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Swine Flu Truth Is Dead

I hate politics but my beloved profession of healing is now dragged so firmly into the ring with dirty fighters, it’s hard to avoid it.

We know that in Feb 2009 Baxter released a genocidal strain of flu vaccine, designed to start a world pandemic. Baxter apologized and claimed it was a “mistake”. Simply untenable and false. It would have required hundreds of people making the same mistake and violating strict security procedures. Significantly, Baxter has refused to say how this “accident” took place.

We also know that a terrifying outbreak of some plague in the Ukraine, which has infected over a million and killed hundreds.

You may not know that in August (weeks before the outbreak) a microbiologist called Joseph Moshe went public and stated that the Baxter lab in the Ukraine was a cover for a bioweapons facility and that a deliberate virulent plague would be released (this is documented). If you doubt it, then why was Moshe gassed, tazered and dragged off the streets of Los Angeles, with absurd accusations that he threatened to blow up the White House?

You know that official media are lying, covering up and saying nothing factual about this terrifying story. It’s almost impossible to know what is going on. I’m not a born-again conspiracist but there has been something that doesn’t add up with the H1N1 story, right from day one. The viral strain was an anomoly. This new “mutation” could be just a natural event; but if it is, how come Joseph Moshe knew of it beforehand and was taken out by troops with armoured cars, EMF weapons, tazers etc.?

One thing is for sure: the USA is in the grip of martial law under President Obama, whether it is admitted publicly or not. One wrong move that the administration sees as a threat to its propaganda lies and you disappear from the streets; shades of Argentina, Chile and the Third Reich!

In the last 4 years, no less than 81 scientists have met suspicious deaths. Moshe was fully aware of this and it appears that he was attempting to try to make his way to safety by escaping to the Israeli consulate when he was taken out by force majeur.

Mainstream media has all but erased the incident, which in itself adds to the suspicion concerning the Moshe story, and the outbreak in the Ukraine.

Start your investigation with this series of videos:

Be sure to see my blog going back several months: swine flu, the truth is ugly

I think this is all scary as Hell; far worse than the early days of Nazism; and bodes very ill for what is in store for humanity.

Whatever you do, I beg you, get informed. GET YOURSELF A COPY OF “HOW TO SURVIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS” IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY DONE SO. It may save you from a genocide that is being deliberately planned.

I will try to get news to you as it unfolds. But the amount of disinformation from all sides is bewildering. I honestly and truly don’t know where to look for the real truth any more…

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