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Supposed Gravity Theory Leaves Natural Medicine Unscathed

Medicine Beyond un-assailed in its powerful wisdom! (Beyond the so-called laws of physics.)


Some of you like conspiracies, I know. You want conspiracy? Here’s the biggest conspiracy of all time. It’s called physics. It’s laughable.

Science long ago gave up looking for facts and finding explanations. Now they invent theories and, when evidence is lacking, they make it up! Like gravitons, gravity waves and “dark matter”.

What’s got Prof going now?

The discovery of gravity waves was announced (again) recently. Hold on to your hat: this is the second time this has been claimed! There is nothing so far to make me retract the idea I published forcibly in Medicine Beyond, that gravity probably doesn’t exist.

Certainly, it’s not needed.

The electric universe model, which replaces it, explains everything we need to know about attraction between astronomical bodies and the sensation of weight here on earth. It’s also good to remember, in this context, that biology (life) is also an electrical phenomenon, not a mechanical one.

See, in Isaac Newton’s day, when he first propounded the idea of this strange new force he called “gravity” (weightiness), nobody knew about electromagnetic fields. Yet these EM fields are a thousand billion billion billion billion times stronger than gravity is supposed to be (1040).

Gravity is so thin and insubstantial, if it exists at all, it’s a joke to pretend it holds together the entire cosmos. Yet that’s what mainstream scientists are trying to prove. Note that wording, it’s important: they are not trying to find what holds they universe together; they are trying to prove their crackpot theory is correct.

So you can be sure they are struggling and wriggling to find “proof” that this non-existent force is real and actually works as they say. To do that, they need to find gravitons, which have never been found, and to drum up gravity waves.

So they need gravity waves… desperately.

Yet within a few months of the 2014 announcement of their discovery, they had to admit it was all a mistake. To save face, they claimed that dust in the Milky Way exactly mimicked the signature of gravity waves. What?

It reminds me of an old British drama we faced every Fall. The train system would grind to a halt and they would claim it was “leaves on the track”. Leaves on the track can hold up an express train? Belly button fluff stopped the atomic bomb? Dust in the Milky Way? Can you believe this crap!

This despite having claimed in the peer-reviewed paper that they had ruled out that very problem and are now claiming a positive detection at a level of only .0000000001% chance they were wrong. That’s 1 in 10 billion. But they WERE wrong.

So are the new 2016 bunch any more plausible? No. This latest announcement is a PR scam and NOT science as we know it.

It starts and ends as nonsense. Just because scientists announce it doesn’t make it scientific, you know! Gravity waves, so-called, can’t be a vindication of General Relativity as they claim, since in General Relativity gravity isn’t a force: it is just curved space math. So what are gravity waves supposed to be made of? What is waving? We get no sensible answer to that now, a century later.

The real point, if you know the basic theory, is that there is no possible mechanism for gravity to work in space in the way they claim. This is why they are searching for gravitons. Gravity does not need a medium like ether, or particles; it’s just curved space. But mainstream looks for gravitons because they know they needed such particles to sell this gravity wave nonsense. To have a wave in vacuum space, you need something to be compressed and released rhythmically.

Otherwise, “compressing space” has no semantic meaning. You can’t compress a vacuum, because there is nothing to respond to pressure. Even a High School kid knows that. But with gravitons, you can say that individual gravitons are getting nearer, indicating compression.

It kind of hangs together…

How Was It Done?

In this latest announcement, we are told mirrors in the arms of the gravitational-wave detector (LIGO) moved .004 the diameter of a proton, indicating that two black holes were colliding somewhere in the distance. Where? We aren’t told.

Actually, no place. What has been picked up turns out to be only the confirmation of computer-simulated black holes, predicted by Caltech’s David H. Reitze, executive director of the LIGO Laboratory. Really? That’s all we get? A computer simulation, not a real place in the real universe?

THERE IS NOTHING REAL HERE. You need to know that!

Yet the media is bleating gravity waves have now been incontrovertibly proven! These screwball journalists are more of a menace to the truth than the crazy scientific frauds are! For example, all the media announcements I have read repeated the lie that Einstein predicted gravity waves in his theory of General Relativity. They omit entirely the fact that he later denied this and said, in fact, that gravity waves don’t exist.

“Together with a young collaborator, I arrived at the interesting result that gravitational waves do not exist, though they had been assumed a certainty to the first approximation,” Einstein wrote in a letter to his friend Max Born.

In yet another about face, he retracted that too. That happens when there are lots of dollars and big salaries on the table, from government sponsored science.

gravity-theory-ligo_960The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)

Listen, whatever is true about supposed gravity waves, these people are not even trying to fake the scientific method anymore. Exact science would require that they eliminate all other possible causes of that tiny motion that was “detected”. Since you can’t possibly do that in this case, assigning the motion to hypothetical black holes is just a farce.

How could you possibly damp this machine from all other tiny wiggles? LIGO’s antennae are 2.5 miles long (see photo). So in the first instance, it should act like a gigantic seismometer, reacting to every least motion on the surface of the Earth, from whatever cause. Since you could not possibly damp it from that, you would have to monitor seismic activity in another way and subtract it out. Could you do that down to measurements at the level of four thousandths of the diameter of a proton, as claimed? There is no way to do that.

LIGO’s antennas are L-shaped, with perpendicular arms 2.5 miles long. Inside each arm, cocooned in layers of steel and concrete, runs what Miles Mathis describes as “the world’s largest bottle of nothing”: a vacuum chamber a couple of feet wide containing 2.5 million gallons of empty space. At the end of each arm are mirrors hanging by glass threads, supposed to protect them from the bumps and shrieks of the environment better than any Rolls-Royce ever conceived.

That does not impress me in the slightest. The only effects eliminated by a vacuum chamber are effects of air moving in the tunnels.

But the vacuum is held in a long concrete tube, surrounded by earth and air, which MUST be affected by the environment. The walls are in direct contact with the earth, not isolated from it. Since the mirrors are connected to the tunnel walls by threads, they too will react just as the walls do. The idea of damping or screening the mirrors is just flim-flam.

Moreover, the scientists have utterly failed to eradicate any consequences of the presence of a powerful electro-magnetic environment, which is what the cosmos is really all about. Even if they empty these tunnels of all ions and molecules, the tunnels will still be alive with charge from the walls.

And as I emphasized in Medicine Beyond, the Earth is recycling charge through its giant body all the time, which comes from the Sun, the galactic core, and even by charge returning to the Sun by the big outer planets.


We are living in a giant plasmasphere, where ravening electrical energies create inconceivably vast and powerful charged fields. These penetrate the very planet, never mind some “isolated” concrete tube.

It is an electric universe, not a cold drab gravity machine, as they try to claim.

In a great irony, they are using the presence of EM fields, which definitely exist, to try and prove the existence of something that probably doesn’t exist and is certainly not needed.

So when people write to me to point out that gravity is proven, and I am mistaken, please know it is no more “proven” than the fact that Monsanto’s Roundup is “proven” safe, depression is “proven” to be a chemical imbalance or that vaccines are “proven” to be harmless.

Get yourself a copy of Medicine Beyond and have yourself the best, most exciting and thrilling intellectual ride you could ever dream of, through the REAL science that’s out there. You’ll never be the same.

You’ll never again accept B*S* announcements by scientists trying to cling to their daft theories (and salaries).

In other words… you will be HEALTHY in mind!

It’s the least I can do for you!

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