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The Age Of Idiocracy

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport has another “evening job”. He’s a marvelous practical philosopher (by which I mean connected to real life, not mired down in academia).

His insights into the steady 1984-style perversion of language and meaning are particularly important. He uses the term “idiocracy” (power to the loonies), taken from the 2006 film, which imagines a future in which the social safety net has so rinsed out of meaningful values, it has created an intellectual wasteland.

And in this context, I am reminded immediately of the writings of Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880): “Earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is limitless,” he said. In fact Flaubert was almost unhinged by the fact. Consumed by this obsession, he devoted his final years to collecting thousands of examples for an “encyclopedia of stupidity”. He died before his magnum opus was complete, and some attribute his sudden death, aged 58, to the frustration of researching such a book!

I have mentioned before that I lectured in 1980 to a “language accountancy workshop” run by the then Inner London Education Authority (ILEA, now disbanded). So I am very alert to the issues that Jon points out. It seems we have gone very deeply into a debit balance with language…

Under the onslaught of political correctness, numbing education, fake mainstream news, and other covert techniques, an attack on language is taking place.

Anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave can see this.

The solution is: go the other way.

Refuse to back down. Refuse the pressure to abuse or obliterate language.

Reject the attempt to shrink formal argument and logic to idiotic memes, slogans and mottos, ad hominems and vague generalities. If necessary, educate your own children. Teach them English and literature and logic. Thus, make them smarter, not dumber.

Expand their capacity to use language.

In 2021, large numbers of people are heading deeper into idiocracy, but this is no reason to abandon the quest for greater intelligence. This is no reason to despair. Life is not a search for the lowest common denominator. Others may think so, but you don’t have to.

It is vital to raise yourself well above the stupid band. Of course, you know that; but it’s amazing how really dumb stupid the world is today. Partly it’s the media, force feeding lies and garbage to the people. But it’s also partly the sheer foolishness of the masses, who seem to want to be misled!

Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupidity

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 – 1945) was a pastor in Hitler’s Germany and spoke out relentlessly against the tyranny of Nazism. But, wrote Bonhoeffer, the greatest threat comes not from evil people but stupid ones. Because evil could always be exposed and taken down, if there were enough people of good heart. But against stupidity we are defenseless, because protests and even force will always be  ineffective in changing silly people’s minds.

Persuasion and mere facts just fall on deaf ears because stupid people simply push aside arguments that conflict with their cherished notions and deem such arguments inconsequential.

In all this, the stupid person is self-satisfied and, being easily irritated because of their unassailable righteousness, the stupid person is likely to go on the attack and lash out (against unvaccinated individuals, for example).

Bonhoeffer felt that people living alone were far less likely to “develop” stupidity than those living in groups. They were independent; whereas people in groups easily fall into the mob mentality. In other words, stupidity is less a psychological problem than a sociological one.

Stupidity, wrote Bonhoeffer, is not an intellectual defect but a moral one. People are not congenitally stupid but are made stupid. It is a learned behavior. He was saying, in effect, Nazism was an idiocracy. The Nazi leaders didn’t like that!

For his wisdom and attacks on tyranny, Bonhoeffer was hanged for treason in the Flossenberg concentration camp. Sadly, his execution was just days before the allies liberated the remaining inmates.

A statue to Bonhoeffer, was erected above the western entrance to Westminster Abbey in London in 1998. It is one of ten commissioned, depicting twentieth century martyrs from around the world.

Statue to a modern martyr, Westminster Abbey

You can watch a short video on Bonhoeffer here, courtesy of Sprouts Schools.

Language Can Be A Tyranny

An invisible trend is developing in society. A significant number of people who have minds and know how to use them are removing themselves from the common swamp. By their capacity and merit, they are constituting a natural elite.

And by rejecting sophistry, they are rising to new heights.

They are literate, in the best sense of the word.

In Supernoetics® we have the concept of Transliteracy, which mounts a major campaign to extricate each student from the mire of standard schooling and teaches them what language and words mean. That alone creates the concept of a new level of human evolution. We truly have the protocols for change and human transformation™. Let’s use these tools, as we are able.

All propaganda targets the group, the mass, the collective. An individual who doesn’t join up needs every possible tool, in order to stay independent.

If you don’t think so, consider current trends in illiteracy, non-logic, propaganda, political correctness—and project what the cultural landscape will look like in 20 years. It’s not a pretty picture.

The word “education”, as you probably know, comes from Latin root ducere, to lead, and “e” or “ex,” meaning “from” or “out of.” Thus education is drawing out, a process of leading wisdom within out into the light. That capacity is based on rational thought, logic, and expanded (not shrunken) language.

Education is real. It means what it has always meant. It does not mean stuffing the student full of meaningless, exam-oriented garbage.

Teaching can be defamed, twisted, distorted, perverted, reduced, stepped on—but true learning, embodiment learning as we like to call it, endures. The desire for it never disappears.

But learning is, in a sense, a personal mission. No-one can do it for you and if you are foolish enough to leave it to the “right people”, you lose. Nothing is sadder in the world today than to see the light of truth snuffed out by idiots led by monsters. It’s a travesty.

The masses have come to believe that Mother Nature knows nothing. Only wise old scientists, working for Big Pharma, know how the human body works. They are relentless in their pursuit of “truth”; selfless in their search; and humble in their findings.

When they tell us that vaccines are more effective than natural immunity, it becomes a scriptural truth for some!

Yes, scriptural… Did you know the bozo Pope Francis has told his flock they must do what the authorities say; that they alone are the leaders on Earth and we must trust them?

Exactly, he said: “When we acknowledge international organizations and we recognize their capacity to give judgment, on a global scale – for example the international tribunal in The Hague, or the United Nations. If we consider ourselves humanity, when they make statements, our duty is to obey.”1

I thought the Pope worked for God, not the WHO, or President Gates and the Globalists? Seems I was wrong and like so many Popes before him, Francis has turned sour on us and gone for secular power and safety.

Or maybe, to use the theme of this piece, he is just plain stupid?

Pope Francis

It goes without saying that the Pope of the day in WW2 (Pope Pius XII) spoke not a word against the Nazis; not a good word for the Jews or against the Holocaust; not a word of petition for the lives of brave men and women like Bonhoeffer.

We MUST speak our truths, or remain silent in shame.

To your good health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor


Vatican News:

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