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Tamoxifen Restores Telomeres and Reverses Aging

Would You Take Tamoxifen To Live Longer?

I’m sure your automatic answer is, “No way”!

But you might think about it a little longer if you got some interesting new science under your belt. Thing is, according to a quite good scientific trial from Harvard: tamoxifen-compounds can actually REVERSE aging.

The mice in question re-grew brain tissue, reversed cognitive decline, restored fertility, got rid of grey hairs (yes, mice go grey too!) and improved in other incredible ways.

This is so unbelievable that I read the article twice.

“These were animals that were really at the brink of kicking the bucket,” said Dr. Ronald DePinho, director of the Belfer Institute at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and senior author of the paper published in the prestigious journal Nature. “We were expecting to slow or perhaps stabilize the aging process. Instead, we saw a dramatic reversal in the symptoms of aging.”

Sure, Internet marketers make claims about reversing aging. I do! If you eat right you can shed years in how you look and how you feel. You will look and feel younger.

But I’m talking about real age reversal now, growing back telomeres, which will restore decades of potential life. Not only that but the restorative process kicked in with the laboratory animals, enabling them to re-grow healthy testicles, spleen, liver and nervous system. Their shaggy, grey, broken-down fur re-grew into a silky smooth coat of much younger mice!

This was brought about by tamoxifen (a 4-hydroxytamoxifen (4-OHT)-inducible telomerase reverse transcriptase-oestrogen receptor (TERT-ER) under transcriptional control of the endogenous TERT promoter, if you want the full lollipop)!

You may not realize it but this is a major breakthrough moment. The study shows in principle (proof-of-concept, as it’s called) that the body can change backwards and restore lost youth and vitality.

It can happen! And those of you who have followed me over the years know I have an important saying that we can tweak here: if you can be symptom free one day, you can be symptom free every day; meaning real health, without disease, is inside you there, somewhere!

We can work that around into saying here that, if any mammalian tissues can reverse, heal and restore, all mammalian tissues can reverse, heal and restore. Yippee!

So there is health science up to this point and there is health science after this point. The study changes everything. Or does it…

The party poopers (who just know there is nothing anyone can do) were quick to jump on these results and invalidate them. Well, they have some key points, it’s true.

The study mice were far from normal; they were mice genetically-engineered to lose telomeres fast, so they aged and died quickly. Whether this age-reversal process is valid in normal mice has not been established.

But there is no reason to think it won’t.

Trouble is, tamoxifen isn’t something we would ever want to use clinically. So the stuff has paved the way but not for new therapy. What is tamoxifen, really? With or without the side-effects, it’s what is called a selective estrogen receptor modulator or SERM for short (we Europeans would have ended up calling it SORM, since we spell the Greek word œstrogen correctly).

There are other SERMs around. The plant Pueraria mirifica is one of them. Garry Gordon calls it HRT for a joke: herbal remedy from Thailand; but it’s no joke, it’s an amazing natural estrogen receptor modulator: it locks out the cancerous bio-estrogen, by attaching to the receptor, yet gives the woman every good thing, without dangers.

Even men can take is safely, to stop that “feminization” that affects us as we get old and run down!

You can read up on pueraria on my website, at this page:

Garry will be pleased if you visit his website to get some but (I think) you still have to have a physician prescribe it for you.

And here’s the original press release and the furore that followed, if you want to read further:

This link has a video.

It’s mis-represented research, according to this next link:–-very-interesting-but-misrepresented-research/

Of course if you want ALL the anti-aging science and how to naturally lengthen your telomeres, plus feel and act decades younger, you need my source-book “How to Live Beyond 100 Years”!

Go review it here:


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