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Swine Flu: What Happened To The Pandemic?

I have said countless times not to listen to the whipped up hysteria and fear of the media. US television is the worst I’ve seen in my travels around the world for lies and exaggeration. They WANT a pandemic and are thirsting for anything which creates anxiety.

The truth is that the H1N1 swine flu scare has all but died. Cases continue to increase but the usual summer slump in flu cases has probably brought it in check.

The WHO official figures are 11,168 cases with lab-confirmed H1N1 swine flu and 86 deaths (most in Mexico). The US figures are 6,552 cases and just 48 deaths.

Not a big deal (I’ll tell you why that isn’t as heartless as it sounds in a moment).

Nevertheless, the pressure from Big Pharma to have this non-event stepped up to a pandemic is enormous. The WHO is being besieged by financial interests who want the WHO criteria changed so this little outbreak can be classed as a pandemic. Currently it’s level 5 and level 6 is pandemic.

That way they make billions more dollars. Everyone will get scared. The (dollar) feeding frenzy will start.

The WHO, so far, is resisting panic. Keiji Fukuda, MD, assistant director-general for health security and environment at the WHO, says they are “trying to walk a very fine line between not raising panic not becoming complacent.”

Why am I saying these unfortunate flu deaths are not a big deal?

What is being missed and carefully glossed over is that there are an average 36,000 flu-related deaths EVERY YEAR in the USA alone. [ ]

That’s 3,000 deaths or so in the last 4 weeks. What’s 86 deaths compared to that? Worldwide, annual flu epidemics result in about three to five million cases of severe illness, and about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths.[]

Yet nobody is screaming hysteria and panic about that!

Well, the media frenzy will no doubt continue. Please ignore the stupid statements I have seen like “the official figures are just the tip of the iceberg”. That’s deliberate agitation. There is NO WAY to know what hasn’t been recorded. And besides, what’s an “unofficial” death? There are no hidden flu deaths, not in this current climate of anxiety.

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