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Take Control of Your Health in 2017 with 5 Tips

Another year is coming to an end and it’s time to take stock.  How did you do in 2016 in regards to your health and happiness?  What grade would you give yourself?

If you’re like many, you might have started strong with some New Year’s resolutions that covered all the bases.  Financial goals, weight loss goals, relationship goals, and more that you had all intentions of meeting or exceeding.

Statistically, most of us gradually slow or outright stop progress toward our resolutions within the first month of the year.  Some people last barely a few days into January.

It’s like we crumble under the expectation.

Preserving your health for the rest of your life cannot simply be a New Year’s resolution.  It’s got to become a way of life and you’re never too young to start.

How I wish I’d known at age 25 what I found out decades later!  We feel invincible in our youth, don’t we?  Nothing can harm us and we’re going to live forever.

Unfortunately, gradual health decline is the enemy of us all.  Over time, flexibility lost, digestion disturbed, rampant inflammation, and the inability to sleep properly take a toll on every cell in our bodies.  Yours, mine, everyone’s.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  No one wants to enter oldest age using a walker, a wheelchair, or bed-ridden.  That’s barely survival, it’s certainly not living.

Right now, you can determine what the next 20, 30, or even 50 years of your life will be like.  There are no limits.  You call the shots.

You can make every day you have left incredible.  No, it’s not too late!  I’ve got seven decades under my belt and I’m still going strong.  I plan to keep it that way and you can, too!

The truth is that your lifestyle habits dominate your health far more than your genes.  How you live today determines how you’ll feel tomorrow.


It’s such a simple concept that it boggles my mind that more people don’t see it.

On average, the populations of developed nations are aging much faster than we should be.  Our bodies are breaking down quickly and brutally because we’ve managed to overcomplicate everything that has an immediate impact on our health!

Fortunately, we older folks are finding the keys to youthful living and it’s better late than never.  Whether you’re currently 35 or 55 or 75, you can make changes that help you look better, feel stronger, and live longer.

Aging successfully is not only possible, it’s probable with a few key changes.  As we head into 2017, let’s keep it simple!  These are attainable resolutions for every person – young and old – that cost little or nothing but provide amazing results.

New Year’s Resolution #1

I will get 8 hours of sleep each night.  With the right amount of activity each day, your body will want sleep.  By exercising your brain, it will need sleep.

I firmly believe most insomnia is linked to stress, poor diet, and living a sedentary lifestyle.  All things that are within your power to change.

New Year’s Resolution #2

I will move my body at least 30 minutes each day.  There are many low-impact or no-impact exercises that even the eldest among us can do.  I strongly recommend tai chi, yoga, water aerobics, or even dance classes to get your body moving.

You can start slow with stretching and mobility routines done from your chair.  There are dozens of good videos on YouTube.  You must get your body moving to aid in flexibility, improve bone health, retain muscle mass, and protect your heart.

New Year’s Resolution #3

I will add more nutrients to my diet.  This is probably the easiest one because you can get a powerful burst of nutrition in a morning shake that gives your body fuel to use all day long.

I have delicious protein shakes available but mixing fruits, veggies, and healthy fats in a standard blender gives you multiple servings of the vitamins and minerals your body craves.

New Year’s Resolution #4

I will cut back or eliminate pro-inflammatory foods.  I’d love to think you’ll cut out excess alcohol, processed snack foods, carbonated beverages, and fast food fare entirely but I’m realistic.  You’re going to treat yourself to the sugars and bad fats you love (and are probably addicted to in some way) but try to keep them in strict moderation.

Every meal doesn’t have to be bland baked chicken breast and steamed broccoli (a go-to “diet” meal I see everywhere) but do a real evaluation of how and what you eat.  Add the good stuff where you can and try to slow down those foods that encourage inflammation.

New Year’s Resolution #5

I will address and resolve what causes me stress.  This is probably the hardest resolution on the list.  It isn’t easy to get rid of stress in a world that seems to thrive on it…but you must.  Stress is a killer that keeps your body in a constant state of inflammatory “fight or flight” that damages your cells, destroys your health, and raises your risk of premature death.

One thing at a time, you can remove stressors that make you sick emotionally, mentally, and physically.  You’re allowed to remove stress.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not.

There are more, of course.  Many ways you can improve your today as well as all your tomorrows.  These are the five tips I find most people overlook and they’re the easiest ones to accomplish!

Retaining your health, independence, and happiness is critical no matter how young or old you are right now.

I’d love for you to read my book “How to Live Beyond 100 Years” and discover more helpful tips to looking, feeling, and acting young until your last breath.


Here’s a sneak peek of the anti-aging topics I’ve covered inside…

  • Oxidative damage
  • Genetics
  • Stress (cortisol etc.)
  • Carbohydrate control
  • Diet (avoiding toxic and inflammatory foods)
  • Inflammation (I give the key markers)
  • Emotional longevity (state of mind and environment)
  • Hormone balancing (not just HGH!)
  • Arterial health
  • Brain savers
  • Detoxing (really called “biotransformation”)
  • Movement (not just exercise)
  • Sound sleeping
  • Skin care (no botox!)

Not only that but I’ll be telling you what you can do now, starting TODAY, to protect yourself against each of these aging mechanisms.  I want you to know that aging is preventable and even reversible on the cellular level.

Read the book, make your New Year’s resolutions, and then enjoy the rest of your days with powerful tools to fight aging and premature death.

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