meditation or yoga is crucial.  You’ll want to be comfortable, free of distractions, and have plenty of time to engage. You can use visualization with your eyes closed throughout, focus on a specific object during, or simply concentrate on the music itself.

Decent headphones of stereo quality are important.  They don’t have to be expensive but they need to be able to deliver the different frequencies to each ear for binaural (relating to two ears) beats to be effective.  

Within about seven minutes, your brain will begin to “sync” to the binaural beats.  Try to be patient your first few attempts because training your brain to relax and focus is not an instant process for most people.  

Plan to listen for around 30 minutes in the beginning and once you’re familiar with the process, you may be able to achieve the same benefit in half the time.  

As with other mind, body, spirit modalities, part of their effectiveness comes from being receptive to possibilities.  If you seek inner peace, relaxation, higher brain function, and a life where your stress does not control you, approach the use of binaural beats with a positive attitude and an open mind.  

One of the most powerful “medications” in the world is the placebo effect.  It has baffled scientists for decades because a patient’s belief that a treatment or drug will work causes the body to react as if it does – even if they are not receiving the treatment or drug.  

The power of all forms of meditation lies in your desire and belief that it will help you to control your thoughts, your reactions, and improve your quality of life.

Open your mind, listen to the music, and lower your stress today with binaural beats.  


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